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GRI 103-1, GRI 103-2

“ThaiBev files patents and petty patents with the Department of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Commerce. 108 applications have been filed.”

Innovation is an important part of the value chain that ensures ThaiBev’s success in the food and beverage industries. Accordingly, the Company emphasizes research and development of new products to increase commercial variety and to respond to the demands of the consumer. At the same time, research and development also helps improve efficiency and quality in production and services for customers and consumers. This allows for a better response to changes which may increase the risk of business as well as changes in consumer behavior in the digital age.
Process Innovation
ThaiBev has improved efficiency through new innovations in the Company’s processes. These innovations will help push the Company to put its resources to good use, increase quality control standards for goods and services, as well as increase production rate and reduce environmental impact for the benefit of all stakeholders. In 2017, ThaiBev has developed the following innovations:
ThaiBev has established BevTech Co. Ltd. by selecting a team of competent engineers from various departments to participate in the research and development of machinery and robotics throughout the manufacturing process. BevTech’s budget is allocated to investment for selecting technology and innovations that are appropriate for the situation and the business environment, to increase efficiency and quality in production, develop advanced technology, increase employee safety, mitigate the risk of labor shortages, and have a competitive advantage, which BevTech technology has brought to the factories of various business groups. The goal of the Company is to automate 80-90% of production in the factories of all business groups. At this time, Oishi factories are 90% automated and our breweries have already reached 80% automation.

TOMS Mobile
TOMS Mobile is a digital system for examining user status and purchase orders via mobile phones. This system works with a vehicle’s location tracking system as well as the Safe Mate mobile application to identify the delivery vehicles’ location and track the driving behavior of delivery drivers. For example, the system can identify driving above the speed limit, route changes, and sudden stops or turns. Such information is compiled on a website and monitored by a delivery inspection unit. This innovation helps reduce the adverse effects on the community from the Company’s delivery vehicles, reduce fuel usage thanks to the planning of efficient delivery routes and also expedite delivery for the customer.

Oishi Pointo Card
Oishi Pointo Card is a membership card taking the form of a mobile application designed to respond to future service demands of consumers. The system will allow for managing the provider-consumer relationship with greater efficiency. Through the Pointo Card application, the consumer can receive updates and special deals from restaurants in Oishi Group, examine their service history, find Oishi Group restaurants and accumulate points to exchange for special privileges.

Management System of Restaurants in Oishi Group
ThaiBev recognizes the opportunity to improve waste management in the food businesses in Oishi Group. Accordingly, the Company has done in-depth information analysis to understand consumer behavior, and has also implemented technological solutions to create a system for restaurant operations and waste management. The system records the quantity and type of uneaten food left by consumers and identifies popular food items. The Company analyzes this information to develop a performance improvement plan to be as efficient as possible in overall service and in the use of ingredients. The Company may adjust a restaurant’s menu to better correspond to consumer preferences.

According to surveys of Oishi Eaterium and Shabushi restaurants done by an experienced survey company, 90% of consumers have increased satisfaction with the menu and services. The surveys may also help the Company choose food items which use ingredients most efficiently.

In addition, 2017 marked the beginning of the use of barcode cards and touch screens for ordering food at Oishi Eaterium. The purpose of this system is to control the amount of food customers may order each time, which is also a way for customers to help reduce food waste. The Company plans to open more branches of Oishi Eaterium in the future.

Product Innovation
ThaiBev’s approach to new product development derives in part from the analysis of consumer feedback and behavior, gathered via channels such as social media, email, call center, as well as the results of in-depth market research and analysis. The Company takes this information to be used in product creation and development so as to better respond to consumer needs, especially young consumers who seek out new things and also prioritize products’ nutritional value.
Oishi Sakura Strawberry
Oishi Sakura Strawberry is the first beverage product in Thailand to make use of thermochromic shrink labeling, which changes color to reflect changes in temperature. The sakura blossoms on the label noticeably change from white to pink when the bottle is chilled. This feature caters to young consumer groups who seek out new, exciting things for their lives.

Open Innovation
ThaiBev’s center for research and development helps promote creative innovations for employees at all levels. There have also been external third-party collaborations with commercial partners, NGOs, and universities. These take the form of an “Open Innovation” model aimed at promoting knowledge and creativity to benefit the Company, society and the environment in concrete ways.

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