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  • Using carefully selected raw materials that meet our company’s high quality standards, ThaiBev goes an extra step to ensure that our raw materials are also traceable to the producer. By doing this, ThaiBev wants to give consumers confidence that ThaiBev’s raw materials are safe and healthy as based on nutritional principles, are of high quality, and comply with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).
  • ThaiBev seeks to maintain high quality and safety throughout the entire supply chain – from sourcing to storage, transportation, production and eventual distribution. This is validated through our ISO 22000, NSF, BRC and GMP/HACCP certifications.
  • ThaiBev undertakes continuous research and development to increase our range of healthier products while maintaining the nutritious benefits and good taste that consumers need. Research shows that 80 percent of consumers approve of ThaiBev’s ready to drink tea and drinking water products as healthy, clean and safe.
  • ThaiBev gives consumers complete nutritional information on the product labelling, including the amounts of sugar, fat and sodium, as required by law and as guided by nutrition regulations.


Nongnuch Buranasetkul
Senior Vice President and Chief Food Business - Thailand

Food is our product. Therefore, safety is our highest priority. In whatever business, we must be confident in what we are doing. If we offer food products to the public, we must be confident to consume them ourselves and recommend them to friends and family. This is the basic ethical duty of the food industry, not just putting out anything we have made. These days, shoppers are concerned about nutrition and food safety, and we want everyone to co-exist sustainably.

For OISHI, we have developed systems and store supervision that conform to the GMP, HACCP and ISO standards certified by a leading global company in systems verifying, SGS. We are especially proud to be the only food business to have received these verifications, not only in Thailand, but also in Asia, for all brands and stores under OISHI. It makes us proud to say to all of our employees and customers that we offer the highest quality products with confidence in our auditing processes and work systems. Being the leader isn’t easy and we have had to maintain these standards continuously, which cover every aspect of quality. The world is continually changing and we have to improve our systems to keep up with each era of change. Finally, we must also evolve to match consumers’ changing behaviors and lifestyles, so that we can continue to grow with our customers and society sustainably.



Lester Tan Teck Chuan
Senior Vice President and Chief Non-Alcoholic Beverages Business - Thailand

As the number of consumers grows together with us, we are fully aware of the responsibility we have to them. High quality and safe products are standard requirements that we will always guarantee to deliver.

We also want to go one step further to be a part of our consumer’s healthier choices and active lifestyles. There has been a call for more products with lower sugar and more nutritional benefits. We have answered that call by launching new products with lower sugar and also reducing the amount of sugar in existing products. In the long term, we will continue to be dedicated to our customers and want to be a part of looking after customers’ health and nutrition.

With rising concerns on health and nutrition, we recognize the importance and role we have in helping consumers enjoy our products while offering healthier choices. Our commitment to the highest standards across all our products extends beyond ensuring ingredient safety and quality, but also how our portfolio plays a part in our consumers’ active and healthy lifestyle.

As we continue to innovate and touch the lives of consumers across their life stages, we aim for healthier beverage choices to deliver 50% of our portfolio by 2025. To achieve this, we will be focus on offering new ranges of low sugar and low calorie selections across our current portfolio, along with accelerating this initiative in any new categories we will be serving in the future. As drinking water is an essence to life, we will be building nutritional platforms to enhance and enrich the health-value of this everyday hydration.

While marketing these products, we commit to communicating responsibly to help consumers make the right choices. All of our packaging will clearly include GDA% (Guideline Daily Amount) and have transparent nutrition information to support health-related activities and drive active lifestyles. Future forward, focus on health and wellness will be integral in every innovation idea and every decision we do, to help build healthier and enjoyable lives.

ThaiBev’s target was for sales of healthy drinks to be 67% of all non-alcoholic beverages in 2020

Our Safety Standards and Quality
  • We are ISO 22000 certified, which gives us confidence that our food safety systems management and food safety standards reach international levels.
  • All of our non-alcoholic beverage products and OISHI restaurants chain have been certified to meet the food sanitation and safety standards of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point).
  • Our manufacturing processes for Chang Drinking Water, Chang Mineral Water and Crystal Drinking Water have been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) from the USA, which certifies drinking water products to the standards of the US FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration).
  • The processes of producing OISHI Green Tea in UHT packaging has been certified to the standard of the Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000).
  • Sermsuk Co. has been certified with Food Safety Certificate Version 4.1 (FSSC 22000 version 4.1), which covers systems of managing food safety, management responsibility, resources management, planning and safe product manufacturing. This also involves confirming, reviewing, and improving food safety management systems and additional specifications to ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety, which comprise of service management, food defense and preventing food fraud, and product labelling.
  • Chang Mineral Water has received a gold medal from Monde Selection International Quality Institute, which is given to products which offer quality to consumers.
Healthy Product
Reducing sodium in products
Besides sugar, which causes obesity and diabetes, the intake of sodium also poses risks by leading to kidney disease. Currently, over 8 million people in Thailand are affected with chronic kidney disease, making it the third highest country in ASEAN. As a food producer, ThaiBev is giving priority to reducing sodium in our products. At present, examples of menus that reduce sodium or have no sodium added include salmon head in soy sauce and miso soup.
Trans Fat-free
Trans fat is a form of fat that is hazardous to health as it increases one’s levels of bad cholesterol (LDL-cholesterol) which are indicators for stroke and cardio-vascular disease. In 2018, the Ministry of Public Health announced a ban on the production, importation or sale of food containing Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHOs). All of OISHI’s food products and raw materials contain no PHOs to make food safe for consumption.
OISHI Sandwich Plus tuna, mushroom and quinoa flavour
OISHI has developed multigrain bread made from four grains: wheat, barley, riceberry rice and soybeans. This is combined with tuna which gives the benefits of protein, low fat and omega-3 oils for brain health. Then there is quinoa which is full of fiber, vitamin E, vitamin B, iron and potassium, giving nutritional value and high energy.
By 2020

ThaiBev’s target was for sales of healthy drinks to be 67% of all non-alcoholic beverages. Current sales are already at 70%.

Packaging will be improved through the addition of QR codes to show detailed nutritional information about the product.

By 2025

There is a target to certify 50% of non-alcoholic beverages in the portfolio to be “Healthier Choice” products. A total of 10 products or 40% have currently been certified by Mahidol University as “Healthier Choice” products, as follows:

Non-alcoholic beverages will have their sugar levels reduced to improve the health of consumers. Sugar will be reduced in 10 of our products, including est Play carbonated soft drinks and OISHI Green Tea.

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