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  • ThaiBev’s Limitless Opportunities initiative is designed to provide employees the opportunity to build capabilities and advancement (Career Opportunities), build strong relationships and networks (Connectivity Opportunities), and to make a difference and bring benefits to society (Contribution Opportunities). ThaiBev grows with our employees and ensures that they have the opportunity to learn and develop skills and competencies that lead to mutual success.
  • ThaiBev has seven strategies of human capital management to strengthen employees’ development to support continuous business growth, create oneness in the organization and prepare employees for transformation.
ThaiBev Global Values are the shared values of the ThaiBev Group. These values aim to create a sense of oneness and push ThaiBev forward to become Asia’s leading food and beverage company.

The Global Values consist of three key elements that ThaiBev expects employees to embrace and implement consistently.
We leverage the power of inherent strengths and diversity to create inclusive synergies and commit to team goals.
Creating Values
We empower our people with passion to apply new ideas and grasp opportunities to create positive impacts.
Caring for Stakeholders
We embrace our stakeholders’ perspectives with good intentions and the right mindset to bring them into long term sustainability together.

Strategy 1: Clear Structure and Roles
  • ThaiBev’s organizational structure clearly defines the responsibilities of each employee as well as efficiently connects cross functional jobs at the individual, team, and department levels. It also serves as a mechanism to support the implementation of strategic plans for each line of work, which will lead to continuous improvement and business competitiveness.
  • ThaiBev’s organizational structure helps to build on strengths and meet business needs, leading ThaiBev to gain competitiveness. ThaiBev’s corporate structure takes the form of a product group, strategic support group, and corporate functions group, covering entities in and outside Thailand. Collaboration between all groups leads to our strategic imperatives of growth, diversity, brand, reach and professionalism.
  • The organizational structure evolves according to business needs with an increasing number of employees and functions. Such rapid growth is partly due to mergers and acquisitions, resulting in the increased possibility of redundant administrative costs. Therefore, constantly monitoring and reviewing the organizational structure design and management roles has significant influence on reducing costs, and increasing productivity and business competitiveness, to achieve our “Vision 2020” objectives.


Panupong Petchaboon
Office of Legal

Originally, I only saw growth opportunities within my own department; however, when I attended ThaiBev’s seminar, I saw a very open organizational structure with lots of opportunities. The important thing is that I have learned from top executives, especially the CEO, Thapana Sirivadhanabhakdi, who goes to such lengths to encourage our goal-setting and to live a challenging life. Even though I am a new member of the organization, I feel inspired to learn about the opportunities within ThaiBev and strive to do my best.

In addition to meeting the fast-changing business environment, ThaiBev has continued to invest in improving structures and management roles within the organization. ThaiBev adopted a position evaluation methodology that assesses the work quality of each position in accordance with international standards. It is applied to all positions throughout ThaiBev, resulting in internal job mobility and further opportunities for career advancement for employees. In addition, the job evaluation and job placement strategy, carried out in accordance with international standards, is an important tool for business expansion as mergers and acquisitions are effectively integrated.
Strategy 2: Market-oriented Compensation and Benefits
To become the best employer and sustainability leader in ASEAN, ThaiBev has set up an effective compensation and benefit management system that is clear and adaptable to ThaiBev’s business direction.
  • ThaiBev manages compensation equitably and is competitive with other companies within the same industry. ThaiBev has worked with a leading international company to ensure methods for providing compensation and benefits are comparable to appropriate market reference, and in line with ThaiBev’s business goals.
  • To enhance quality of life and ensure employee wellbeing, ThaiBev provides benefits for employees, such as medical expense support, an annual health checkup, accident insurance and life insurance.
  • ThaiBev has also set up a job evaluation system under the organizational structure, which is based on international standards and can be benchmarked to the market.
  • To motivate determined and dedicated employees by rewarding them with suitable incentives according to their ability and individual performance, ThaiBev has created a Long Term Incentive Plan (LTIP) that provides management with the opportunity to attain ownership through company shares as a reward for their continuous dedication, which in turn helps ThaiBev retain valuable human capital over the long term.
  • Group privileges are given to employees to enhance their association with ThaiBev, such as discounts at affiliated restaurants and hotels, and on medical treatments and ThaiBev products.


