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Safety, Occupational Health, Work Environment, and Employee Wellbeing
ThaiBev sets guidelines and safety management systems to ensure they are in line with legal and international standards on safety, occupational health, and work environment for employees, business partners, and stakeholders. This includes risk prevention measures for accidents, injuries, and illnesses caused by operations, along with support to improve the work environment to promote employees’ physical and emotional wellbeing and hygiene, and their quality of work life.
Employee Wellbeing
ThaiBev sets guidelines for safety, occupation health, and work environment to cover 4 areas:
1. Safety
  • On-site safety inspections are conducted at every facilities periodically by the central safety team. This includes ThaiBev’s facilities in Bangkok and other provinces in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Myanmar.
  • Various safety trainings such as fire safety and road safety, daily safety briefings at the beginning of each working day at the production plants, ISO 45001 occupational health and safety standards training, and trainings for safety officers in all business units.
  • Implementation of new data collection and reporting system to collect safety and occupational health data in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. The data is analyzed for safety performance indicators to ensure that operations are properly monitored and that corrective actions are taken in a timely manner. ThaiBev regularly reports the safety performance of each subsidiary to the product group’s senior executives.
2. Occupational Health
Ensure employee health in according to hygiene standards and provide protective gears together with trainings and other activities to promote employee health, which can be categorized into 5 areas:
  • Care
    ThaiBev ensures employee health by providing on-site doctors and nurses for medical treatment and health consultations. In addition, the company has agreements with nearby hospitals to treat injured or sick employees so that they can quickly and conveniently receive medical treatment all the time.
  • Prevention
    ThaiBev helps employees to prevent illness, for instance, providing annual flu vaccinations.
  • Treatment
    ThaiBev provides support for outpatient medical expenses for employees, in addition to social security contributions that the company pays under the law. ThaiBev also provides accident insurance and inpatient illness insurance for all employees.
  • Check-ups
    ThaiBev arranges annual health checks for all employees according to gender, age, and risk factors. These include prostate and breast cancer screenings for employees in certain age groups and an additional check-ups for factory employees according to work-related risk factor. ThaiBev also arranges health checks and electrocardiograms for employees’ parents
  • Education
    ThaiBev provides educational materials and training on healthcare and common diseases for employees and their family members, including office syndrome and stress reduction. In addition, ThaiBev provides basic life saving skills training for employees, and first-aid CPR AED training course.
3. Work Environment
  • Providing suitable work environment including tools, equipment, and office furniture that are appropriate and meet ergonomic standards.
  • Design and organize spaces to facilitate work efficiency, such as co-working spaces, relaxing corners, or other adjustments for work patterns.
  • Ensure that jobs assigned to employees are appropriate by providing tools and equipment, office furniture, and work processes that are suitable and ergonomic. In addition, ThaiBev analyzes working processes to ensure they are suitable for the capability of each employee group.
  • ThaiBev Quarter with a total usable area of 48,273 square meters features modern decorations. There are small and large meeting rooms, virtual offices, and an exhibition space available for employees and guests. The new office serves the lifestyle of ThaiBev employees with the following facilities: restaurants, access to a infirmary, bank, fitness facilities, recreation rooms, sports area, basketball court, futsal court, tennis court, and karaoke rooms.
4. Employee Wellbeing
ThaiBev aims to create a happy workplace for its employees. ThaiBev also offers activities and projects to promote happiness among its employees and make them feel engaged with the company.
  • Establish working team to promote employee health and wellbeing. The team consists of representatives from various departments, with objective to promote a happy workplace.
  • To promote flexible working environment, ThaiBev have allowed flexible working hours for management level employee and on-field employee, such as sales representatives, whose work nature are result-oriented as well as providing convenient virtual working stations in multiple locations, allowing employees to finish their work without having to be present in the office. For the remaining staffs, flexible working hours are supported through the time management system as long as they obtained the endorsement from their supervisors.
  • For employee’s safety and wellbeing, ThaiBev has work from home policy in place for any unfavorable situation that may cause harm to employee’s health and safety, for example, environmental issue (PM2.5), political unrest, and pandemic. ThaiBev have also arranged suitable working from home arrangement with disabled employees who face difficulties travelling to work on a daily to promote convenience and effectiveness. Under normal circumstances, employees are able to work from home by obtaining endorsement from supervisors on a case-by-case basis.
  • Revise work regulations by adding extra benefits for employees, above those required by law. For example, increased maternity leave days for female employees and paternity leave days for male employees exceeding requirement by the law to take care of newborn babies, increased business leave days for daily workers, and increased compensation for employees.
  • Extension of childcare facilities to include classes and recreational activities during the school vacations. A popular child contribution program by the company is the Children’s Day which are organized across the country, bringing together the children and their working parents on special activities, field trips, CSR activities to promote family time and value.
  • In 2020, ThaiBev granted 1138 scholarships, valued more than 6.9 million THB, to employees’ children to reduce their financial burden. Over 11 consecutive years, ThaiBev granted 11,493 scholarships totaling over 70 million THB.
  • Employ and take care of employees with disabilities or physical impairments in pursuant to Article 33 of the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities Act to create more job opportunities for people with disabilities. ThaiBev has been employing persons with disabilities for 18 years. In 2020, 36 ThaiBev subsidiary companies employed 508 persons with disabilities of 4 types (mobility, visual, hearing, and intellectual impairments). Such employment proves that persons with disabilities can contribute as effectively as regular employees. It also helps increase quality of life for people with disabilities so they can rely on themselves and support their families.
Caring for senior employees
  • ThaiBev is committed to providing opportunities for senior employees who want to continue working after retirement under employment terms and conditions set by the company. ThaiBev provides flexible and suitable working hours for elderly employees. They can choose their working days according to a schedule specified each week as needed.

