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Safety, occupational health and work environment of employees is an important foundation in advancing the organization in a stable and sustainable manner.

ThaiBev requires that safety management in each process is in accordance with the standards for safety, occupational health and work environment required by law and conforming to international standards. This is to ensure that its employees and contractors are taken care of at the highest level in terms of safety. A positive work environment and work-life balance are also maintained according to ThaiBev’s occupational health and safety policy.

ThaiBev aspires to create safety culture throughout the organization. The executives provide leadership and give examples of safety to employees of all levels, and encourage the sharing of case studies, best practices on safety and involvement of employees and relevant stakeholders.

In 2017, the Company created a safety manual to guide employees and contractors on basic practices in working together with ThaiBev. The compilation of safety information covers all aspects of the Company’s activities in detail. Trainings and knowledge sharing on best practices have also taken place for employees. Trainings, specifically for safety personnel, have been organized to create an understanding of the law relating to safety and how to reduce accidents at work. There have also been training on emergency management, an exhibition week on work safety, and a dialogue on safety.

Moreover, ThaiBev has organized trainings for individual on the committees on safety, occupational health and work environment to guide them on the operation and solving problems related to safety workplace in accordance with national standards and laws.

To promote safety culture, ThaiBev creates a channel for communication and knowledge and experience sharing within the organization. In 2017, the Company developed the ThaiBev Safety Community under the SAP JAM system as a channel for the employees to share and discuss the topics relating to safety, risks and how to resolve issues.

In 2017, ThaiBev organized trainings on safety for 5,714 employees at the practitioner level, which is equal to 17% of all practitioners. The Company spent over 1.7 million Baht in developing employees’ knowledge on safety.

ThaiBev organized the following activities to improve work safety in 2017.
Finding “Near Miss”
The Company encourages its employees and contractors to identify circumstances or behavior that are prone to accidents in the factory or “Near Miss” in understanding of possible risks and provide suggestion for resolving them, as well as to report any unsafe acts or conditions in the factory.

Moreover, the Company encourages its employees and contractors to learn from their experiences to build awareness on safety by having them report any unsafe acts or conditions in the factory directly to the agency responsible for safety. This helps the factory see the overall situation of safety risks more clearly in order to putting in place appropriate preventative measures.

Program to Lower Accidents in Factory
The Company initiated a program to decrese the number of accidents by aiming to reduce injuries that resulted in suspension of work the previous year. This is used as a safety indicator for the practitioners so that every factory takes employees’ safety seriously.

In addition to measuring the brightness, noise, air quality, humidity and temperature so that they comply with the legal standards, ThaiBev also promote the health of its employees by providing health check-ups and influenza vaccinations every year. In 2017, 62.8% of its employees took advantage of the check-ups, which were provided according to their age groups and risks, such as ECG for those over 35 years of age and breast cancer screening for at-risk female employees. Moreover, the Company also tests the quality of food and drinks sold in its premises regularly, and provides trainings to food sellers and assesses their sanitary standards.

Innovation in Human Capital Management
In 2017, ThaiBev initiated an innovative human capital management system through the use of SAP Success Factor, a world-famous software program for managing personnel, and applied it to the work culture of the Company. Internally the system is named Beverest, and has the objective of promoting efficient human capital management and development. ThaiBev provides opportunities for its employees to reach their full potential by encoraging them to voice their opinions and constructive feedback; allowing for knowledge, skills and information sharing; creating an environment for self-learning, and to be responsible for their own advancement and harness the limitless opportunities provided by the organization.

More importantly, the JAM program in the Beverest system creates a global network for the employees, promoting efficient and borderless teamwork and enabling convenient and quick communication between the employees and the executives even when they are seperated by a long distance. Such a network can expand and become a database of knowledge in the field, which enable employees to share knowledge, problem solving techniques and other information with their colleagues, leading to skills transfer from generation to generation and a strong work force to support the growth of the ThaiBev group.

The Beverest system can also store the data of employees across the world, from the day they apply for the job until their last day, thus allowing every ThaiBev employee to connect. This modern database makes personnel management and development efficient and ensures that every employee is taken care of in all aspects of their work, such as trainings, individual development plans, career development and promotion. This leads to engagement between the employees and ThaiBev organizations across the world.

All these show that ThaiBev is committed to empowering its employees to go as far as they can by sharing experiences among the ThaiBev group around the world and mobilizing the organization to become the best employer in ASEAN and sustainable in all aspects.

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