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“In 2017 ThaiBev launched a variety of social sustainability projects, which cover 5 main aspects. In 2017 ThaiBev budgeted 500 million baht for social projects, divided among the following categories:”

At every step of doing business, ThaiBev Group has always thought of its responsibility to society. Recognizing the important duty of taking part in contributing to society and to a local communities, the Company embraces the principles of Suffiency Economy Philosophy, applying it to help raise people’s quality of life by creating jobs for communities, promoting public health, supporting education, sports, youth, arts and culture, as well as preserving religion and local traditions.

In addition, ThaiBev seeks to contribute to the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, no matter if it is the elimination of poverty, the elimination of hunger, ensuring good health and well-being, or equal access to education. To do so, the Company cooperates with partners from the private sector, the government, and civil society, to propel community and social development under the principle of “Creating and Sharing the Value of Growth for a Sustainable Future,” by initiatives and activities for contributing to society, both directly and indirectly, in every region of the country.

ThaiBev creates and shares the value throughout the value chain
In sourcing, ThaiBev takes care to select suppliers who are committed to lawful employment, who follow the principles of ethics and human rights, focused on legally employing workers and boosting employment.

Production distribution. Cares about the potential impact from distribution vehicles, by emphasizing delivery management efficiency to reduce fuel usage, reduce the emission of pollution to society, and safe driving practices.

A manufacturing process that meets international standards, does not release pollutants into surrounding communities, utilizes natural resources including water to maximum benefit, and engages in water stewardship through activities for society.

Post-consumption packaging waste management. The Company is committed to reducing the post-consumption impact of packaging, to reduce its impact on the environment and society. For example: reusing bottles to reduce environmental pollution, and conserving natural resources.

2017 Sustainability