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ThaiBev places great importance on sports development, recognizing that sports are a great tool for promoting health, happiness, and quality of life. Sports are also a mechanism for driving the economy because they can create job opportunities and generate income.

Under our guidelines for sustainable sports development, we have supported sporting projects, domestically and internationally, for over 30 years, in order to develop local athletes while providing inspiration for young people. In addition, we have helped to elevate the Thai sports industry as a whole, according to the concept of “Develop people through sports, create value with sportsmanship”.
ThaiBev has been actively involved in the development of the Thai football industry for over 20 years, covering all ages and all levels up to the national level. We continue to develop professional football players so that they can earn an income for themselves and their families and contribute to strong Thai club and national teams.

In turn, this will bring economic value for the country and, most importantly, happiness for Thai people. ThaiBev operates six football projects at youth level, which can give young players the chance to become good enough to enter the Thai professional football industry at many levels. Footballers who are successful at the national level and at professional levels can become role models for the younger generation. ThaiBev’s partners across all regions collaborate on football activities in a concrete and consistent manner and are able to pass on success from generation to generation.
ThaiBev Football Academy (TBFA)
  • In 2023, 25,000 young players aged 5–18 years took part (before COVID-19, the project had 50,000 participants). 70% of those regularly participating in the project are in good health. There are no drug problems and they use their free time on weekends usefully.
  • 20% of those who train regularly are able to develop towards excellence and receive further opportunities.
Chang Mobile Football Clinic
  • In 2023, the project gave the chance to 300 young people at each of 20 locations in the regions to receive training in correct football skills according to international standards.
  • So far, football teaching clinics have operated in 70 provinces.
Chang Football Community
  • The project has built a strong football community network in five locations for more than eight years: Bin La, Songkhla Province; Mae Mok, Surat Thani Province; Ban Bu Puei, Ubon Ratchathani Province; Ban Hin Khon, Surin Province; and Mon Jam Community, Chiang Mai Province. With effective community cooperation, it has created real opportunities for 240 young people in those areas.
  • Young players in these communities have been further developed towards excellence. The girls’ team of Ban Hin Khon has been selected as a national youth team and hill tribe youth in the Mon Jam community.
  • Developing coaching knowledge in all five networks, including training two licensed coaches at different levels per year.
Chang Junior Cup
  • This under-13 competition, which has been organized for more than eight years, gives young players a true experience of the football world. In 2023, 200 football teams with a total of 3,000 players took part.
  • The 15 winning teams and their coaches traveled to England to practice their football skills. On average, 50% of these players can develop into professional footballers.
Chang Soccer School
  • Selection of players under 10 years old in five regions every two years, with an average of 3,000 young people participating per session.
White Elephant Project, Assumption College Thonburi
  • 15 youths were selected to receive a White Elephant Scholarship from Assumption College Thonburi, in order to study and train intensively in football skills until they graduate from high school. On average, 50% of these young players get the opportunity to enter the professional football industry in Thailand. ThaiBev has had partners in more than 30 professional football clubs for over ten years.
Key Projects
ThaiBev has supported volleyball for over 30 years, while allowing the Volleyball Association of Thailand to manage its operations with flexibility, with the objective of building strong Thai national teams. A plan is in place to continuously develop both male and female athletes for international success.

Currently, the Thai women’s national volleyball team is ranked 15th in the world, 3rd in Asia, and 1st in ASEAN. The Thai men’s team is ranked 66th in the world and 4th in ASEAN. This success comes from good management by the Volleyball Association of Thailand. ThaiBev supports the project from youth level, including competitions for 16-year-olds who get the chance to show their potential and develop their abilities. Each year, more than 500 under-16 teams from all over the country participate in the competition, which ensures the sustainability of the Thai volleyball industry by developing a new generation of athletes.
With its continued growth and development as an industry, golf is a sport in which one can make money and create a stable career at the international level. ThaiBev has, therefore, initiated three important projects – the Chang Thailand Junior Golf Circuit, Chang Thailand Junior Golf Clinic and ThaiTalent Golfer – to create professional golfers and develop their skills step by step. The projects have achieved a very high rate of success: 25 golfers out of 30 have become professionals and three have been successful on the Asian Tour, winning championships in many events.
Basketball is a very popular international sport with related industries that are continuously expanding around the world. Understanding the ever-increasing opportunities for well-paid careers in the sport, ThaiBev has provided support for over ten years, in order to develop the Thai basketball industry up to the professional level and nurture basketball players with good skills and attitude. We have created awareness of the need to develop Thai basketball teams through having professional leagues. The opportunities we have provided include the Hi Tech basketball club, for whom young players in our project have won both national and Asian championships.
Opportunities 2023 2025 Target
  Providing football skills training opportunities for young people in 70 provinces Spreading the training opportunities to all 77 provinces
Developing young people into professional athletes
Sport Football Participants

Professionals (persons/year)
Sport Golf Participants

Professionals (persons/year)
Sport Volleyball Participants

Professionals (persons/year)
Professionals (persons/year)

The goal is to increase the number of participants becoming professional athletes by 5% per year.
Role models Supporting 26 role models in the sports industry The goal is to increase the number of role models in the sports industry by 5% per year.
Network More than 200 government and private agencies More than 8,000 important personnel in the sports industry More than 250 government and private agencies More than 9,000 important personnel in the sports industry