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ThaiBev cares deeply about its employees’ safety and wellbeing, and constantly strives to promote the safety of all stakeholders in its operations. The company believes that employees work more effectively and efficiently when they are in a happy workplace with eased minds. As part of this effort, ThaiBev has produced guidelines and safety management systems to ensure that the company remains in line with legal and international standards on safety, occupational health and working environments for its employees, business partners and other stakeholders. This includes risk prevention measures for accidents, injuries, and illnesses linked to operations, along with support to improve working environments that promote employees’ physical and emotional wellbeing as well as their quality of work life. To address unique COVID-19 challenges, a special pandemic management plan was developed to maximize the safety of all stakeholders in the value chain.
To meet legal and internal standards, ThaiBev has set guidelines for safety, occupational health and working environments in four areas:


Occupational Health

Working Environment

Employee Wellbeing
Management Approach
This year, ThaiBev worked to become stronger than ever by establishing new capabilities. In 2021, ThaiBev continued to respond to COVID-19 and the pandemic’s outsized impact on the safety, health and wellbeing of employees.
Towards 2025 and Beyond
  • Promote safety culture and extend activities related to occupational health and safe working environments to ThaiBev’s subsidiaries in ASEAN.
  • Target toward zero fatalities
  • The Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) in 2021 was significantly decreased from 2020,
    • Employee: from 1.71 to 1.43
    • Non-employee worker: from 1.74 to 0.69
    • This trend is in line with our goal toward achieving a LTIFR of lower than 1.0 by 2025.
  • Instill road-safety discipline among employees by organizing training and other activities to promote safety. The project will be extended to employees in other regions and business partners to reduce the driving mortality rate, which mostly involves accidents due to violations of traffic laws and lack of road safety discipline.
  • Build a network of safety officers in ThaiBev Group throughout ASEAN to increase the effectiveness of safety activities and allow more extensive communication and exchange of information. Provide advanced safety training to officers on a regular basis.
  • Work with employees to proactively administer new health guidelines. Raise awareness, encourage employees to exercise and maintain good hygiene, reduce work-related stress, and provide vaccinations against diseases that occur frequently among employees to promote a healthier life and a happier workplace.
ThaiBev remains committed to a zero-fatality goal. However, two employee and one contractor fatality were recorded in 2021. As a result, ThaiBev launched an intensive root-cause analysis and tightened its safety culture, expanding OHS KPI to the whole group and implementing the OHS initiative program. This led to the enforcement of a strict automobile policy and training on OHS to ensure safety, including proper PPE equipment, daily safety talks and strict supervision for working protocols.
2021 Highlight
Work-from-home arrangements
ThaiBev values a flexible workplace, including working from home. It believes this option increases productivity, morale, agility, and cross-business collaboration. These include environmental issues such as PM2.5, political unrest and pandemics. ThaiBev has also announced strict protocols for working from home during COVID-19 to ensure that all employees are safe. ThaiBev supports employees working from home, helping them achieve high performance by offering training, equipment and tools. Wellness programs have been adjusted to promote exercise, ergonomics and stress management. ThaiBev has also arranged effective work-from-home situations with disabled employees who face difficulties travelling to work.
Beverest Life