Dr. Agapol Na Songkhla
Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer

ThaiBev aims to be an admired and sustainable organization. Therefore, the philosophy of compensation and benefits reflects our attentiveness to work in various positions, ranging from operational employees who are located throughout the country, to the new generation of employees, whose values and lifestyles reflect rapid changes in society, as well as the managers and executives who face the challenges of multinational business management. ThaiBev’s compensation and benefits system has been designed to be suitably adjusted to all job levels in each company and reflects the recruitment situation in each country in which ThaiBev operates.

At the same time, ThaiBev is committed to promoting employee growth and engagement over the long run as well as strengthening business competitiveness. ThaiBev constantly strives to develop its employees, and promote career growth, enabling the expansion of the business to be based on a strong human capital foundation and increasing ThaiBev’s regional competitiveness.

Strategy 3: Recognition-based Performance Management
  • ThaiBev has developed guidelines for goal-setting and performance assessment in a systematic and concrete manner. To effectively manage outcomes, ThaiBev has set both financial and business goals as well as other assessment areas. These assessments include:
    • 1) Improvement of Work Processes, to ensure that employees are able to efficiently improve their performance;
    • 2) Sustainability, to ensure consistency between long-term goals and business performance; 3) Personnel Development, to ensure that employees are attentive and capable of transferring knowledge and skills to others within the organization. Such arrangements are aimed at strengthening ThaiBev’s high-performance culture.
  • In addition to supporting the implementation of these goals, ThaiBev pays attention to corporate values and behaviors that foster a collaborative culture. When assessing employee performance, ThaiBev has integrated ThaiBev Global Values to promote oneness and create a strong corporate culture to ensure stability and sustainability.
  • ThaiBev has developed Beverest, a fully integrated human capital management system, to record and manage employee data, perform human capital processes, and analyze employee data for future human capital strategy planning. It can be accessed through a mobile device for easy monitoring and follow-up between employees and their respective supervisor.
  • ThaiBev uses the Balanced Scorecard as a performance management tool to measure the organization’s performance and potential in four areas: Financial Perspective, Customer Perspective, Business Process and Internal Operations Perspective, and Learning and Growth Perspective. It is also used to determine the weight of each goal to cover all of ThaiBev’s important goals.


Noppadon Lertmongkontham
Sales Representative, Thai Drinks Co., Ltd.

After the company expanded its coverage of the performance management system, I had the opportunity to use the performance and goal management functions in the Beverest system. I admit that I was not used to the program and the interface at first. However, ThaiBev provides communications in various channels such as video tutorial for each function, and training on how to use the system by the human capital team. This has helped me to understand the system better. I need to use it quite often during the goal-setting period, so I have gradually become more familiar with the system. When I encounter any problems, I can just ask my superior or call the HC Helpdesk, which is like a call center of the human capital group, to assist me. Now that the system is available through a smartphone application it is very convenient for employees as they can use it anywhere and anytime they wish.

Kanchalikha Artvichai
Human Capital Manager, Beer Product Group

Beverest is a tool that makes it possible to access the structure of the company more clearly. The system shows us where we are in the organization. What really impresses me is that new employees can identify where they are and what team they will work with. I feel that it helps to get a clearer view of the organizational structure. It also helps us to be aware when any KPI that has been set is close to being completed. If, after the performance assessment, we realize that we did not achieve the performance goals, we have to pick ourselves up even more to achieve that goal.

STORY WOW (Way of Work)
ThaiBev has integrated WOW (Way of Work) into each employee’s individual KPI. Through performance assessments, which are conducted twice a year, employees are given the opportunity to initiate and exchange ideas with their colleagues and supervisors about how to improve their work, how to make it easier and more efficient, and how to improve business competitiveness. The introduction of WOW received a good response from employees, which led to the establishment of the WOW Awards in 2018.
Strategy 4: Holistic High Performer Development
To assure its employees an opportunity for limitless growth within the organization, ThaiBev assists employees to fully develop their capabilities through the following two development platforms:
  • Career Development System
  • Talent Development Program

In 2018,
the average training hours for employees was

hours per person per year.

