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Business Ethics
In order for a company to grow and prosper in a sustainable manner and be accepted in the community, one of the most important factors is that the company must conduct its business ethically. And, part of the process to promote ethical practice within the organization is to establish its own ethical standards, to let it be known to everyone within the organization and to ensure that such standards are strictly adhered to and maintained consistently.

Board Nomination
Board Nomination Policy Nomination committee responsible to process reviewing and assessing candidates for Directors, President, Executive Vice President, and Senior Vice President. Criteria for recruitment is based on the transparency basis, ensure the adherence to the principles and guidelines of the SGX-ST Listing Manual and code of corporate governance 2012, including laws and/or regulations or the said Manual with occasional amendment, and orders of authorized unit concerning the responsibilities of Nomination Committee.


To guide the decisions and actions to prevent corruptions and serve as the guidelines to perform ThaiBev’s business, risk management and strengthen future sustainability. This policy is designed to support Directors and Employees in knowing what to do, or who to turn to, in case of doubt. Directors and Employees are responsible for maintaining the highest standards of business conduct. Directors and Employees are prohibited from accepting any type of corruption both directly and indirectly, covering all businesses and all relevant functions in every country ThaiBev operates. Monitoring and forming of effective system supporting anti-corruption actions are the accountability of President and CEO to report to the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee. A person committing corruption is subject to a disciplinary action process. Once proven to satisfaction of the responsible committee, the breach will result in strict disciplinary actions consistent with ThaiBev’s rules regarding misconduct or violations. Conviction may be applied in case such act violates any applicable laws.


Directors and Employees have rights to report genuine concerns which he/she may have about suspected wrongdoings in accordance with this policy. If Director(s) has concerns, Director(s) should consider report to the Chairman of Audit Committee and if Employees have concerns, Employees can report it through the recommended channel(s) in writing with employees’ name and contact details to responsible persons or raise the concerns to the Office of President at Whistleblowing@thaibev.com. ThaiBev will support him/her provided that he/she raises genuine concerns confidentially in good faith, even if they turn out to be mistaken. Once Employees have reported his/her concern, the matter will be assessed to decide what action should be taken. Any complaint made which is later found false, or in bad faith, or with malicious intent, or in a careless manner, or for personal benefit is considered a serious offence. Such action is considered gross misconduct which leads to disciplinary actions as stated in the topic of the disciplinary and penalties in the Employee Handbook of ThaiBev.

ThaiBev’s Tax policy is to comply with all relevant tax laws and regulations and to get tax incentives allowed per these laws and regulations. ThaiBev will undertake appropriate training to ensure the concerned employees’ understanding of relevant tax laws and regulations and further apply in their job. ThaiBev’s tax contributions include excise tax, import duties, corporate income tax, VAT, property tax, personal income tax and other taxes. In addition to jobs employment, investments, dividends, and buying goods and services, ThaiBev’s tax payment significantly contributes to the economy of the country and the communities in which ThaiBev operates its businesses.

Alcoholic Beverages Marketing
Code of Practices


ThaiBev has a responsibility to ensure that its brands are advertised and marketed responsibly. The Code of Practice applies to all activities that ThaiBev carries out in order to market its brands. This includes brand advertising, activities in the on-trade and off-trade, brand innovation activities, experiential marketing, consumer planning, relationship marketing, consumer PR, and the development of brand websites and their content. ThaiBev will not encourage excessive or irresponsible drinking, nor present abstinence in a negative light or imply that it is wrong or foolish to refuse a drink.

ThaiBev will not emphasis on high alcohol content, offensive advertising, social and sexual success as the principal basis of appeal to the consumer. ThaiBev’s advertising and materials will not imply that alcoholic beverages have the ability to prevent, treat or cure any human disease. Lastly, in the development of ThaiBev’s official website, ThaiBev commit to prohibit children under the legal purchase age of alcoholic beverage under Thai law to access to ThaiBev’s website.

