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Athletic Development
Sport is important to quality of life’s development by boosting their overall physical and mental health. For more than 20 years, ThaiBev has actively supported many types of sport, seeking to increase recognition and adopt top global standards. The company does so under the slogan: “Give Opportunities through Sport, Create Values with Sportsmanship.” ThaiBev wishes to builds partnerships and collaborations across the sport industry while developing truly quality personnel, including both players and coaches for the sport industry. The goal is to create a solid foundation and build capacity for players to become professional athletes.
ThaiBev Football Academy

For more than 10 years, ThaiBev has organized international-standard football training and practice sessions for children between 6 and 18 years of age, free of charge. The young footballers train for 2 hours a day. On average, around 500 players who have been trained consistently in this program join each weekend. ThaiBev wants the ThaiBev Football Academy to be a foundational project that trains quality professional players for the Thai football leagues.

ThaiBev has also supported professional football in Thailand for the past 20 years, helping to strengthen the industry. Due to these efforts, Thai football has achieved the highest net worth among Southeast Asian countries and the teams are well paid and stable. ThaiBev is recognized as an organization that provides uninterrupted support “not just to Thai football, but Thai people as a whole.”
Chang Mobile Football Clinic

This mobile football clinic is the first in Thailand. It has aimed to improve young rural football players’ skills for the past 7 years. Its accessibility to youth in remote area. Therefore, teams and coaches travel to these areas early to prepare the training space and discuss training plans.

Currently, the Chang Mobile Football Clinic is a standard prototype for youth clinics and is highly regarded in different regions. The company aims to launch the clinics nationwide, across Thailand’s 77 provinces, in 2022.
Chang Football Community
Football community is building football network for regional youth. ThaiBev uses this program, which is a continued program from Chang Mobile Football Clinic, to help build football knowledge and train young footballers in the following 5 communities:
  • Baan Pu Peoy, Nam Yuen District, Ubon Ratchathani Province
  • Baan Mae Mok, Krut Sub-district, Kanchanadit District, Surat Thani Province
  • Chris FC – Doi Mon Cham, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai Province
  • Hin Khone Academy – Baan Hin Kone, Kap Choeng District, Surin Province
  • Baan Karuna Juvenile Delinquency Center, Samut Prakan Province
ThaiBev also consistently provides practice equipment, beverages for trainings, and other skill support to youth players, coaches and teams.
Assumption College Thonburi’s White Elephant Project

ThaiBev has partnered with Assumption College Thonburi to help aspiring players achieve their dreams of becoming professionals. For the past 10 years, ThaiBev has built more than 250 players in Thailand at professional, national, and international levels. Many players from this program are regularly selected for national leagues at different age levels (14/16/18 years old). The White Elephant Project at Assumption College Thonburi is a famous youth football academy that is widely regarded for consistently producing successful professional players.
Len Mai Lerk Campaign

“Chang Beverage,” in collaboration with the Football Association of Thailand, and under the Patronage of His Majesty the King, launched the campaign “Len Mai Lerk” to cheer on and boost moral for the Thai National Team on their road to the World Cup 2022. The campaign includes a budget to help cheer on the team. The motto is: “If Chang Suek does not give up, Chang Suek No. 12 will not stop cheering.” ThaiBev collaborates with the Football Association of Thailand to support the Youth Team. It established Football Funding for Youth in 2016. The program plans to continue for 10 years until Thai football reaches glory. The past performance has been satisfactory.
Figure Skating and Speed Skating

Figure skating is an international sport that is relatively unfamiliar to Thais, aspiring Thai skaters increasingly are interested in the sport and entering competitions. The record shows excellent results among Thai figure skaters and speed skaters in ASEAN, across Asia, and at global levels. Thai figure skaters won 2 gold medals at the SEA Games in 2017 and 2018.

In 2020, players won a chance to participate in the Winter Olympics in Switzerland. ThaiBev has been supporting these 2 types of skating for 8 years, to produce skilled skaters who can perhaps become future coaches and judges on the global stage as well.

ThaiBev has been supporting basketball in Thailand for 8 years, in particular at the youth level, seeking to pave the way for developing professional players. In addition to providing budget, ThaiBev also works with the Hi-tech Basketball Club, offering a clinic within schools for youth players 4 times a year. Each year, more than 600 players. Famous national players take part in the training to inspire young players. Last year, the Hi-tech Professional Team delivered an outstanding performance by winning championships in every league.
Athletic development during COVID-19
Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the sport industry has been impacted at every level and in every sport. Professional competitions and activities have been cancelled or delayed. Sport centers had to close their gates. “Train at Home” is a new approach for athletes, who must continue to maintain their peak physical condition. Currently, ThaiBev, along with our sport partners and provide updates on the YouTube and Thai Talent Facebook to build understanding and learn new athletic techniques. Stories from teams and athletes were presented in a knowledgeable and entertaining way through the “Ask and Answer” and “Thai Talent Talk” programs. For a period of 2 months, from April to May,total access and views are, as follows:

YouTube [views]

Facebook [views]

Instagram [views]
Thai Talent 127 1,145,400 -
Partners in the industry 317,000 4,239,587 1,223,897
Total 317,127 5,384,987 1,223,897
Commitments and Achievements
Moving Forward
Wittaya Laohakul (Coach Heng)
Former National Team Player
Former Development President of FA Thailand
Current – Development President of Chonburi FC
I am always satisfied and happy to work with ThaiBev to develop youth football because I see their sincerity and devotion. ThaiBev understands and operates systematically and most importantly, unceasingly, which is important to develop football as a sustainable sport…I do not wish to waste anyone’s time and budget without devotion. Being a player is likewise. It is about how to always meet the standard. If you are a player, you must have discipline, devotion to practice, an understanding of the game, good teamwork, and high goals. Everyone can find success that way.

Wilavan Apinyapong (Gift)
Captain, Female Thai National Volleyball Team
For me, being a volleyball player has helped me learn about losing and winning, being part of a team, helping and supporting each other, and most important, having friendships with my colleagues. I want to pass on all my experiences to my juniors and help them become professional players. This is similar to the opportunity I had from elders and from ThaiBev, which has continuously supported and promoted Thai volleyball.