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“Community Development Projects: Creating and Sharing Smiles to the Community with Sustainability

ThaiBev prioritizes building sustainable relationships with communities. This year, the Company continued its mission of fostering community sustainability alongside business sustainability, with an emphasis not only on bringing a variety of beneficial activities to local communities but also on local participation in brainstorming and executing development projects. Part of the work also involves a creation of understanding so as to defuse conflicts between factories and communities, as well as to leave a long-lasting good impression on communities. These objectives are achieved under the goal that “ThaiBev Helps Create Good Communities with Smiles.” (This smile comes from increased happiness, stable and reliable income, and lack of destruction of oneself, others, and the environment).

Under this goal, there are four categories of projects; namely, children and youth development, sustainable resource and environmental management, local job creation and economic development, and the handling of climate change.
The following table summarizes the Company’s various community development projects:

Children and Youth Development


Years of Operation

Areas Covered

Good Communities with Smiles


25 provinces

Model Soccer fields for school repair and renovation on the national frontiers


4 areas in Chachoengsao, Ratchaburi, Ubon Ratchathani, and Surat Thani Provinces

Model Youth of Bang Khu Wat Community


1 area in Pathum Thani Province

School-Centered Improvement of Quality of Life (School Bird)


1 area in Prachin Buri Province

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and the Environment

Water Development, Life Development, Quality of Life Development


2 areas in Sukhothai and Surat Thani Provinces

Joining Forces for the Recovery of Nature in the Environment (Sirindhorn Reforestation Project)


1 area in Phetchaburi Province

Collaboration with the Chang Pa Ban Po [Wild Elephants of Our Father’s Homeland] Foundation


1 area in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province

Local Job Creation and Economic Development

ThaiBev Helps Create a Model “Sammachip Subdistrict” [Ethical Career Community]


5 areas in Nan, Chaiyaphum, Surat Thani, Sukhothai, and Kanchanaburi Provinces

The Handling of Climate Change

ThaiBev Unites to Fight the Cold, the 18th year


45 provinces

Community Development Projects
The results of various projects’ efforts to sustainably create and share with local communities

Key Highlights: 2017
Model Youth of Bang Khu Wat Community Project:
the Thai Beverage Public Company Limited in collaboration with the Kenan Institute Asia have organized the project for 3 consecutive years in the area surrounding the factories of Bang Yi Khan Liquors Company Limited, with the purpose of fostering model youth who take leadership roles in the development of their own community. There are 3 groups of participants, as follows:

youth participants attend a Youth Camp, wherein they learn about management skills pertaining to community development projects and then come up with community development projects of their own. The participants also establish a Youth Club, which is integrated with school curriculum into a weekly gathering where participants learn from one another and eventually carry out the projects in the community. Successful participants are then called “model youth,” as they have developed their leadership through project-based learning.

Community leaders:
participants develop their leadership skills through training workshops and visits to various communities to learn about various forms of community development. Furthermore, they take part in a community forum planning for community development in Bang Khu Wat.

participating ThaiBev employees go through a training workshop about community work as well as take part in every activity organized by youth and community leaders.

In its three years of operation, the student-centered Bang Khu Wat community development project, which has elicited participation from all local sectors, has led to the creation of a local green area called “Lotus Pond Learning Center,” a place of relaxation where locals can learn about how to grow lotuses. Furthermore, there is an additional “Foster a Lotus” activity where each of 50 community members from all the 12 subsections of Bang Khu Wat take a lotus home to grow and take care of, to participate in subsequent lotus show and contest.

The results of various projects’ efforts to sustainably create and share with local communitiesin 2017
youngsters developed leadership skills
community leaders benefited through training workshops
projects helped mould young participants

ThaiBev employees volunteered in projects that helped
employees in the northeast participated in roadshow projects

Mr. Boonlue Yooyuen
Subsection 2 Participating Community Leader
“This project that ThaiBev has created for the kids and me to participate in is very good. And it’s a good opportunity for the kids. I’d like there to be more projects. I’ll be happy to join in every activity. You can always contact me. This is for the youth and for our community.”

Mr. Suwat Wongman
Director, Ban Sai Mun School, Khon Kaen Province
“Every student benefited from the four activities ThaiBev organized. It was very useful for our children to build upon and pursue what they like.”

“A Good Community with a Smile”
is a project providing knowledge, skills, and opportunities to students to pursue sports, music, and art. This project increases the happiness and smiles of children and youth nationwide, as well as building positive relationships with target communities both at the administrative level and the immediate area surrounding company factories. There are three facets of this project:

with the help of professional trainers from Sukree Charoensuk Foundation, youth are taught the basics of singing and performance in a symphony, so that they can practice correctly.

art crafted from leftover packaging so as to stimulate and instill environmental consciousness. The artworks can also become a source of income and open up career opportunities in the future. Trainers are invited from the Thailand Institute of Packaging and Recycling Management for Sustainable Environment (TIPMSE).

with the cooperation of the ThaiBev Football Academy (TBFA), soccer coaches and professional soccer players are invited to teach the basics of playing soccer professionally, as well as conducting lessons in sports science for participating youth.

