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ThaiBev is continuously developing new approaches to fortify our relationships with clients, particularly sales agents who are essential to the company’s growth. Our customers are also important because they are pivotal to the operational success and long-term financial stability of our business, so we recognize the importance of understanding and responding to their needs.

In order to enhance our customer relationship management sustainably, ThaiBev has undertaken various projects, including the implementation of digital platforms to support customer capabilities. Additionally, ThaiBev conducts an annual customer satisfaction survey through a third party to gain their valuable feedback for further improvement. We are committed to ethical marketing practices as well as ensuring that all our consumers are treated equitably.
Management Approach
Sustainable growth is the mian strategic driver and a commitment made between company and agents who are our key customers. In order to drive the business together, we continuously build long-term relationships and develop our ways of operation, we encourage and advise agents to use digital technology to improve their capability and efficiency, and also teach them to understand guidelines and regulations regarding the alcohol business. To further develop family businesses to increase sales and profitability, we also advise the next-generation business successors to enable them to continue their businesses successfully.
All sales team from all channels, encompassing Traditional Trade, Modern Trade, FSR (Food Service & Restaurant), and On Trade, actively assess and prioritize customer satisfaction as an integral part of their day-to-day work. Our sales team also adheres to ThaiBev work ethics and policies, which align with legal regulations.

The company holds an annual agents’ sales conference, to build relationships, to gather feedback for ongoing improvements, and to update our business partners on our objectives and future directions.
ThaiBev seeks to build strong relationships with our customers and promote their highest satisfaction through the following strategies:
  • Supporting agents’ businesses to grow sustainably
  • Developing agents’ professional capabilities
  • Collaborating with agents and business partners to increase product knowledge and skills in digital promotion and services
  • Improving existing applications and exploring new digital platforms to engage customers and consumers to build more brand loyalty
  • Increasing awareness of health and safety through campaigns and training
  • Set a high Customer Satisfaction target score of 95%
  • Continue to develop and support sales operation and online platforms for the sustainable growth of our business partners
  • Foster growth and enhance efficiency for local retailers
Customer Satisfaction
In 2023, ThaiBev continued to conduct a customer satisfaction survey (B2B) with an impartial academic institute, the Center of Applied Economics at the Faculty of Economics, Kasetsart University. The result shows that customer satisfaction among agents and business partners is over 95%, exceeding our challenging target which was to increase score from 90% in 2022 to 95% in 2023.

Customer Development
Business Partner Development Plan (Online)
We are developing our website and online application to support agents in improving their sales ordering and operations and also for our sales team to work effectively with customers. Sales channels participating in the project are Traditional Trade (TT), On Trade (OT), and Area Promoters (ARP). The objective is to improve our agents’ working methods, analyzing and integrating sales data in order to define sources of growth through sales intelligence tools.

We can use these digital platforms for order processing and for monitoring sales transactions with understanding of real demand and end-to-end stock, as well as for developing trade loyalty program.

Sales Intelligence Tools:
Testing of three features for Spirits and Beer Product Groups’ call plan, survey, and dashboard – began at Pathum Thani in September 2023 Other features are being developed for testing Plan to roll out to other Product Groups and other channels such as Sermsuk and Cash Van Management in 2024–2025

OTC (Order to Cash):
  • Development of two online platforms, OTC Web and OTC Mobile
  • OTC Web started testing at Nakhon Ratchasima, with plans for other provinces in Q4, 2023
  • OTC Mobile is in development, with plans to test the system in 2024
Business Partner Development Plan (Offline)
ThaiBev continues to develop sales operation program by closely working with agents as business partners to pursue sustainable growth in sales and profits. The company has organized various Agent Development Program with ThaiBev (ADEPT) courses for business partners, including:
  • Vehicle Agent Development Course
    To create stable sales, better profits, and increased understanding of sales opportunities in the area
  • Warehouse and Transportation Management Course
    To increase agent efficiency in warehouse and logistics management
  • Internal Operations Management Course
    To adapt organizational structures to suit operations, prevent leakages and reduce various business risks
2022 vs 2023 Performance Development
  2022 2023 Growth Percentage
Number of vehicles 75 82 9%
Sales Revenue generated for agents 1,037 million Baht 1,214 million Baht 17%
Delivery routes arranged for retail stores nationwide 11,138 stores 13,889 stores 25%
Reduced greenhouse gas emissions 400 tonnes CO2e 702 tonnes CO2e (equivalent to 78,000 trees) 76%
Backhaul promotion project to increase agents’ income Total income 77 million Baht Total income 106 million Baht 38%
Forklift use promotion project to increase agents’ income Total income 257 million Baht Total income 309 million Baht 20%
Project to deliver goods directly from the factory 49 agents 51 agents 4%
Agents joining ThaiBev Family 132 agents 137 agents 4%
ChokChai Shops
With the motto “Good Sales, Good Profit, Good Relationships”, the aim of this project is to strengthen partnerships with traditional retail outlets and digitalize the value chain to ensure they are able to more systematically and sustainably drive their businesses.

