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Preserving National Arts and Culture
ThaiBev prioritizes their development and promotion. The aim is to “bring Thainess to the international arena” and to “strongly and sustainably create virtue for society.” Through the company’s pursuit of stable growth, sustainability, and value creation, it can help deliver these aims to society.
  • Ensure stable growth by passing on the country’s arts, culture, and traditions.
  • Sustain and preserve Thai arts, culture, and identity
  • Create value in fields of knowledge concerning arts and culture
ThaiBev categorizes this work in 6 working groups: the Photography Working Group, Music Working Group, Fine Arts Working Group, Cultural Tradition Working Group, Books of Value Working Group, and ASEAN Working Group. Implementation principles are integrated to suit the working context of each group, as specified by the following internal and external factors:
  • 1.Innovation
  • 2. Sponsorship
  • 3. Collaboration
  • 4. Partnership
Photography Working Group
Photography Exhibition Commemorating the Coronation of King Maha Vajiralongkorn in 2019

Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimon Mangkhalaram Rajwaramahawihan, Phra Phuttha Yod Fah Foundation Under Royal Patronage, in collaboration with the Sirivadhanabhakdi Foundation and ThaiBev, organized a photography exhibition commemorating the 1-year anniversary of the coronation of King Maha Vajiralongkorn in 2019. Royal permission was granted to organize the exhibition together with photographs from the Youth Volunteer Photographers of Thailand. A total of 47 photographs were displayed.
Photo Exhibition of Pope Francis’s Apostolic Visit to Thailand

ThaiBev, in collaboration with the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Thailand. Youth Volunteer Photographers of Thailand, Royal Photographic Society of Thailand, Photographic Arts Foundation, and BAB Foundation organized a photography exhibition on Pope Francis’s apostolic visit to Thailand at BAB BOX @ One Bangkok. The exhibit was comprised of photographs provided by the Thai Government Public Relations Department, Catholic Social Communications of Thailand, and Youth Volunteer Photographers of Thailand.
The Royal Photography Exhibition “Photos Wonderland” by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn

ThaiBev, in collaboration with other private organizations supported the royal photography exhibition in 2019 entitled “Photos Wonderland.” The exhibition was held by the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and the Photographic Arts Foundation, with the aim to provide an opportunity for the general public to follow along the footsteps of Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and to appreciate Her Royal Highness’s talent for photography. The princess graciously provided photographs taken on her visits to various places in Thailand and overseas in 2018-2019.
“Glass Plate Negatives: Stories that Transcend Time” Photo Exhibition

The National Archives of Thailand, Fine Arts Department, Ministry of Culture, together with the Sirivadhanabhakdi Foundation and ThaiBev, organized the exhibition “Celebrating the National Glass Plate Negatives Registered as UNESCO Memory of the World” at the National Gallery, Chao Fa Road, Bangkok. The exhibition aimed to celebrate the occasion of UNESCO announcing the inclusion of the Royal Photographic Glass Plate Negatives and Original Prints Collection in the Memory of the World Register in 2017. The National Archives curated 150 images from a total of 35,427 plates.

In 2020, the exhibition entitled “Glass Plate Negatives: Stories that Transcend Time” was held in the Main Exhibition Hall on the eighth floor of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre from 10 July to 20 September 2020. Than Phu Ying Sirikitiya Jensen served as the curator, selecting a total of 102 historical images to display, with an emphasis on photographs that show the changes of Siam in various dimensions

Moreover, ThaiBev provided financial support for the publication of the book “The Glass Plate Negatives from the National Archives: A Thousand Historical Images of Rattanakosin Volume 2. The National Archives invited proficient professionals and experts on historical photography to select and provide descriptions for 205 images
“Chayanitikorn Picture Studio” Booth

Chayanitikorn Picture Studio was a special historical themed portrait studio established by ThaiBev offering its services at various fairs and special events organized by government agencies, religious places, and charitable organizations. Such events included the “Love and Warmth at Winter’s End: Un Ai Rak Khlai Khwam Nao - The River of Rattanakosin” fair at the Royal Plaza on the grounds of Dusit Palace and Sanam Suea Pa; “Songkran Water Festival: Traditional Thai New Year Celebration” event at Mallika City in Kanchanaburi Province; “the Auspicious Occasion of the Celebration to Mark the 150th Anniversary of Wat Ratchabophit Sathitmahasimaram Ratchaworawihan”; and “Jib Nam Cha Yaam Yen Taam Roi San Somdet (Sipping Evening Tea and Following the San Somdet Historical Record)” event held at the Bangkok National Museum. Patrons received high-quality services for a reasonable price, with all proceeds being further utilized for various other forms of public services.
Photo contest on Life during the COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand “…Till We Meet Again”