In 2020-2021, ThaiBev implemented a no-contact procedure for employees to check-in to their work through an internal mobile application, Beverest Life, which was deployed by human capital team to all employees. This application will be used going forward as part of a standard safety measure to increase efficiency, decrease contact and reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.
Employee Wellbeing
  • Achieving work-family balance is part of ThaiBev’s wellbeing goals to promote employee productivity and morale. ThaiBev demonstrates this commitment by providing space or playgrounds at factories for children while they are accompanying or waiting for their parents. In addition, private breastfeeding rooms are available at all offices and production plants. ThaiBev has expanded its childcare facilities to include classes and recreational activities during school vacations. A popular family program at the company is Children’s Day, which brings together children and their parents for special activities, field trips, and CSR activities to promote spending time together. In 2021, ThaiBev granted 1,099 scholarships, valued at more than 6.93 million THB, to employees’ children to reduce their financial burdens. Over 12 consecutive years, ThaiBev has granted 12,592 scholarships totalling over 77.92 million THB  
  • ThaiBev is strongly cared and committed to its female employees, who can take up to 100 days of paid parental leave for the primary caregiver. This is 10 days more than the legal requirement in Thailand. In some cases, new mothers may ask for an additional 30 days or request to temporary rotate to other function before or after childbirth. ThaiBev believes these measures promote family values and foster employee health and wellbeing for both mother and child. In case that the primary care giver is not female, ThaiBev's management has a process to approve as appropriate.   
  • Furthermore, ThaiBev ensures that all employees are able to enjoy the key moments in their life. ThaiBev allows male employees to take business leaves as paid parental leave for the non-primary caregiver up to six days, which is not part of the national legal requirement. This recognizes family as a central foundation of life.  
  • ThaiBev determines to look after its employees and realized the importance of people's valuable experiences. By offering a part time working option to its employees after retirement and on an ad-hoc basis to current employees, ThaiBev understands that fulfilling its employees' needs is the key to maintain and engage its people. 
Occupational Health and Safety Policy Process
ThaiBev established the occupational health and safety policy to support safety awareness, create engagement, enforce all Directors and Employees to comply with laws, regulations, and operational approach that relate to occupational health and safety. The policy was created in consultation with the workers representatives, the safety officers and the safety committees. The company committed to continually improve the performance of the OHS management by Setting up prioritization and action plans and implementing the plan. Lastly, the company established quantitative targets for improving OHS performance metrics. Details of the target can be seen from Section “Toward 2025 and Beyond” above.
Occupational Health and Safety Program (OHS Program)
Thai Beverage Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries (“ThaiBev”) operate its business in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance with fairness and adhere to the “Business Ethics of Thai Beverage Group”. ThaiBev is well aware of the value and importance of “human”, especially our employees who are important capital of the organization. Therefore, it is appropriate to create the sustainable foundation of favorable and safe working environment and atmosphere by adhering to the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Standard defined by law and International Standard in order to reduce death, injuries, illnesses and diseases related to work. To ensure effective management of occupational health and safety risks/issues, ThaiBev formulates the Occupational Health and Safety Program (“OHS program”) which its occupational health and safety standard has been verified by the international independent external inspectorsuch as ISO45001:occupational health and safety management system.

Click here for ISO 45001 Certificates
Prepare for Emergency Situation

Thaibev’s vigorously implementing the annual OHS plan. In FY2021, the activities included annual fire drills in all locations, flood drills in flood risk area, and other related activities regarding production risk area.
Investigation of work-related injuries, ill health, diseases incidents
Thaibev’s strongly enforced that all incidents on work-related injuries, ill health, diseases. The company believed that the investigation will provide an opportunity to identify hazards in the operations and then for the company to apply a corrective action necessary to prevent future incidents.

The investigation process starts by the safety officer and supervisor collecting evidence from location and interview all related parties. Then, the report will be submitted to the safety committee for formal investigation. After the committee has concluded the results, the lesson learnt is to be communicated back to the responsible site, as well as other sites with similar operation/risk, in order to create prevention and mitigation plan. When the prevention and mitigation measures has been implemented, they will be reported back to the safety committee.
OHS criteria in procurement requirement
Thaibev’s Beverage Public Company Limited and its subsidiary companies (“ThaiBev”) commits to conduct an effective business under good governance as a foundation of sustainable growth and social acceptance. ThaiBev has established “Business Ethics of Thai Beverage Group” for all ThaiBev’s directors (“Directors”), all ThaiBev’s executive officers (employee ranging from Assistant-Vice President level up to the President and CEO) and employees (“Employees”) in order to meet such commitment. In addition to this, ThaiBev strongly encourages that its suppliers adopt and adhere to the good governance and its “Business Ethics of Thai Beverage Group” to benefit all related stakeholders including ThaiBev, its suppliers, its customers, local communities, society, and the environment in a wider range. The “Supplier’s Code of Practice" includes the topic of “Occupation Health and Safety” among others. For this reason, The company enforced this practice by aligning the topics in the "Supplier's Code of Practice" with a new supplier assessment criteria and an supplier audit criteria.
for details of Supplier's Code of Practice, click here.