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The ThaiBev Board (the “Board”) is committed to improving the sustainability of the ThaiBev Group (the “Group”). Sustainability considerations, including environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) issues, are integral and essential matters which we take into account in our formulation of the overall strategy for the Group. We are fully supportive of all efforts by ThaiBev’s management team to make improvements in this area.
Furthermore, as the Group’s long-term sustainability is a key priority for the Board and as efforts in this respect depend on the management team’s implementation and operational abilities, the Board has made it clear that our evaluation of their performance takes their effectiveness in delivering on the commitments made to sustainability initiatives and targets in this report into account.

The Board is committed to being transparent, clear and open about ThaiBev’s businesses to its shareholders and other stakeholders. The disclosures made in this report and in the Group’s annual report are in line with this commitment. In this report, we have discussed ThaiBev’s efforts to continue building on and strengthening the Group’s collaboration with business partners to drive positive economic, environmental, and social impact throughout its value chain with good governance.

The Board has assigned responsibility for overseeing ThaiBev’s sustainability initiatives and the preparation of this sustainability report to the Group’s corporate sustainability development committee and working team. The Board receives regular reports and presentations from the committee and the ThaiBev management team on their sustainability objectives, targets, initiatives, challenges, progress and achievements, as well as the management and monitoring of the material ESG factors of relevance to the Group. We will continue our efforts on this front so as to further enhance ThaiBev’s sustainability.

2018 Sustainability