2017 Project Results
Operations in
10 provinces
39 schools participating
attendees each time 450 attendees in total 4,950
Expanding into other business units in the network, namely communities surrounding
3 sugar factories
under the Cristalla Company Limited
244 ThaiBev Employee Volunteers

“Water Development, Life Development, Quality of Life Development” Project
Recognizing the value and importance of natural sources and the environment, ThaiBev determined to do community development projects in the area of sustainable management of natural resources. Inspired by the exemplary resolution and genius of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who tirelessly worked for the benefit of society at large, the “Water Development, Life Development, Quality of Life Development” project in cooperation with the Utokapat Foundation under Royal Patronage of H.M. The King helps conserve water and forest resources, and helps make local economic development more sustainable, through a three-step process.
community members learn about local water sources and waterways, in order to understand their own water system and create a water supply map.
Reach out
community members come up with a local water management initiative make a grant proposal do a public hearing to gauge community understanding and for the Foundation to give recommendations to ensure maximum performance of the community’s initiative.
community members execute the development initiative, with participation from locals and newly trained youth groups so as to ensure long-term results and continuation.
The project organizes field trips for the target community to learn from a successful community. There are two target communities, as follows:

Mr. Prachak Deeching
President, Water Management Committee Ban Wang Si Phrai, Dong Dueay Subdistrict, Sukhothai Province

“Today’s activities are beneficial to the community. First off, we have more reserve water, and we also preserve local fish varieties. We got to plant grass to fight erosion, and trees on top of that as well. When we have the opportunity, we’ll extend the canal by one more kilometer.”
Community 1: Ban Pak Suat, Pha Saeng Subdistrict, Ta Khun District, Surat Thani Province.
Recovery of upstream forests by an earth-and-stone dam, whose dimensions are 11 meters wide at the mouth, 3.5 meters wide on the side, 8.4 meters wide at the bottom, 1.3 meters high, and a displacement of 1,500 cubic meters of earth for the dam.

Project Results
3 subsections communities
600 people numbering
120 families
350 rai of farmlands have benefited

Community 2: Ban Wang Si Phrai, Dong Dueay Subdistrict, Kong Krai Lat District, Sukhothai Province.
Recovery of a fish conservation area by digging out a 680 meter long canal. The earth dug out is no less than 16,000 cubic meters. A less wasteful system for water distribution, following King Bhumibol’s “New Theory” was also installed.

Project Results
16,000 cubic meter increase in water volume for fish farming during the dry season. It becomes models in employing “New Theory” of agricultural land management in this subdistrict.
5 community members

Ms. Wansi Phalawet
Ban Chom Pluak Sung, Moo 8, Song Khon Subdistrict, Pho Sai District, Ubon Ratchathani Province

“I’ve heard that ThaiBev gives out blankets, but I’ve never got them myself. This is my first time. I feel delighted, and I’d like to thank the ThaiBev company for giving out blankets to people affected by the cold. Here, it’s very cold. Thank you so much.”
“ThaiBev Unites to Fight the Cold”
is a model project giving blankets to those affected by harsh winters in the North and the Northeast, through caravans that give out 200,000 blankets annually. Through collaboration with the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation under the Ministry of Interior and Province Chiefs, affected areas are identified, points of distribution selected, and allied organizations called to help run the activities to cover all areas. Furthermore, this year ThaiBev emphasizes access to healthcare treatment through “mobile clinics” for public health check-ups, in cooperation with Suan Dok Hospital Foundation and the Ruam Paet Yasothon Hospital.

With ThaiBev’s resolution to give warmth to others in society, the “ThaiBev Unites to Fight the Cold” project, now in its 18th year, continues to build a sustainable, generous society. Having distributed 3.6 million blankets to date, the project has helped to create smiles of joy and good health for many Thai people, having covered 45 provinces, 579 districts, 4,622 subdistricts, 49,617 communities. In this past year, there was also an initiative “One Shares, Another Gets Warm,” wherein employees and the Company’s partners may purchase additional blankets, on top of the usual two hundred thousand, to distribute to areas outside the 15 target provinces. As a result, 1,000 blankets have been given to cold-affected schoolchildren in Kanchanaburi Province.
Project Results
blankets given
Recipients include
Classification for 5 types
orphaned children
cold-affected people
people with disabilities
people with low-income
elderly people

People received a health check-up (with Suan Dok Hospital Foundation in the North, and with Ruam Paet Yasothon Hospital in the Northeast)
1,522 participating ThaiBev employees
366 drinking water given
1,200 bottles to schools in need, as well as free lunches

Scholarships given to
10 schools totaling
100,000 baht donations worth
2 temples totaling
10,000 baht

2017 Sustainability