ThaiBev has spent over
million baht
in developing the capabilities of its employees.
1. Career Development System
  • ThaiBev has developed Career Path and Functional Competency to enable employees to plan their future in the organization as well as develop their potential and track progress by using the Individual Development Plan (IDP). This increases opportunities for limitless growth within the organization.
  • Within the Individual Development Plan (IDP), ThaiBev uses the principle of developing employees’ potential, according to the 70:20:10 formula.
    • 70 percent is learning by doing, by taking on new responsibilities, special projects and learning through real practice.
    • 20 percent is learning from others, through coaching, being taught by experts, participating in clubs, receiving advice and suggestions, and learning from the executives.
    • 10 percent is learning through formal training, by attending courses, including e-learning or short-term seminars.
  • Preparation of an Individual Development Plan (IDP) for any particular job group includes the following steps:
    • 1. Start out with the Career Path and its corresponding Functional Competencies.
    • 2. Then assess the Functional Competency to identify any competency gap.
    • 3. Develop an Individual Development Plan (IDP) based on the results of the assessment, including the career goals identified by employees through Beverest, ThaiBev’s human capital digital platform.
  • Individual Development Plan (IDP) were expanded for all jobs levels in other work groups where supervisors develop the plan through Beverest for effective tracking and monitoring processes.

“Craft Your Career Journey”

1. Career Path
  • Job Family
  • Career Movement
  • Competency

2. Competency Model
  • ThaiBev Global Values (GV)
  • Leadership Competency (LC)
  • Functional Competency

3. Individual Development Plan (IDP)
  • 70:20:10 Learning Intervention
  • Learning and Development Programs
  • Scholarship


Somchai Somthong
Acting Manager, Customer Management, Cash Van Management; an employee who developed his skills and experienced professional growth in the Sales job group.

I started my sales career with ThaiBev in 2011 as a Cash Van employee, at a time when there was no tablet device to assists us with the sales process. Currently, I am a Customer Management Manager. I have seen changes in ThaiBev, in competitors, and even myself. Since the first day I started working here, I was committed to the idea that “we all work for the organization, everything is possible and we will always go above and beyond the tasks given for career advancement opportunities, along with the development of our knowledge and skills in sales.” I consult with my supervisor about the expected goals by using the IDP as a tool to help prioritize what needs to be done and what I need to develop in advance as intended. I am committed to building a strong sales team and delivering success in any location, as it is an important part of achieving the sales goals set by the company.

Ratchanan Deesean
Human Capital Business Partner Manager, Beer Product Group, an employee who has developed her skills and experienced professional growth in the Human Capital Group, and experienced the opportunity to work abroad.

From the beginning, as an HC Assistant Manager overseeing human capital development at Modern Trade Management Co., Ltd., until now, ThaiBev has given me great opportunities, the latest being an opportunity to support human capital work at SABECO in Vietnam. This is a new type of experience, as I work in a different environment, and with people of different nationalities and cultures. I have always believed that learning by doing is what helps us grow most efficiently. I have discussed with my supervisor how to develop IDPs to fulfill my own potential, in order to prepare to advance in my career path, and to seize the opportunities that the company provides according to our capacities. Working in Vietnam is considered another learning activity through action and consultation with experienced senior staffs will help me be able to develop myself to the next level.

2. Talent Development Program
  • Employees have access to a variety of development programs to increase business knowledge and promote leadership through 70:20:10 principles and action-learning projects in which ThaiBev employees are given a platform to present their ideas to help the businesses achieve the corporate vision; in this way, senior executives also have the opportunity to see the potential of their employees. It also demonstrates that learning by doing can be more effective than only classroom learning.
  • The Talent Development Programs are designed with the purpose of promoting and enhancing employees’ ability to advance in their career under the core principle of learner-centric principle.
  • ThaiBev has developed a Leadership Competency Development Guidebook to help employees select a learning activity based on the 70:20:10 principle of capability development. At the same time, the guidebook supports the objective of IDPs.
Examples: Supervisory Development Program (SDP), Management Development Program (MDP), ASEAN Management Development (AMD), and the Senior Executive Development Program (SEDP), where senior executives are involved in overseeing and providing feedback to enhance the application of case studies into real practice.
Talent Development Program Framework