The number of community-store owners has increased from 2,617 in 2022 to 11,898 in 2023. More than 1,000 POS units were installed to manage sales operations, with plans to install more in the future. Most of the owners provided positive feedback on the project because both their sales and profit have increased, and it has helped them to effectively manage merchandising displays, product sorting, and stock management.

ThaiBev also plans to develop an exclusive program with them for ThaiBev product portfolio expansion, channel distribution, and loyalty programs for mutual sustainable growth. Chok Chai provides the platform for ThaiBev products to reach more consumers and for ThaiBev to understand their needs in order to expand consumer loyalty further.
Key Projects
Alcoholic Beverages Marketing Code of Practice
To ensure that all activities are compliant with Thailand’s regulatory requirements, the Alcoholic Beverages Marketing Code of Practice was launched and approved by the Board of Directors. The activities include brand advertising, on-trade and off-trade activities, brand innovation, consumer engagement marketing, consumer-reach plans, relationship marketing, public relations, brand site and content development, as well as brand names and packaging.

All of our products have been assessed for compliance with the Regulation on Labeling of Prepackaged Foods: Notification of the Ministry of Public Health (No. 367) B.E. 2557 (2014), as this requires all product labeling to show the source of components, content of the product, and safe use of the product. A safe disposal sign is also included on our products.
Ethical Marketing and Brand Communication Guideline
ThaiBev believes in fostering trust and building long-lasting relationships with our customers by adhering to the highest standards of ethics in all our marketing and advertising activities and brand communication. Along with the Alcoholic Beverages Marketing Code of Practice, the Ethical Marketing and Brand Communication Guideline was launched and approved by the Executive Committee to ensure that ThaiBev aims for ethical communications and marketing activities, including transparent disclosure of product information, both benefits and harms, and preventing vulnerable consumer groups such as young people from accessing alcoholic beverages . The details in the guideline include:
  • Provide accurate and balanced information about our company’s products and services
  • Reject exaggerated claims about the social and environmental impacts of our products and services
  • Protect vulnerable market segments
  • Refrain from misinforming our customers about competitors’ products and services
  • Be respectful of gender and diversity
  • Provide accurate nutrition information
  • Respect customers’ personal data security
Sales Training
  • Training sessions focused on communication and understanding with business partners involved in the sale of alcoholic beverages, with a specific emphasis on the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) requirements
  • Ongoing training for sales staff to ensure a comprehensive understanding of best practices in the sale of alcoholic beverages. This includes effective communication, providing guidance, and understanding customer interactions, ensure accurate and risk-free business operations under legal conditions
  • Training courses to revisit and reinforce knowledge of the PDPA, the Excise Tax Act of 2017, and the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act, addressing any operational concerns and clarifying legal matters for effective compliance
Consumer Satisfaction and Online Engagement
ThaiBev recognizes the importance of consumer engagement and satisfaction. In our food business (Oishi Restaurant), we conduct surveys to collect feedback on both products and services, in order to improve consumer satisfaction and develop further promotions and activities. In terms of our beverage business (Oishi Beverages), we continuously engage with consumers via digital platforms to maintain brand awareness and loyalty.
Consumers Satisfaction (Oishi Food)
In terms of B2C, the Oishi company tracks consumers’ satisfaction with food and service. The results in 2023 show a significant increase in terms of both the number of respondents and the satisfaction scores.

Consumer Engagement by Oishi Beverages
Oishi Green Tea continues its digitally proactive marketing strategy, focusing on increasing the use of digital technology and social media to promote its marketing campaigns and brand activation. This strategy is designed to engage with Oishi’s main target: young people with modern lifestyles. Oishi Green Tea is supported by the Oishi Drinks Station Facebook page, which currently has 3.7 million followers, and the Oishi Club application, which has 409,921 downloads as of October 2023.