ThaiBev, in collaboration with the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand and the Photographic Arts Foundation, organized a photo contest to document the situation and changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. All selected images will be submitted to the National Archives to be kept on record as a depiction of this significant moment in national history.
The 8th Chang Fine Art International Photo Contest under the theme “Myth”

ThaiBev organized the 8th Chang Fine Art International Contest to encourage those interested in fine art photography to step into the international arena. Artists were asked to present a collection of images depicting their own artistic concept and perspective. The contest was held in collaboration with the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand as the event coordinator.
“60 Years of Capturing the Light” Photo Exhibition

ThaiBev sponsored the photo exhibition entitled “60 Years of Capturing the Light” on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand. The exhibit ran at BAB BOX in the One Bangkok urban development. It aimed to depict the stories of history, culture, lifestyle, and society hidden in the photographs. A total of 262 images
“One Shot Knock Out” Event

ThaiBev sponsored the “One Shot Knockout” photography contest organized by the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand. The format of the contest permitted any type of photographic equipment, and competitors were critiqued by a judging committee, notified of the results, and awarded prizes all on the day of the event.
Instagram photo contest “Pha Khao Ma Rak Lok”

ThaiBev sponsored the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand in collaboration with the “Pha Khao Ma Thong Thin Hatthasin Thai” campaign to organize a photo contest via Instagram under the theme “Pha Khao Ma Rak Lok,” with the idea of utilizing the multi-purpose local fabric called “pha khao ma” for a more sustainable world.
The International Photographic Contest and Exhibition on the Commemoration of Prince Naris Day

ThaiBev and the Naris Foundation supported Silpakorn University in organizing the 16th International Photographic Contest and Exhibition under the theme “Celebrate,” seeking to promote photographic art for further development at the international level.
“Sustainability Action Hero” Photo Contest
ThaiBev, together with the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand and the social enterprise C asean, organized a photo contest entitled “Sustainability Action Hero” for photographs that present a concept, direction, and process that can be applied to contribute to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This also helped independent photographers who were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Applicants learned about sustainable development, submitting images that were in line with the SDGs. The contest received a total of 1,000 photo submissions.
Music Working Group
Luang Pradit Phairoh (Sorn Silapabanleng) Foundation

ThaiBev has continually supported the Luang Pradit Phairoh (Sorn Silapabanleng) Foundation since 2014. Such as classical Thai music youth camps for primary and secondary school students. Projects such as “Friends of Music” provide young people with the opportunity to learn from expert music personnel from outside their schools. The 2020 Sornthong Classical Thai Music Competition for the King’s Cup had 1,625 student competitors from 398 schools.
Suanplu Chorus
Since 2006, ThaiBev has provided continual support to the Suanplu Chorus, a pioneering chorus group that has brought about a new dimension of choral singing and esteem to Thailand for 20 years.
Sugree Charoensook Foundation
ThaiBev lends its support to the Sugree Charoensook Foundation in its work to develop the competences and enhance the quality of life for children through music. For the past 17 years, the foundation has organized numerous teaching and learning activities for children and youth in disadvantaged schools, detention centers, and rehabilitation facilities, in both Bangkok and other regions. Notable programs include:
  • Pilot Band Development project at Wat Suwannaram School in Nakhon Pathom province
  • Music for Youth Development project at Ban Pranee Juvenile Vocational Training Center for Girls
  • Folk Music for Talented Youth project at Wat Lat Sai School in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province
  • Music Therapy project at the Children’s Development and Rehabilitation Facility in Chonburi province
  • Good Self-Development through the Music Learning Process for Children Ages 0-3 project at the Foundation for Children in Nakhon Pathom province
  • Power of Dreams and Encouragement project, a learning exchange activity through performing music
  • Good Community with a Smile project
Scholarships and sponsorships for the College of Music, Mahidol University
Since 2008, ThaiBev has provided scholarships and sponsorships for students in the College of Music, Mahidol University. There are three categories of scholarships, as follows:
A. Scholarships for potential development to the international standard
B. Sponsorships to compete at both national and international levels
C. Sponsorships for being selected or invited to perform at both national and international levels
Fine Arts Working Group
White Elephant Art Award