Health and Nutrition

Health and Nutrition is defined as one of the key elements to the success of ThaiBev to achieve sustainability growth. ThaiBev has been offering a wide range of non-alcoholic beverage products including drinking water, carbonated drinks, ready-to-drink tea, herbal & Asian drinks, juices, dairy, sports drinks, energy drinks, low (and no) sugar beverages, and functional drinks. With these products, ThaiBev is providing the consumer solutions that contribute to health and wellness lifestyles for all drinking occasions.

ThaiBev also uses and leverages its Route to Market (RTM) strengths in delivery the products to consumers by entering the new healthy beverage categories, e.g. soy. ThaiBev commits to continue conducting research, develop for new innovation and variety of heathy products to meet the consumers’ healthy lifestyles and requirements. Also, ThaiBev commits to enhance the communication of its non-alcoholic beverages nutritional components on health and wellness. The information is provided on pack, ThaiBev publications, website, and also available at call center service and continuously create communicate strategy to promote healthy and active lifestyle consumption platforms.

Corporate Water Management

Water is an essential resource in our world. It belongs to everyone and needs to be shared. ThaiBev establishes the corporate water management policy. ThaiBev focuses on effectiveness of water management and minimizing impact on the environment and society by incorporating water sustainability management into business strategy, decision making, and daily activities including managing risk with stakeholders. ThaiBev emphasises on proactively apply the international water resource management tools and standards and promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) on sanitation, hygiene and well-being.

Corporate Occupational Health and Safety
ThaiBev firmly believes that no other assets in ThaiBev is as important as the people contributing their works and effort to business results. Those people consists of Directors and Employees. ThaiBev established the occupational health and safety policy to support safety awareness, create engagement, enforce all Directors and Employees to comply with laws, regulations, and operational approach that relate to occupational health and safety as a basic standard and keep tracking result in order to develop a good quality of working life and it will lead ThaiBev to the stable and sustainable excellence.

To reduce the risks from climate change, ThaiBev set the clear environmental target in 2020 for the reduction of water consumption, energy consumption, pollutant emissions and waste. ThaiBev created awareness on the environmental management responsibility and ensure ThaiBev’s compliance with local and national environmental legislation and other applied regulations among Directors and Employees. ThaiBev support the sustainable development of packaging by using returnable glass bottles, recycled cullet and aluminum can, and eco-friendly packaging design. ThaiBev aims to apply new technologies for improving the effectiveness of operation process together with building good relationships with its suppliers through environmental management. ThaiBev will keep following up with and reporting the progress of its environmental management to stakeholders through Sustainability Report every year.

ThaiBev determines to lead its business in sustainable development guidelines by means of building trustworthy relationships with its stakeholders through the excellent and transparent implementation. ThaiBev recognises the importance of natural resources and environment by encouraging the use of resources effectively along with developing innovation in order to increase the efficiency and reduce any environmental impact. ThaiBev complies with applicable laws and regulations, reduces the impacts from the implementation of ThaiBev’s value chain, considers and keeps the balance of economy, society and environment, including stakeholders who are working towards the implementation of sustainable growth of the business.

Corporate Social Responsibility
ThaiBev commits to maintain the highest standards of corporate social responsibility in its business activities and be a good world citizen by contributing to the well-being of the communities in which ThaiBev lives and operates the business, recognising their differing priorities and needs. ThaiBev encourages and supports the Directors and Employees to volunteer in participating ThaiBev’s social activities and charitable giving and all kinds of social needs and programs. ThaiBev respects and supports internationally recognised human rights standards wherever ThaiBev operates and will undertake to prevent any actions regarded as human rights violation. ThaiBev regularly conducts the executive governance reviews of social and environmental initiatives and impacts on ThaiBev’s business. Moreover, ThaiBev continuously develops, improves and/or adheres to ThaiBev’s systems for managing, measuring, monitoring and reporting progress on the impact of this policy on ThaiBev stakeholders’ satisfaction, Employees skill improvement and environment preservation.

Human Rights
ThaiBev fully respects international human rights principles and international labour standards. ThaiBev operates well in line with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. ThaiBev applies this policy to Directors and Employees. ThaiBev mainly concerns on Discrimination and Harassment, Forced Labour and Child Labour, Freedom of association, working hours and workplace safety and health, all mentioned aspects shall comply with laws and regulations and strive for higher standards.

