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With the vision of becoming “a Stable and Sustainable ASEAN leader”, ThaiBev continues to drive regional partnerships. The goal is to create cooperation in the fields of business, talent development, and arts and culture through a neutral platform such as C asean Center.

ThaiBev uses a sustainable development approach as a framework for its projects and activities in all three areas. Through engagement with the diplomatic community, business leaders, and young people across ASEAN, ThaiBev endeavors to contribute towards a sustainable future for the region.

Sustainability Expo 2023
The largest sustainability exhibition in ASEAN, Sustainability Expo was held for the fourth consecutive year in 2023, under the theme of “Sufficiency for Sustainability”. Its objective is to embrace the philosophy of Sufficiency Economy (SEP) according to the royal initiatives of His Late Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great as a core value of sustainable development activities in the region. It focuses on taking action as a platform for cooperation among leading regional and global organizations to create “Good Balance, Better World”.

Sustainability Expo 2023 (SX 2023) was held from 29 September to 8 October, 2023 at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center under the collaboration of five leading sustainable development business organizations, namely Thai Beverage Public Company Limited, PTT Global Chemical (GC) Public Company Limited, Thai Union Group Public Company Limited, SCG Public Company Limited, and Frasers Property Company Limited. The event is based on the B2C2B (Business-to-Consumer-to-Business) approach, which puts consumers at the core of sustainability efforts. When consumers are aware of the need for sustainable development by large corporations and sustainability practitioners, they will take action and change their consumption habits, which will then encourage other business operators, including the smaller ones, into the sustainability ecosystem.
The event was divided into eight main zones:
  • SEP Inspiration Zone
    presented a parallel world that reflects destruction and beauty. It was inspired by the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy and knowledge from organizations that are true sustainability practitioners both in Thailand and abroad.
  • Better Me Zone
    focused on the three main elements that will improve quality of life: “Healthy Life Healthy Earth”, showcasing alternative foods for sustainable health and alternative medicine; “Aging Society”, including retirement planning; and “Lifelong Learning” focusing on learning for all age groups.
  • Better Living Zone
    presented the activities and projects of large leading enterprises, showcasing environmentally related production processes both upstream and downstream. It promoted the circular economy principle with climate recovery efforts to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. The zone included an exhibition on comprehensive packaging management and “Tips for ECO-Living”, which reflected the perspective of behavioral change for the environment.
  • Better Community Zone
    simulated a livable, safe, sustainable, and fully interconnected urban society of the future, with creative communities to promote equal opportunities in society and green spaces, including areas for cultural heritage.
  • Better World Zone
    An exhibition that gathered artworks reflecting sustainability perspectives in various forms, such as photographs from National Geographic and the Photographic Society of Thailand, as well as displaying the ten ASEAN international entries from the ASEAN SX Photo Contest and the Trash to Treasure project.
  • Food Festival Zone
    A world food festival featuring famous chefs was presented in the charming style of a Thai street food museum, with the motto “Thai Street Food, Thai Street Good : good for Thailand, good for the world”. Healthy food and zero-waste cooking were on display, as well as a food waste station to encourage food waste separation and recycling for sustainability.
  • Sustainable Marketplace Zone
    brought together green designers, environmental innovation products, plants, trees, home décor, and community goods in over 200 shops.
  • Kids Zone
    A playground where kids could learn about the world of insects and its important role in a sustainable world; also on display were environmental conservation, a food journey, chess playing, and garbage separation.
As well as the eight main zones, there were two other zones:
    featuring a waste separation learning point and a drop-off point for waste or second-hand items to be donated or sold for charity. The project received cooperation from various sector partners such as Pankan Shop, Bring Back–Recycle, Recycle for Life, The Green Shelter Project, Thai People Without E-Waste, New Life BRA CYCLE, and Orphan Waste.
  • Park and Nature Walk Activities
    was arranged in an area of Benjakitti Park with nature walks, nature routes, and tree climbing, especially for children, so that kids and parents could learn about sustainability from natural sources and breathe fresh air in a large forest park.

In addition, talks related to sustainable development were held by more than 500 expert speakers from 246 organizations from around the world. In total, more than 360,000 people attended the event.

