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Managing Environmental Impacts

ThaiBev is fully mindful of the impact that its expanding operations can have on the environment. As part of the Vision 2020 Strategy, ThaiBev has set an ambitious environmental target encompassing all aspects: water, energy, emissions, effluents and waste, in order to limit potential impacts from its operations and achieve sustainable growth for all stakeholders. ThaiBev has set forth the Corporate Water Management Policy, Environmental Policy, and Sustainability Policy as guidelines to be adhered to by all employees and management in ThaiBev and its subsidiaries. This ensures that ThaiBev’s environmental management is aligned across the Group, and is consistent with national and international laws, regulations, and standards.

To ensure continuous operational excellence, ThaiBev regularly performs environmental audits of its operations according to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 standards. Such policies are reflective of ThaiBev’s commitment to managing impacts and protecting the environment for the benefit of present and future generations. At the same time, ThaiBev strives for continuous improvement across its entire value chain by implementing new technologies to improve efficiencies, managing risks from operations, and identifying opportunities that can deliver mutual benefits for business growth and environmental and social value. With this in mind, ThaiBev is furthermore fully supportive of the Thai government’s commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement, COP21, and aims to be Thailand’s industry leader in reducing GHG emissions – in order to do its part in combatting global climate change.

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