ThaiBev organizes the annual White Elephant Art Award competition, which is now in its 9th year, with the aim to support realistic and abstract artwork. The theme of the competition in 2020 was “Siam, Land of Smiles,” with a grand prize of 1 million baht.
Bangkok Art Biennale (BAB 2020)

ThaiBev sponsored the Bangkok Art Biennale (BAB) 2020. The event emphasized the creation of contemporary art towards sustainable development with the theme “Escape Routes,” referring to the use of art for healing, warning, or escapism as a way of offering hope in the era of COVID-19. A total of 82 artists from 35 countries and 5 continents participated in the festival. The event was organized at nine different significant sites around Bangkok, including the PARQ, One Bangkok, Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimon Mangkhalaram Rajworamahawihan (Wat Pho or Temple of the Reclining Buddha), Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchaworamahawihan (Wat Arun), Wat Prayurawongsawat Worawihan (Wat Prayoon), Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Lhong 1919, and Museum Siam. The event program and updates from BAB 2020 can be found on Facebook and Instagram at Bkkartbiennale.
More Information
Cultural Tradition Working Group
Grand Festival Commemorating the 192nd Anniversary of Wat Prayurawongsawat Worawihan

ThaiBev in collaboration with multiple partners, including the Sirivadhanabhakdi Foundation and the Community of Kudi Chin – Khlong San, has supported the organization of the “Grand Festival Commemorating the Anniversary of Wat Prayurawongsawat Worawihan” for 6 years. The festival sees both Thai and foreign tourists paying their respects, seeking blessings, and visiting the Buddhist museum and the temple’s stupa, which received the UNESCO Cultural Heritage Conservation Award of Excellence. Festivalgoers could also taste local foods from the Kudi Chin – Khlong San community of Bangkok and more than 150 booths.
Water Festival

ThaiBev joined the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Ministry of Culture, Royal Thai Navy, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Tourism Authority of Thailand, and other partners in organizing the Water Festival, welcoming the Thai New Year together in 4 regions: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Udonthani, and Phuket. Thailand served as the ASEAN Chair in 2019, and so in collaboration with the Department of ASEAN Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Water Festival was included as part of the ASEAN Cultural Year 2019. The festival was in line with the ASEAN Cultural Year in terms of diversity, creativity, and sustainability.
River Festival

ThaiBev, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Ministry of Culture, Royal Thai Navy, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Tourism Authority of Thailand and other partners, initiated the first River Festival. To position Thailand as a cultural tourism hub to spread the word of Thainess. This was in accordance with the concept of the ASEAN Cultural Year 2019 and raised awareness about the ASEAN Cultural Year to the general public in ASEAN. It contributed to the success of 2 other projects, namely:
  • “Clean Canal” is a pilot project for riverside communities to enhance community development and awareness-raising for the conservation of water channels and rehabilitation of rivers and canals after the annual Loy Krathong festival to return to its original beautifully clean and clear landscape.
  • “Youth Hosts Inheriting the Culture” is a skills development project for youth to acquire knowledge about the community and to practice being a good “host” in promoting Thai culture to international audiences and sharing local stories, history, and lifestyles to both Thai and foreign tourists visiting the 6th.
Books of Value Working Group

