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Customer Relationship Management
ThaiBev values the satisfaction of its customers and sales agents. Since they are ThaiBev’s main stakeholders, they are key factors in the business’ success. ThaiBev has initiated projects to help develop customer capacity and work closely with them as business consultants to help grow sales and increase their satisfaction in working with ThaiBev.
Care and Assistance during COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic led the government to prohibit sales of alcohol and to close shopping malls. This caused business disruptions and created unique challenges. ThaiBev needed to instill confidence in its customers as a partner of good will. ThaiBev has helped customers address this situation through the following activities: Created videos to provide knowledge on health and hygiene to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Provided COVID-19 insurance, Provided 66,900 liters of alcohol produced, and Provided 5,260 muslin cloth masks branded “Chang”.

Moreover, during COVID-19 pandemic, the delivery unit of Sermsuk Public Company Limited provided delivery services to consumers’ premises in Bangkok and the vicinity as government order citizens to self-quarantine at home. Customers were able to purchase various products ranging from Crystal Drinking Water, est Cola, and OISHI Green Tea.
BevFood Application
ThaiBev developed the BevFood application as an extension of the OISHI Pointo application for customer and restaurant staff. They can manage their membership accounts, collect points for e-voucher redemption (1 point for every 25 baht spent) and receive other privileges and promotion via e-coupons. BevFood also allows advance reservations at provides up-to-date information.
Commitments and Achievements
Customer Evaluations, Tracking and Satisfaction Assessments
ThaiBev evaluates, tracks, and assesses customer satisfaction annually by external parties per international standards and principles. ThaiBev uses the results from the satisfaction surveys to identify indicators to access performance of ThaiBev’s teams that work with customers.
Consumer Behavior Analysis System
The food business collaborates with CMKL University, which was founded in cooperation between Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, to develop consumer behavior analysis systems to evaluate actual services in all channels creating direct-sale opportunities that serve customers’ needs. This helps to maintain customer base and effectively acquiring new customer groups.
Targets/Moving Forward
Serve Responsibly
ThaiBev seeks to increase awareness of business owners and service providers on consumer health and safety by initiating the “Serve Responsibly” campaign targeting alcoholic beverage providers such as hotels and restaurants that are ThaiBev’s business partners in every region. In 2020, two types of training were provided.
  • ThaiBev created the “Serve Responsibly” Facebook page to promote responsible drinking and to share information and guidelines during COVID-19. The Facebook page currently has 3,200 followers. Activities are regularly updated on the page to attract followers. Engagement statistic from “like, comment and share” for posts of the page was as high as 30,000 hits.
  • ThaiBev introduced activities in the form of game show and workshop. Including group activities where ideas are shared and raised more awareness on the importance of responsibly serving. In 2020, there was only one training session with 40 participants.
Moreover, ThaiBev works with partners like the Thai Alcohol Beverage Business Association (TABBA). They also changed their training to Level Up (Up Skill Up Scale) approach to increase participants’ knowledge and skills on serving and product details, which respond to consumers’ alcoholic beverage consumption in a “New Normal”
Commitments and Achievements
  • ThaiBev has organized “Serve Responsibly” training sessions since 2016. To date, there have been 9 training sessions for more than 500 business operators and alcoholic beverage providers. Statistically, one provider will provide services to 20 consumers per day, or 6,000 consumers per year (calculated based on 25 working days per month). Thus, it is estimated that more than 2 million consumers have received care from business operators and alcoholic beverage providers throughout the project.
  • Results from the 2020 survey are:
    • 100% of participants agreed that serve responsibly is part of their job and they vowed to practice it.
    • 85% of participants will share knowledge gained from the training with their colleagues and other staffs.
  • After implementation of the project, alcoholic beverages providers who passed the training are able to apply their knowledge and stop serving intoxicated customers or those who are physically unfit. (With social responsibility, the quantity served decreased by 35%, stepping up 2% more than last year.)
Moving Forward
  • In 2021, the training format will be adjusted to the Level Up format (Up Skill Up Scale), share the knowledge with university students through the EISA and Beta Young networks. They plan to launch a video-making competition on “Serve Responsibly” with a goal to have 100 students from 20 universities participate.
  • In 2022 ThaiBev plans to expand the project to every region, with more than 1,500 participants, and to share knowledge about social responsibility with its employees, including those in PG, sales and marketing, etc.
Surapol Utintu
Vice President
Office of External Affairs

Thai Beverage PLC
ThaiBev tries to reach out and assist on social issues in various forms. This project focuses on business operators and providers since they were considered to be in direct interaction with drinkers. When drinkers are intoxicated or show signs of unsteadiness, we do not want them to continue serving. Some places felt at first that it would decrease the sales. But we needed to educate them that we want providers to be aware and alert customers not to drink to an uncontrollable level. Importantly, this project is designed for service providers to educate them and help them take better care of their customers. Therefore, their customers will return to them as their loyal customers

Jiralak Na Chiengtung
Marketing Excellence Director
Food Thailand
Last year, online food delivery has expanded more than 100% through our own brands like or BevFood application, which serve customers conveniently, with one application. Online food delivery plays a major role in people’s daily lives now. The lives of those living in cities have changed, with less home cooking. Other factors such as traffic congestions, distances between homes and restaurants, and the simple convenience of eating at home, together with the wider use of technology in daily life, made online food ordering an attractive alternative for consumers.

Consumer opinions after receiving services are also valuable. A QR Survey system is used to collect information, opinions, suggestions, compliments, and complaints. The restaurants with below standard scores will be notified via email, and improvement measures must be reported. Every opinion is screened and analyzed to develop, improve, and help the organization respond to consumers’ needs faster and more efficiently.