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Preservation of National Arts and Culture
The preservation of artistic and cultural heritage is important in Thailand. In order to pass on the country’s virtuous artistic and cultural traditions to future generations, ThaiBev attaches great importance to their preservation, development, and promotion. The goal is to bring Thainess to the world, and at the same time, it creates stable and sustainable values for Thai society.
All 3 approaches feed into the goals of “Bringing Thainess to the World” and “Creating Values for a Stable and Sustainable Society”.

The following four methods are used, depending on conditions and factors both inside and outside the organization:
  • creation of new projects/activities (Innovation)
  • supporting the operations of outside organizations (Sponsorship)
  • co-creation with partners (Collaboration)
  • network management in arts and culture (Partnership)
ThaiBev divides these works into 4 fields: Visual Arts, Music and Literary Arts, Culture and Traditions, and Buddhism.