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Over the past 16 years, ThaiBev has placed great emphasis on building relationships with communities. The company remains committed to the sustainable development of communities by focusing on collaborative thinking and collaborative projects, with the aim of creating sustainable and self-reliant local economies. This kind of relationship-building in projects such as “ThaiBev Creates a Good Community with Smiles” also enhances the organization’s image. All around the world, societies are battling COVID-19. ThaiBev continues working to help communities and society so that all sectors can get through the crisis together.

Cold relief and other assistance: “ThaiBev Unites to Fight the Cold”

  • Donated blankets to 200,000 people, divided into:
    • 81,954 elderly people
    • 59,259 low-income people
    • 43,863 victims of cold weather
    • 12,595 people with disabilities
    • 2,329 unaccompanied children
      (Source: Summary by Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, 15 provinces, Ministry of Interior)
  • Distributed to people who suffered from cold weather in 15 provinces
  • More than 1,425 villagers in 9 provinces in the northern and northeastern regions who received blankets were given the opportunity to access health checks from a mobile medical unit
    • Donated school supplies and 60 computers to 14 schools
    • 7.6 million PET bottles recycled into blankets
    • 275 volunteer employees participated in the project 4,263 hours of volunteering work at the project

Community economy: Chumchondee Meeroiyim Project

  • 15 operating areas in 14 provinces
  • Generated income for the communities of 15,865,276 THB
  • 105 participating communities 3,122 beneficiaries

Helping communities during the COVID-19 situation

(online marketing to sell community products)

  • Generated income for the communities of 2,020,950 THB
  • 24 participating communities
  • 1,216 beneficiaries

Environment: Ban Huai Bong

  • Established a mountain water supply system over a 2km distance.
  • The water supply system can store 4,500 liters of water per day.
  • More than 20 elephants have a source of water to drink.
  • The project area covers 21 rai.
  • 60 households of villagers and mahouts were helped out.