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Education is a foundation of sustainable development. ThaiBev is committed to building a society of collaborative learning through various projects and activities in the organization, in communities and at various educational institutions, consistent with the Quality Education goal of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Scholarship Program
ThaiBev is not only committed to being a leading beverage producer but is also focused on the most important and fundamental issue, child and youth education, which is the first step toward personal development and the improvement of society and the country. For this reason, ThaiBev established a scholarship fund for children of employees in 2010, to promote and support educational advancement for children of employees who have good academic performance, as well as to help alleviate costs for their parents. The Company has offered the scholarship on two separate occasions: first, scholarships for primary education until high vocational certificate, given in August 2017; second, scholarships for university-level education and special-case scholarships (White Elephant Program), given in September 2017.

In 2017, the children of employees received 1,123 scholarships and 10 special scholarships from the White Elephant Program. From 2010 to this year, 8,169 scholarships have been granted, totaling 50,538,000 baht. In addition, since 2011, 21 awardees of the scholarship from the White Elephant Program or the general program have joined the ThaiBev workforce.

The Company will continue to be committed to sponsoring the education of children of employees, so that they grow into strong and dependable adults with a solid educational foundation.

Princess of Naradhiwas Rajanagarinda Teachers Project
is a project in which ThaiBev helps create occupational opportunities for remote communities, working together with teachers that have received the Princess of Naradhiwas Rajanagarinda Teacher Prize granted by 3 agencies: the Office of Non-Formal and Informal Education, the Border Police Headquarters and the Office of the Basic Education Commission.

Five years after the prize was first introduced in 2013, the project has initiated various activities that encompass aspects of quality of life and the environment. These activities raise awareness among community members about the importance of having an occupation that enables self-reliance as well as forest conservation. For example:

1. Beekeeping to Preserve the Forest Project:
with ThaiBev’s support, the community creates honeycomb-like rectangular boxes, and then hangs or places them in the community forest area of around 2,000 rai, in order to lure in queen bees to come live and nest in the honeycomb box. The bees then produce honey when the time comes. Beekeeper groups have generated more income the past 2 years, while at the same time contributed to forest conservation as part of the conservation of watershed areas, which are a major water source in the country.

2. “Growing Coffee following the ‘3 Types of Forest, 4 Types of Use’ Concept” Project
Because coffee is a plant that likes a cool environment, if planted under the shade of large trees, it will produce coffee with high quality, intense flavor, and more aroma than coffee planted in fields. Members of the community therefore gathered to plant Arabica coffee in 12 rai of community forest area and received coffee hulling machine from ThaiBev, in order to serve community members and increase the coffee’s value for them to earn more, as well as be part of the conservation of 2,000 rai of forest.

Extra Courses for Careers with ThaiBev
A project where ThaiBev organizes various courses to meet the needs of remote communities. The “Extra Courses for Careers with ThaiBev” project is important for communities to have occupations and income and lays the foundation for real community stability. This results in the conservation of watershed forests, which are an important resource for natural water production for the country, and the building of cooperation with the government and communities and to make ThaiBev’s programs for society well known among community members.

This project encompasses courses on cutting men and women’s hair, sewing courses, cooking and baking courses, motorcycle maintenance courses, and courses on recycling goods for use in household agriculture. The project selects communities that are appropriate, prepared, and have sufficient time and interest in the project. Workshops are arranged in remote communities to solve the problem of educational inequality and once the participants successfully finish the course, they are provided with necessary equipment and receive periodic follow-up.

EISA: Educational Instituted Support Activity
is a program in which ThaiBev supports youth development, the foundation of the country, through various activities. The aim is to educate youth to be concurrently “smart” and “good” for society, so that they bring their knowledge to help develop society and communities, and serve as good models for the youth of subsequent generations. Our youth development activities consist of various projects, which include:

Youth Development with Sports in Higher Education
ThaiBev has taken a role in sports development at the university level so youth can continue to have a place to compete in sports. It does so by supporting the organization of sport competitions in partnership with universities and by developing a sports curriculum. ThaiBev believes that extracurricular activities during university years are an important part of learning, prior to entering the workforce. University students receive sports skills development paired with positive experience and share opportunities with classmates and students from other universities.
university students have participated in projects
projects in conjunction with universities
universities participating

Knowledge Development for Good Future Entrepreneurs
In order to develop university students’ skills as entrepreneurs, ThaiBev sponsors the creation of a model business enterprise, which has various courses for university students to learn store management, marketing, organizing various promotions, merchandizing, stocking, accounting, and learning how to use the system Rich POS V7.0 for Retailers and Restaurants (F&B).