Suporn Denpaisarn
Vice President, Marketing, Non-alcoholic Beverage Business Group

From my experience with the company over the last few years, I am very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to improve and grow, from both my supervisor and the executives, through on-the-job training, participating in development programs, goal-setting and the Individual Development Plan. I have been assigned to oversee various brands, such as Oishi, est, and 100 Plus. Most recently I have been assigned to oversee the overseas markets. These opportunities supported me to learn how to market a variety of brands and to improve my planning skills, negotiation skills, and leadership skills. In addition, I have had the opportunity to attend various development programs, such as the Senior Executive Development Program. It allowed me to learn more about the organization, and gave me the opportunity to work with management in various units. I was thrilled when Thapana Sirivadhanabhakdi, CEO of ThaiBev, devoted his time to personally listen to our Individual Development Plans and goals. This demonstrates that he highly values our development within the organization.

Krit Palakavong Na Ayudhaya
Assistant Export Sales Manager, International Sales - ASEAN. One of the Rocket Program participants who is currently on a scholarship to receive a master’s degree at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, in line with his career plan.

I am delighted that ThaiBev senior executives see the potential and are ready to provide support to new generation employees like me, who are committed and determined to grow within the organization and in turn use the best of our abilities to push the organization forward. I am looking forward to bringing what I have learned in my studies here together with the working experience to further contribute to the management and direction of ThaiBev.

Implementation of Initiatives from Talent Development Program
The ThaiBev Catering Program is a direct result of a project presentation by participants in the Management Development Program (MDP) in 2017 and has impressed since then. It is a way for ThaiBev to further grow its businesses by offering food, beverage, and event-organizing as a full-service to meet the needs of customers. As part of the program, a catering business was launched at HoReCa Asia 2017. The catering business has exceeded its sales target, earning profits within the first year of operations. The business has used the principle of “customization, budget control and convenience”, meaning that the services provided must meet customer needs and maximize comfort with the budget available. In addition, as it is a home service for the customers, the business helps promote a Drink No Drive policy and has upgraded its services to business partners by offering a full bar service at various events.
ThaiBev - NUS Global Executive Leaders Program: “Realizing Vision 2020: Strategies for Sustainable ASEAN Leadership”
ThaiBev has collaborated with the National University of Singapore, one of Asia’s top academic institutions, to develop the capabilities of ThaiBev’s executives in the name of the realization of ThaiBev’s Vision 2020 goal to become ASEAN’s stable and sustainable leader in the beverage business. In total, 25 executives throughout ThaiBev participated in this program. One of the action projects from this program that has been adapted and implemented is the Synergy Project, which is based on the concept of shared warehousing between companies within ThaiBev, enabling focus on increasing sales targets and improving service to stores, as well as reducing shipping costs of non-alcoholic products.

The Synergy Project working team selected a warehouse in Maha Sarakham province as a pilot for the sharing project, with the aim to increase sales and distribution in Maha Sarakham province to over 1000 stores, a number which ThaiBev is determined to meet. The program was initiated in August 2018, and the results from August to October show that distribution has increased by 23 percent, stores’ purchase orders have grown by 16.5 percent, and Sermsuk’s sales have risen by 44.5 percent.
Strategy 5: Proactive Succession and Workforce Planning
ThaiBev has been able to find successors for
of the positions required in the Succession Plan.
  • To maintain good corporate governance culture, ThaiBev has developed a Succession Plan that identifies successors for near-retirement senior executives, leading to seamless transitions and enabling business continuity, stability, and sustainability as committed to all stakeholders, customers, and society. Succession planning is carried out as follows:
    • (1) Identify critical positions.
    • (2) Identify the appropriate selection criteria for each position, including the leadership characteristics.
    • (3) Assess the readiness of the executive candidates by adapting the WAR Model as an assessment criteria: Willing, Able, and Ready.
    • (4) Create Individual Development Plans and monitor regularly.
  • ThaiBev has been able to successfully identify candidates for 93 percent of 121 critical positions for which succession plans have been formulated.
Fostering and identifying employees that are Willing, Able and Ready to step up and take on important roles in the organization involves the following:
  • Systematically process the Talent Assessment, across all job levels and business units, to search the Global Talent Pool for employees who have the potential to grow into leaders of ThaiBev in the future. This task is connected with the continuous creation of Succession Plans.
  • Specify Critical Positions in order to create Succession Plans, including selection criteria to evaluate the readiness of individuals for promotion.
  • Develop Individual Development Plans and follow-ups to prepare candidates to ascend to Critical Positions through Experiential Learning and the Global Mobility Platform, to enhance their learning curve, further develop their readiness and support ThaiBev’s business expansion abroad.
WAR Model: Willing, Able & Ready