ThaiBev supported the publication of the esteemed volume entitled:
  • “Symbols of Love and Respect” in accordance with the wishes of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn to compile images and information on the textiles that Her Royal Highness has collected from all 76 provinces in Thailand.
  • a collection of publications commemorating the 150th anniversary of the establishment of Wat Ratchabophit. To serve as a beneficial source of academic knowledge, the publication included volumes on the temples’ artwork, a biography highlighting the works and wisdom of Prince Pradit Worakan, the Royal Cemetery, and a guide of the temple grounds.
  • the book “History of the Royal Monastery Wat Manee Sathit Kapittharam.” The temple is an important site in Uthai Thani province.
  • the book “Remembering the British Embassy Bangkok on Wireless Road,” a commemoration and documentation of the history of the British Embassy in Thailand.
  • the book “The Embassy of Portugal Bangkok: the First Diplomatic Mission in Thailand,” a commemoration and documentation of the history of the Portuguese Embassy in Thailand.
ASEAN Working Group
ASEAN Day Celebration
ThaiBev joined in the annual celebrations on the occasion of ASEAN Day with a view to strengthen the relationships with embassies of ASEAN members in Thailand, the leading private-sector entities of ASEAN, and ASEAN studies in academia.
Objectives of the ASEAN Day Celebration Series
  • Celebrate ASEAN Day (the day ASEAN was founded)
  • Raise awareness about the significance and importance of ASEAN
  • Strengthen relationships between the public and private sectors in the region
  • Promote and demonstrate the unity of citizens in the region
ASEAN Day Celebration
on 8 August 2020 at C asean, CW Tower. The target group of this event was the representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, representatives of embassies of ASEAN countries in Thailand, privatesector entities from the Thailand Supply Chain Network (TSCN), relevant business organizations in ASEAN countries, and ASEAN academics. A total of 101 participants joined from both the public and private sectors and 14 embassies in Thailand.
“The ASEAN Way” and “ASEAN as One” Music Video Production on the 53rd ASEAN Day Celebration (8 August 2020)
This activity aimed to foster cooperation and demonstrate the unity of the people in the ASEAN region, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to provide moral support to the people of the world. The ASEAN Secretariat invited the band C asean Consonant to perform 2 songs in a music video format for the 53rd ASEAN Day Celebration. The festivities were held as a “Virtual Online Celebration” due to the continued COVID-19 outbreak. Songs that were selected to be performed as music videos were 1) The ASEAN Way, the regional anthem, and 2) ASEAN as One, a new song composed by C asean Consonant, which was meant to offer encouragement and promote unity among ASEAN citizens. Both music videos were broadcasted on Facebook and other social media channels so that they could broadly reach the people of ASEAN.
Commitments and Achievements
Development of artwork under the concept of sustainable development
The Bangkok Art Biennale (BAB) 2020 also emphasized the importance of the environment. The event’s objectives in this area were as follows:
  • Implementing proper waste management during the event, e.g. providing receptacles for plastic bottles, which were collected to be recycled, with the goal to process the used PET bottles into PET fibers that can be made into products such as blankets.
  • The “Mango COVID” campaign supported local farmers by purchasing 12 tons of mangos that were in oversupply and were decomposing. BAB artists were asked to create art using the mangos, as a way of bringing awareness to the issue and encouraging people to buy local fruits so that the produce was not left to decompose and generate waste.
  • The “BAB x UN SDGs” project invited artists to learn about various waste management processes and making art from waste. This created added value and raised awareness about the issue of waste and environmental conservation.
  • Reducing the transportation of large pieces of artwork from overseas by 50%, decreasing the number from 50 pieces to 25 pieces, in order to minimize carbon emissions from transport.
Nitikorn Kraivixien
Director of Art and Culture
Thai Beverage Public Company Limited
Organizational policies on the implementation and planning of art- and culture-related efforts at ThaiBev
ThaiBev greatly understands the importance of art- and culture-related work, with the realization that arts and culture constitute a strong foundation that clearly showcases the Thai identity that has been passed on from ancient times up until the present day.

ThaiBev’s implementation strategy in the promotion of arts and culture is comprised of the following 3 principles:

  • Stable growth:
    promoting learning and research on local wisdom in art, culture, and traditions from those who have inherited the knowledge from past generations, who can then in turn pass it on to the next generation. This includes the provision of scholarships and sponsorships for music competitions with the Luang Pradit Phairoh (Sorn Silapabanleng) Foundation and lending support to various educational institutions e.g. Silpakorn University, Mahidol University, Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute of Music, etc. to develop individual capacities, knowledge, and expertise in various fields.
  • Sustainability:
    underscoring the importance of historical works of art and culture to preserve the beautiful national heritage by collaborating with the Fine Arts Department’s National Archives.
  • Creating value:
    supporting various organizations including educational institutions, associations, charitable organizations, communities, and agencies working in various fields of art. ThaiBev also believes that there are many artists and technicians in different fields who have great capabilities but lack the opportunities.

Moving Forward
ThaiBev continues to support and promote arts and culture. Arts- and culture-related activities are organized. The strategy is grounded in three principles: stable growth, sustainability, and creating value. These seek to drive the implementation of the various working groups at both national and international levels, including in the domains of visual arts, music, performance art, literary art, cultural tradition, and religion.

The aforementioned points detail ThaiBev’s projects to promote arts and culture in order to benefit society as a whole, building strength, happiness, and stable growth.