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ThaiBev Material Sustainability Issue
In 2020, ThaiBev reviewed key sustainability issues for the organization by considering global trends and changes in sustainability issues within the food and beverage industry, issues in accordance with international sustainability standards, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic. ThaiBev conducts assessment of key sustainability issues every 3 years and reviews them every year through the following processes.

1. Identification of Issues
ThaiBev organized workshops for executives and experts from business units to examine and determine the sustainability issues that are relevant to business operations. This involves analyzing global trends and changes in sustainability issues of the industry, as well as identifying stakeholder groups and corporate sustainability issues.
2. Issue Prioritization
ThaiBev prioritized the identified sustainability issues through 2 activities consisting of

1) workshops for ThaiBev senior executives to consider and assess the impacts of sustainability issues on the organization by considering the impacts in 3 aspects: finance, operations, and reputation

2) in-depth interviews with domestic and international representatives from all 8 stakeholder groups to understand the significance and potential impacts.
3. Validation
The Sustainability Development Working Team (SDWT) comprehensively reviewed and presented the material sustainability issues to the Corporate Sustainability Development Committee (CSDC) and the Executive Committee for approval.
4. Reporting Boundary
For comprehensiveness and accuracy of the material sustainability issues, ThaiBev determined the reporting boundary of all 17 material sustainability issues based on the information collected from various agencies and relevant stakeholder groups.
5. Continuous Development
ThaiBev is committed to operate under the sustainable development framework through annual review of sustainability issues taking into account stakeholders’ perspectives on those issues as well as in-depth interviews. The material sustainability issues are used as guideline for business operations.
ThaiBev Material Sustainability Issue
In 2020, ThaiBev reviewed key sustainability issues for the organization and added one material issue to the original list of 16 in 2019 to 17 issues in 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic saw new government measures to address the problem, such as home quarantine and physical distancing requirements. These resulted in changes to people’s daily lives and consumption behaviors as they adapted to “new normal” lifestyles. There has been a notable rise in online shopping, for instance, amidst consumers’ broader concerns about health and safety.

An assessment of key sustainability issues found that stakeholders are concerned about the safety of both products and services, as well as employees’ safety in the workplace. The disruption in supply chains has resulted in changes in key sustainability issues with important implications. Major issues include:
  • Consumer health and safety
  • Sustainable supply chain
  • Product health and nutrition