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Managing Environmental Impacts
ThaiBev recognizes the importance of protecting natural resources and the environment which are the key issues of sustainable development. Therefore, ThaiBev is determined to follow the principles of the Circular Economy and continuously innovate in energy and water management as well as packaging and waste, in order to reduce the impact on natural resources and environment. Also build operational excellence and manage risks in business operations.
Managing Environmental Impacts
ThaiBev has identified sustainability goals to minimize its environmental impacts throughout the value chain. ThaiBev focuses on greenhouse gas emissions from business operations, the reduction of water usage from production, and the limited use of new resources during the recycling process.

ThaiBev has set forth a Corporate Water Management Policy, Environmental Policy, and Sustainability Policy to minimize environmental impacts for the benefits of current and future generations. These policies apply to all employees, and fall under national and international laws, regulations, and standards, including ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.

Moreover, ThaiBev fully supports the Thai government’s commitment to the Paris Agreement, and the company strives to be Thailand’s industry leader in reducing GHG emissions in order to do its part to combat global climate change.