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“ThaiBev firmly believes that delivering high quality and valuable products to consumers while maintaining responsibility towards stakeholders is the heart of a sustainable supply chain. This starts from the very beginning of the value chain with good governance in management, which is applied to all stages from Sourcing, Production, Distribution, Sales and Route toMarket, all the way to Post-Consumer Packaging Management. ”

To drive sustainable sourcing in an efficient manner and to develop partnership standards for sustainable growth, ThaiBev has put in place mechanisms for risk management in goods and services, in tandem with risk management for trade partners who take part in the sourcing of raw materials. ThaiBev screens partners to ensure that their work meets both environmental and social standards. All this ensures that products that enter consumers’ hands are safe and of high quality.

In every stage of the manufacturing process, ThaiBev cares about safety and is conscientious about the use of various resources like water and energy, ensuring that it provides good value and maximum benefit without polluting the environment and surrounding communities. ThaiBev follows legal standards and international standards, including ISO 9000, GMP, HACCP, and ISO 14000, and has received the NSF drinking water quality certification from the National Sanitation Foundation in the United States. In addition, ThaiBev continually develops innovations and technology to ensure that its products achieve the highest quality and adhere to the highest standards, all without negatively affecting the environment and the organization’s stakeholders.

ThaiBev prioritizes good planning and strong, comprehensive distribution channels, ensuring that merchandise reaches its destination on time and in hight quality. ThaiBev remains cognizant of accidents that might happen during transportation, and consequently it has put modern technology to use in management, for example, to monitor the driving discipline of delivery drivers, and to efficiently manage fuel. As a result, the Company can control and manage the impact on different aspects of the business for stakeholders effectively.

Marketing and Sales
ThaiBev delivers products for the consumer through efficient distribution channels by building strong networks and focusing on building good relationships with business partners through a variety of projects, such as “The Agent ‘Next Gen’”, which is part of the strategies of our Vision 2020. In addition, ThaiBev demonstrates its responsibility to the consumer and society through public relations, whether by using product labels which identify all nutritional details, or by organizing “Serve Responsibly” workshops or organizing sales promotions to build relationships with the consumer. At the same time, the Company remains open to consumer feedback through various channels, so as to guide product development that fully responds to the demands of the consumer.

Post-consumption Packaging Management
With the belief that good packaging should not only protect the product and make it look pleasing, but also be reusable in the manufacturing process (using materials and packages such as paper boxes, cushioning, glass bottles, and plastic), ThaiBev designs packaging made of reusable materials, to reduce waste arising from consumption, since “single-use” disposability makes too much trash and wastes natural resources in the manufacturing of these materials.

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