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  • ThaiBev’s Research and Development Center welcomes new ideas and knowledge from inside and outside the organization, and aims to improve the quality of goods, services and new processes. This enhances production efficiency, as well as helping to create outstanding products.
  • ThaiBev gives priority to research and development of new products to diversify the business, and to cater to the needs and lifestyles of consumers all of ages at any time.
  • Innovation results in improved production capabilities and better service for customers, colleagues and consumers; adds value to resources; and makes for a safer community, society, and environment.


Dr. Pisanu Vichiensanth
Director and Senior Executive Vice President, and Chief Technology and Engineering

How important is innovation to ThaiBev growth?
Innovation is an important key to our long-term success. It enables ThaiBev to maintain our leadership in sustainability. At a time when the business situation is highly uncertain and competitive, and where consumer behaviors change rapidly, innovation is what differentiates the brand and gives choices to consumers. ThaiBev uses innovation to evolve production processes to gain a competitive advantage, or to improve the quality of the working environment for employees. Innovation is also leveraged to reduce impacts on the environment and society.
How does ThaiBev foster a culture of innovation?
The most important factor to develop an organization is its people. So opportunities are given to employees to propose new ideas and put them into practice, as well as continuous support and training. This is the ThaiBev corporate culture and what inspired us to launch the WOW Awards 2018, to discover our colleagues’ best projects and ideas in the ThaiBev group of companies around the world. The method of working with knowledge and expertise is an internal process which has been applied to create the ThaiBev Way of Work. It yields creative innovations that can be a model for mutual learning, yielding great benefits.
How are innovation and sustainability connected?
Innovation facilitates sustainability. When the availability and prices of resources fluctuate, innovation enables their efficient use, so less resources are used for greater benefit. For instance, the Less is More project showed that the use of PET resin pellets reduced the weight of plastic bottles from 15.5 grams to 13.5 grams, while an innovative design actually improved the quality of the containers. It made our people aware of continuous development, a key factor in sustainability.
BevTech Co., Ltd. was established by ThaiBev as a technology and engineering hub with the aim of Mechanization and Automation. A team of experienced engineers and scientists was assembled from various departments to research and develop advanced technology for production machinery and robotics. This will bring more automation and robotics to ThaiBev’s factories. The intention is to boost competitiveness by increasing the efficiency and quality of production, as well as increasing employee safety and reducing the risk of labor shortages.

Most importantly, it will reduce waste and energy usage. Many kinds of machinery are currently used in production processes, such as robotic arms to sort products on pallets, automatic carton box insert machines and automatic bottle-sorting machines. Awareness is also being raised among employees about continuous development, a key factor in developing sustainable innovation.

Automatic bottle-sorting conveyor belt
BevTech Co., Ltd. cooperated with Thai Beverage Recycle Co., Ltd. a company tasked with purchasing, procuring, transporting, and adding value to packaging, to create an automatic bottle-sorting conveyor belt that uses robotic arms to replace human labor. Immediate benefits included:
  • Improve employees’ working conditions and safety. Boosting working capability by using machinery and robotics, where it was possible to reduce human labor, by 60 percent.
  • Improving the quality of bottles with the ability to inspect for foreign bodies both large and small with the Vision Inspector (VI) system, a sensor to detect foreign particles in the bottle. This signals the machinery to weed out substandard bottles from the process, increasing confidence in the quality of bottles being used in the production process.
A mechanical arm has been developed that lift boxes from a pallet and packs and unpacks glass bottles in and out of the carton boxes. This project received The Winner and the Spark Inspirations awards at the WOW Awards 2018, a contest to find the best creative work and ideas from employees in the ThaiBev group of companies, from a total of 84 entries. The award is for work that boosts working efficiency. This can create intellectual property for the company, as well as improve quality of life in the workplace. It develops the technical expertise of employees and assists the upgrade from manual to skilled labor.
Rice Milk beverage product
Rice Milk is a healthy beverage made from the best rice, carefully selected from premium locations all over Thailand, including:
  • Improve employees’ working conditions and safety. Boosting working capability by using machinery and robotics, where it was possible to reduce human labor, by 60 percent.
  • 1. Brown jasmine rice from Thung Kula Rong Hai district Roi-Et Province, a growing region promoted as a source for export-standard jasmine rice by the Cooperatives Promotion Department. The jasmine rice from this area is more fragrant then jasmine rice from elsewhere, due to the local topology, climate, and soil nutrients that encourages fragrant oils (2AP).
  • 2. Chan Ka Pak brand jasmine rice, the jasmine rice 105 strain produced by the Chakraband Pensiri Centre for Plant Development in Surin Province. The Chaipattana Foundation controls the quality of rice strains, and uses a meticulous production process, from preparing the paddy to harvest. It is planted by hand and must only be harvested by hand or by a clean harvesting machine to prevent contamination with other rice strains or red rice grains.
Rice milk provides energy and protein. Drinking rice milk enhances digestion. It is cholesterol-free, and a source of unsaturated vegetable oils, suitable for a healthy diet.
Continuous innovation has enabled ThaiBev to register intellectual property with the Department of Intellectual Property to introduce creative sustainable ideas that can be further developed and used commercially.

ThaiBev filed patents and petty patents with the Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce.
applications have been filed and accumulated through 2018

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