It aims to build and disseminate knowledge about ethical management and professionalism, which university students can learn and apply in the future

Funding to establish a business simulation totaling 1,000,000 baht
Creating the New Generation of Social Entrepreneurs project (Beta Young Entrepreneur)
is a project born from the collaboration of 3 organizations, the Thai Chamber of Commerce, the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, and the Sirivadhanabhakdi Foundation under Thai Beverage Public Company Limited. Together the organizations are training a new generation of university students to enter the path of becoming entrepreneurs. The students must have potential, virtue, ethics and social responsibility. University students will study entrepreneurship by trying out different practices such as from a 20,000 baht startup business, and a simulated business. This will be a starting point for their business. University students will have the opportunity to take their business plan forward to real entrepreneurship after graduation.

The opportunity also promotes start-up projects for the new country generation to have opportunities to demonstrate their true potential. At present, 120 university students have completed the project.

An university students who participated in the 3rd cycle of the Creating the New Generation of Social Entrepreneurs project turned their plan into a real business.“From activities with ThaiBev, we learned that work requires careful planning and there must always be a backup plan, as well as emergency problem solving.The experience of teaming up together to do activities with ThaiBev made us realize what we like and what we are good at. When we do what we love, we will do it well.” This brought us together to organize events and various activities under the name “ARTTRAROS CREATIVE.”
Involvement with ThaiBev
ThaiBev has had an opportunity to take part in student capacity building, by bringing university students to participate in internships in various departments within the Company, to give them a chance to learn from the direct experience of working in real conditions and being with others, so that this becomes the foundation of their future work. For example: university students have opportunities to visit and observe factories and warehouses of Oishi, TBL and Big C.

University students participate in our corporate social responsibility activities. For example: dam construction with the Taproot Project. In addition, university students also volunteer in temple-cleaning activities, the canal cleaning activity as part of the River Festival, ThaiBev Unites to Fight the Cold, and other activities, such as: A Good Community with a Smile, Model Youth of Bang Khu Wat, and so on. New graduates come to work in various parts of the Company.

  • University students are one part of the pakaoma design team of the PRS working group handling the project “Local Pakaoma, Thai Handicraft.”

  • The Company develops a curriculum in conjunction with universities, opening new courses for students interested in learning about topics like food service in cooperation with SO asean, promoting knowledge and skills in business and management through the experience of ThaiBev’s executives.
Uniting ASEAN, Reducing National Differences, and Preserving Regional Cultures through the Universal Language of Music
With the determination to bridge the gap of national differences between the peoples of ASEAN, and to preserve the region’s common cultures, ThaiBev has established and continues to sponsor a pan-ASEAN traditional music ensemble “C asean Consonant.” The music ensemble is spearheaded by young people who, through music, showcase their national identity for the global community. As music is a universal language shared by humanity, communication through music surpasses differences in language, culture, religion, politics, and economy, uniting many peoples together.

The “C asean Consonant” ensemble consists of young musicians from 10 ASEAN countries. In international music festivals and regional celebrations of diplomatic relations, the musicians perform compositions selected and arranged by 10 music experts from 10 ASEAN nations with traditional instruments from their respective countries. This is a cultivation of unity among ASEAN nations through music, and it beautifully reflects the preservation of music as part of cultural heritage as well.

In 2017, “C asean Consonant” was invited as a representative from ASEAN to perform at several key international music festivals. Upon the Chinese government’s invitation, the ensemble performed with Chinese musicians at Shanghai International Music Festival, and at China-ASEAN Music Festival held in Nanning, People’s Republic of China. Upon the invitation of the ASEAN Secretariat, the ensemble took center stage in its performance in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of ASEAN. In addition, the ensemble performed at the ASEAN-EU Anniversary Concert for the occasion of the 40th anniversary of ASEAN-EU relations.
Colors and Lines: Preserving, Exchanging, and Learning
ThaiBev sponsored the arts initiative “Asia-Link SketchWalk Bangkok” an outdoor collective drawing event. Joined by over 500 people from 12 Asian countries, the initiative fostered cultural exchange and education about arts, culture, and architecture in Rattanakosin Island, the historic center of Bangkok. The drawing initiative also captured the memory of Thailand’s great loss, in the vicinity of the Grand Palace and the Royal Grounds.

The success of this event led ThaiBev to sponsor community-building efforts for those passionate about the art of drawing through organizing the event “C asean SketchTalk.” Open to youth and the public, with outreach to underrepresented segments of society, the SketchTalk brings professional artists to share their drawing knowledge and techniques, so that the participants may build upon their lessons toward occupational skills in the future.

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