Applying WAR Model to assess readiness of the candidates.

Strategy 6: Strategic Talent Acquisition and Onboarding
Recruitment of personnel with the right capabilities and suitable work experience is one of the top priorities. ThaiBev has created a systematic recruitment and selection process through the various channels:
  • ThaiBev receives job applications through an online career platform, which shows vacant positions both domestically and internationally, as well as through external job searching websites and other channels, such as the Job Fair, Campus Recruitment and Recruitment Road Shows, organized by public and private universities to reach a wide range of high-potential candidates.
  • Utilizing the Beverest system, candidates who are interested can easily apply for positions with ThaiBev through the appropriate channels. For example, they can examine all vacant positions and apply by filing personal information and attaching a resume. In addition, an onboarding process for new employees has been established. A welcome message, an introduction to useful links and personnel with whom the new employees will have contact and other basic tools are prepared for the newcomers on their first day.
  • ThaiBev promotes opportunities for internal mobility through an Internal Recruitment Program that allows employees to apply for jobs via Beverest. A Talent Acquisition team is readily available for consultation on the open positions.


Sucholthip Tresuchon
Senior Manager, Recruitment & Onboarding

By recruiting employees who are “Good and Talented,” ThaiBev is helping to develop the country’s human capital with knowledge, skills, expertise and insights in their profession. ThaiBev has organized a summer internship program called “Chang Junior”, to give internships to students from various educational institutions. It also promotes social responsibility by giving students the opportunity to experience real work processes, and a working culture in which they can adapt to genuine working life. In addition, the project builds good relationships between ThaiBev and educational institutions, resulting in good recruitment opportunities for potential candidates.

ThaiBev encourages employees to grow within the organization, whether within their current line of work or changing to a different one. It also encourages supervisors to support the opportunities for employees to apply for positions within the organization. ThaiBev’s human capital group has held a Career Day to provide a truly limitless opportunity open for all ThaiBev’s employees to attend. At the event, recruitment booths from various departments provide employees an overview of job vacancies, both domestic and international. Employees are also introduced to appropriate job placement and personality tests so that they can understand the career that suits them best. Over the past year, employees have witnessed advancement in their career paths and continuously shown interest in registering for internal transfer.
Chang Junior Program
“Chang Junior”, a summer internship program, has been organized to enroll students from various educational institutions as interns at ThaiBev. This internship program has offered opportunities for students to learn about working procedures, project development and presentation, and to experience a working culture which will benefit them in adapting to real working life in the future. The program started in 2012 and has been organized every year since, gaining attention from students from leading universities. In 2018, the program entered its seventh year. In total, ThaiBev has received 523 applications and 74 trainees have been offered internships.

