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GRI 201-1, GRI 102-8

  • Economic value generated and distributed is defined by Income (refer to GRI201-1:Revenue), Cost of Sales (refer to GRI201-1:Operating cost), Employee Benefit Expenses (refer to GRI201-1:Employee Wages and Benefits ),Income Tax Expenses (refer to GRI201-1:Payments to Government), and Annual Divindend(refer to GRI201-1:Payments to Provider of Capital),The scope of this report is limited to operations in Thailand.However,the Economic performance section refers to ThaiBev and subsidiaries and is consistent with the 2017 Annual Report.

  • Employee benefit expenses,which is part of Cost of Sales,was 3,528.82 million baht during the period of Oct 2016-Sep 2017, and was 2,665.15 million baht during the period of Jan-Sep 2016.The excise tax paid to the governance is also part of Cost of Sales.

  • Geographic income for the ThaiBeverage Group according to ThaiBev’s financial statements for the period ended 30 September 2017, Oct 2016-Sep 2017.

  • Annual dividend to ThaiBev’s shareholder.

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