    Currently, there are 245 senior employees over 60 years old with in-depth experience who chose to continue working for the company. Providing such opportunities helps alleviate their financial burdens, while also allowing them to continue to support themselves and their families.

  • Programs to prepare employees for retirement and enhance their knowledge in various fields for their benefit and wellbeing in the future. ThaiBev arranges seminars on benefits and privileges that employees are eligible to receive from the company and the government both prior to and after retirement. Other lectures were held on physical and mental health, financial management, and various career channels and hobbies for senior employees to consider in life after retirement.
Stress management
  • Employees are allowed to choose their daily work schedules by announcing flexible working hours for employees to avoid traffic congestion (and added stress) during morning and evening rush hour.
  • Provide co-working spaces for employees for meetings and non-fixed desks or “hot seats” so that employees can choose their seats to work more conveniently. They can change their seats each day as needed
Road Safety
ThaiBev has significantly developed its road safety protocols, especially for those who are involved in sales, marketing, and ogistics, through trainings on road safety and traffic laws to instill discipline on safety issues. This includes recommending solutions to unexpected circumstances to develop good behaviors on the road to prevent undesirable situations for employees, the organization, and others. Additionally, there are other rules and regulations to prevent accidents, such as:
  • Drivers must get enough rest in case of fatigue, illness, or the need to drive at night.
  • Formal inspection of vehicles to ensure they are in a “ready to work” state.
  • Speed limit monitoring through the TOMs system, an application that reports driver performances.
Employee Wellbeing during COVID-19
ThaiBev cares about its employees’ health, safety, and wellbeing, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected the overall business. ThaiBev has adopted various measures to prevent, care for, facilitate, and assist all employees during this time.
  • Appropriately manage workspaces, including through expansion or relocation of employees to work in different locations to support physical distancing in the workplace.
  • Work from Home Policy for those who can complete their work remotely to reduce infection risk for employees and their families. This group of employees are not permitted to access the office or other facilities without proper preparation to prevent risk of infection.
  • Safety measures when entering facilities include disinfection, providing alcohol gel, temperature checks, and the provision of protective gear for entering facilities.
  • Use digital technology to record working hours and cancel the use of finger-scanning system to reduce risk of COVID-19 transmission.
  • Establish COVID-19 Relief Center to provide information and advice on how to handle the situation and assist employees who are affected by COVID-19.
  • Provide additional benefits to employees such as free COVID-19 screening tests for over 12,000 employees and COVID-19 insurance for over 50,000 employees.
  • Distribution of protective gear such as masks and alcohol gels to employees and their family members, and distribution of clean drinking water to reduce risks from going to convenient stores.
Moving Forward
  • Promote safety culture and extend activities related to occupational health and safe working environment to ThaiBev’s subsidiaries in ASEAN.
  • Reduce the Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) of employees and contractors. The goal is to achieve a LTIFR of lower than 1.0 by 2025.
  • Instill road-safety discipline among employees by organizing trainings and other activities to foster safety among employees. The project will be extended in scope to employees in other regions as well as business partners in order to reduce the driving mortality rate, which mostly involves accidents due to violations of traffic laws and lack of road safety discipline.
  • Build a network of safety officers in ThaiBev Group throughout ASEAN to increase the effectiveness of safety activities and allow more extensive communication and exchange of knowledge and information among members. Provide advanced safety training to officers on a regular basis.
  • Work with employees to create health profiles to proactively administer health conditions. Raise awareness, encourage employees to exercise and maintain good hygiene, reduce work-related stress, and provide vaccinations against diseases that occur frequently among employees to promote a healthier life and a happier workplace.

Dr. Agapol Na Songkhla
Executive Vice President
Chief People Officer

Thai Beverage Public Company Limited
ThaiBev received HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2020 (for two consecutive years) and WeCare Awards
In 2020, ThaiBev was recognized as HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia for the second consecutive year, and also awarded with the “WeCare Most Caring Company” accolade. These national and international awards draw on input from employee interviews and surveys regarding human capital management to select winners from hundreds of companies that participated. We are honored knowing that we are designated as one of the best employers of Thailand for two consecutive years. We believe this reflects our constructive way of work and the opportunity to serve as a role model for others. Especially, ThaiBev was one of only five companies in Thailand to receive the “WeCare Most Caring Company Award” from our determined efforts to care for our employees and their families during the challenges this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We stood by our employees in work and their personal challenges, seeking to provide them with appropriate and healthy working environments. We deployed digital technology to support their work and safety and invested in the production and distribution of personal protective equipments and other essential items in their daily life. We even established our own COVID-19 testing facilities for our employees and partners as well as procured COVID-19 insurance for our entire workforce. According to what we hear internally and from outside, ThaiBev is considered as a very stable and sustainable organization amidst economic uncertainty. We are committed to continue generating growth and delivering value to our employees and the society, consistent with our mission in creating and sharing the value of growth.