SX 2023 also hosted several practical competitions related to sustainable development to empower young people to take action.
Trash to Treasure Art and Design Contest 2023
In this project, young people competed to create artworks from trash and leftover materials, under the concept of “Creative-Value-Balance”. The competition had two formats – two-dimensional and three-dimensional work – to promote the potential and creative expression of Thai youth through their art. The work reflected perspectives on garbage problems in everyday life that affect climate change. A total of 156 teams (344 people) from 28 educational institutions participated in the contest. There were 19 finalists, whose art pieces were displayed at SX 2023 to inspire the public. For the first time, the contest was also held in Vietnam under the same concept. From two educational institutions, 24 teams of young Vietnamese submitted their work. Five finalists were selected to present their art pieces to all the judges. The winner received prize money and financial support to travel to the SX 2023 exhibition in Bangkok.
SX Hackathon 2023
This competition aimed to find the best young innovators on the theme of “Innovation for Social Inclusion”. Out of 89 participating teams (326 people) from 55 educational institutions, there were seven finalist teams. The winner and finalists received a total of over 100,000 Baht in prize money. The winning team was CARE who developed DIABETREAT, a monitoring device to prevent foot ulcers in people with diabetes and reduce the risk of amputation.
Key Projects
Business and Sustainable Development Projects
Win Win WAR Thailand Season 5
Win Win WAR Thailand incubates the skills of social entrepreneurs, using business mechanisms to help solve social and environmental problems. The winner of each season will receive a cash prize of 2 million Baht and a consultant to give advice on how to run a social business. Produced for five consecutive years, with more than 6,300 participating teams and 65 teams making the final round, the program received the 2018 Golden Television Award and the 2019 White TV Award. In 2023, it was broadcast on television in ten episodes on Sundays from 30 July to 1 October and also had more than 24 million views online.
C asean Forum 2023
C asean Forum is a platform to bridge collaboration, sharing of knowledge and input from of leading speakers in the region. The event brings together leaders from business, government, and civil society in order to strengthen relations and sustainable business cooperation. The following three activities were held:
  • 1st Session: Masterplan on ASEAN Connectivity: Strategy for Change
  • 2nd Session: ASEAN Matters: Epicentrum of Growth
  • 3rd Session : Battling Marine Debris to Preserve Biodiversity
Leadership and Talent Development Projects
Win Win WAR OTOP Junior Season 2
Win Win WAR OTOP Junior has now been produced for two years, with a total of over 300 teams applying to participate. In 2022, Season 1 received the 37th Golden Television Award in the Outstanding Youth Promotion Program category. It provides an opportunity for students aged 9–14, along with their teacher advisors, to join a competition to increase their entrepreneurial skills with a concept that benefits society and the environment. Among 13 teams who made it through to the final round in Season 2, the winners were Ban Buresi School, Surin Province, with their rattan woven product. Win Win War OTOP Junior Season 2 was broadcast in ten episodes on television and online on Sundays from 8 October to 10 December, 2023.
ASEAN Youth Speech Contest and SX Youth Speech Contest 2023
The ASEAN Youth Speech Contest is a forum for young people to develop public speaking skills. To celebrate ASEAN Day, students aged 18–25 were invited to submit their entries on the theme of “Embracing ASEAN Diversity”. Out of more than 100 participants from ten ASEAN countries, the winner was Ms. Zeinab Abbaci from Indonesia. In addition, the SX Speech Contest 2023 on the theme of “Good Balance, Better World” attracted 175 young participants from six ASEAN countries. The winner of the English category was Mr. Kyaw Wana Lin from Myanmar and the winner of the Thai category was Ms. Sirichok Kosalwit.
Arts and Culture Projects
ASEAN Heritage: Cultural Wisdom Climate Action
The C asean Center joins hands with Siam society to build a regional arts and culture network by sponsoring workshops and seminars on how to use local wisdom to solve environmental problems. The project helps to preserve local wisdom and promote sustainable development in the ASEAN region.
C asean Consonant
C asean Consonant, the one and only combined ensemble of Southeast Asian traditional musicians, utilizes the universal language of music to build a bridge that intertwines the heritages of ASEAN countries, thereby fostering stronger bonds of understanding, friendship, and collaboration. Ten music advisors and ten musical prodigies from each of the ten ASEAN countries are chosen to collaboratively create captivating performances with traditional musical instruments on various regional stages. This initiative aims to inspire young generation of ASEAN, making them appreciate the beauty of their local traditions while simultaneously respecting the diverse cultures.

In 2023, C asean Consonant used music to create a closer collaboration and stronger bonds of friendship in ASEAN and China through workshops for sharing knowledge of ASEAN traditional music as well as concerts in Hanoi and Nanning. These activities also commemorated the 10th Anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative.
Donation of Thai Traditional Musical Instruments to Guangxi Museum of Ethnic Music, Guangxi Arts University.
The Sirivadhanabhakdi Foundation, Thai Beverage Public Company Limited, and C asean jointly contributed traditional musical instruments representing the four regions of Thailand to Guangxi Museum of Ethnic Music at Guangxi Arts University. The museum is dedicated to preserving, researching, and exhibiting diverse ethnic music and instrument with the goal of enhancing understanding and appreciation of the rich cultural heritage. The donation provides a valuable resource for learning about traditional Thai music.
Sharing HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s Photo Collection and Thai Books to Princess Sirindhorn Thai Information Center, Guangxi Minzu University.
To further enhance and collaboration for a better understanding between Thailand and China, the Sirivadhanabhakdi Foundation, Thai Beverage Public Company Limited, and C asean presented a photo collection of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and a selection of Thai books to Thai Information Center at Guangxi Minzu University. These contributions serve as invaluable educational resources, supporting Chinese students to learn Thai language and about our culture.
C asean Vietnam
Seminar on Water Festival in ASEAN
C asean Vietnam organized a seminar on ASEAN Water Festival to promote culture and strengthen close cooperation among ASEAN countries. Attended by representatives from the Royal Thai Embassy, the Embassy of Laos, and the Embassy of Myanmar in Vietnam, the ceremony shared the beauty of Southeast Asian water festivals, one of the shared prides of regional culture, which also contributes to creating a sustainable and prosperous ASEAN community.
Community Capacity-Building for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation in Vietnam
Supported by C asean Vietnam, this project aims to educate teachers about surviving disasters at 15 schools in disaster-prone areas in Ha Tinh Province, Quang Binh Province, and Quang Ngai Province. The teachers who have undergone training will be able to transfer their knowledge to students in their schools and other school teachers. In 2023, year, training was given to ten teachers, who can pass on the skills to survive natural disasters to more than 200 students.
Established in 2022, this club for ThaiBev employees aims to encourage employees to learn about ASEAN through activities and to create career growth opportunities in other countries. Last year, ThaiBev organized “Exploring Myanmar through Movies” to present the success of a Thai director, Mr. Chartchai Ketnust, in directing a film in Myanmar, and “Inspired Food in ASEAN–Vietnam”, to demonstrate Vietnamese cooking by a Vietnamese chef, as well as sharing experiences of working in ASEAN countries with ThaiBev employees. More than 100 people participated in the activities.