Supplier Code of Practice
ThaiBev commits to conduct an effective business under good governance as a foundation of sustainable growth and social acceptance. ThaiBev has established “Business Ethics of Thai Beverage Group” for Directors and Employees in order to meet such commitment. In addition to this, ThaiBev strongly encourages that its suppliers adopt and adhere to the same practice, as it would be beneficial to, not only ThaiBev and its suppliers, but also its customers, local communities, society, and the environment in a wider range. The requirements stated hereinafter shall apply to all of ThaiBev’s suppliers. ThaiBev concerns on the following aspects: Business ethics, Environmental management, Human rights and Occupational health and safety.

Risk Management
Thai Beverage Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries (“the Company” or “ThaiBev Group”) recognized risk management and internal control as an integral part of good corporate governance and fundamental in achieving its strategic and operational objectives, and safeguarding shareholders’ interests and the Company’s assets. Although risks themselves are not completely eliminated from business operation, ThaiBev Group aims to use risk management to improve decision making and manage risk appropriately to maximize potential opportunities and minimize the adverse effects of risk.

Thai Beverage Public Company Limited and its subsidiary companies (“ThaiBev”) realizes the importance and value of its information systems and its processing resources, both manual and automated. Taking account of this importance, ThaiBev is committed to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its information and information systems and to take the necessary action to ensure that suitable controls are in place to provide an adequate level of protection.

ThaiBev conducts business according to good corporate governance with fairness and, and commit to Business Ethics of ThaiBev Group. At ThaiBev, we recognize the value and importance of “human”, especially our employee who are important capital of the organization. We believe in upholding the principles of human rights in treating others with equality and without discrimination and harassment against other in the workplace or any other place related to our operation, creating the sustainable foundation of favorable work environment and atmosphere for employee to build on good relationships. Therefore, it is appropriate to formulate Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy in order to put in place measures to deal with discrimination and harassment against others in the workplace.

Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy applies to all directors, executive officers, and employees. It also applies to all businesses within ThaiBev Group for example, subsidiary companies and joint ventures.

Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy sets out clear intention and guidelines as follows:
  • ThaiBev will manage and operate on the principle of equality, honor each other, and respect for human dignity by considering equality and accepting fundamental differences and individual characteristics. ThaiBev will not accept any type of discrimination and harassment against others, whether it be sexual harassment or non-sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • ThaiBev will create a corporate culture, cultivate values, and encourage all Directors, Executive Officers, and Employees of ThaiBev to treat each other with respect and respect human dignity.
  • ThaiBev will ensure that its workplace has a favorable environment and atmosphere, is safe and suitable to work, and does not support any type of harassment.
  • ThaiBev will communicate, educate, and develop an understanding with its Directors, Executive Officers, and Employees about discrimination and harassment against others in the workplace by incorporating it as part of the orientation, training sessions, and development programs, including public relations to raise awareness and ensure that everyone adheres to the Policy.
  • ThaiBev will establish mechanisms and processes for receiving complaints from people who are treated unfairly and/or harassed in the workplace to prevent and resolve issues related to any type of discrimination and harassment in the workplace, including communicating to whistleblowers about solutions.

Personal Data Protection Policy
Thai Beverage Pcl and its subsidiaries (“ThaiBev”) recognize and respect the privacy and the protection of personal data of directors, executives, employees, shareholders, customers, partners, business partners, service receivers, service providers, and other stakeholders of ThaiBev who are natural persons, ThaiBev has put in place the Personal Data Protection Policy to prevent any inappropriate use of Personal Data of the aforesaid persons and safeguard such Personal Data in accordance with the personal data protection laws of any countries in which ThaiBev operates its businesses or conduct any activities, and in line with other generally accepted standards.

Diversity Policy
ThaiBev recognizes the benefits of diversity on its Board of Directors, therefore it has committed to build and maintain the diverse structure of the Board. This will enable efficient decision-making in ThaiBev’s business operations by taking into account all impacts on the company and stakeholders to achieve the Company’s strategic objectives and sustainable growth and development