Employees who serve as mentors to students get to improve their leadership skills and ability to transfer knowledge and technology. This provides potential for individual capability development and has a positive impact on ThaiBev’s image. Students gain professional experience in their field of study, self confidence, and communication skills. Their internship prepares them for working life. Students will also learn how to choose a suitable career path before graduation, and some may even be offered jobs before graduating. According to a survey of Thai university students in 2018 by Universum, it was found that there are several factors that influence students’ decisions to apply for jobs with companies, such as career path, management support for employee development, corporate success, social responsibility, or overseas job opportunities. ThaiBev excelled in all areas.
MySEAN Internship Program
ThaiBev has joined the MySEAN Internship Student Program to build relationships and exchange knowledge and culture with the Malaysian government. It also promotes ThaiBev’s growing presence in the ASEAN region. This program is designed to receive international students who will be sent from Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (TalentCorp). In 2017, two Malaysian students joined the program and interned in the Company’s IT and Human Capital Group.
Strategy 7: Engaging Corporate Culture
  • For the purpose of enhancing employees’ sense of ownership and participation, ThaiBev has surveyed employee engagement to measure the factors affecting their engagement with the organization.
  • ThaiBev has conducted an in-depth analysis based on the survey results, featuring the participation of company executives, to develop plans to improve operations and increase employee engagement. The main focuses are employee wellbeing in the workplace, compensation, roles and responsibilities in the organization, and recognition of employee performance.
  • To promote its work culture, ThaiBev has applied the Global Values as part of its employee performance assessment.
  • ThaiBev has organized corporate engagement activities by adding a variety of activities to maximize employee engagement. For example, the WOW Awards program is designed to encourage employees to adopt the WOW (Way of Work) approach to work. Successful projects were judged and given awards by ThaiBev’s senior executives.


Nongnuch Buranasetkul
Senior Vice President and Chief Food Business – Thailand, shares her views on the ThaiBev Global Values

Everyone has their own values that they hold and practice, as we come from different families. Therefore, being together in society requires a shared basis of being together so that we can have common goals. ThaiBev has grown a lot through mergers and acquisitions of businesses both domestic and international. Therefore, ThaiBev Global Values will bring everyone together. If everyone looks and walks in the same direction, we will progress faster. This allows all businesses to move together effectively.

STORY WOW Awards 2018
ThaiBev encourages employees to share their ideas and the results of project implementation in accordance with the ThaiBev Global Value of Collaboration, Creating Value, and Caring for Stakeholders. Integrated with the concept of WOW (Way of Work) to improve work processes (Simplicity), enhance capability (Efficiency) and Competitiveness, ThaiBev launched the WOW Awards 2018 to motivate employees and serve as a knowledge-sharing platform within ThaiBev. The awards are divided into two categories:
  • 1) “WOW Project” for projects that employees have designed and implemented with tangible results.
  • 2) “WOW Idea” for principles or ideas that led to results or innovations that correspond with ThaiBev business needs.
Labor Rights
In 2018, ThaiBev established a labor relations and management team to prevent any impacts from illegal practices, such as risks that come from exposure to sub-contracted employment, hiring disabled workers and employment of foreign workers by MOU. In addition, ThaiBev has managed to ensure that employees who turn 60 years of age can receive the retirement money they are entitled to according to the law. ThaiBev has also renewed working contracts of certain retired employees as a way to respond to the government’s policy on helping to employ the elderly so that they may become self reliant and make the most of their time.
Strategy 1 :
Clear structures and roles
  • Monitor and review organizational structure for improvement opportunities of working processes to continuously enhance ThaiBev’s capabilities.
  • Expand the development of Competency, Career path to all Job Families in consistent with ThaiBev’s structural design and management roles.

Strategy 2 :
Market-oriented Compensation and Benefits
  • Continuously analyze the management of compensation and benefits to match the pace of job markets and the needs in each age group.
  • Provide additional privileges for ThaiBev employees to promote brand association of ThaiBev’s products and become brand ambassadors

Strategy 3 :
Recognition-based Performance Management
  • Expand system accessibility through communication devices channels employees to use anytime, anywhere.
  • Further develop coaching skills to all managerial positions to enable effective knowledge sharing culture

Strategy 4 :
Holistic High Performer Retention and Development
  • Encourage a culture of learning for Lifelong Development through 70:20:10 learning principles, supporting self-learning from various channels such as Digital Learning, Digital Library
  • Further development of high potential employees with Individual Development Plans (IDP) and Mentoring Programs as well as emphasis on career path tracking.

Strategy 5 :
Proactive Succession workforce Planning
  • Enhance readiness for succession candidates of critical positions which is one of the key components of WAR model (Willing, Able, Ready).
  • Expansion of succession plans coverage to include employees at other levels.

Strategy 6 :
Strategic Talent Acquisition and Onboarding
  • Initiation of new talent acquisition programs to attract higher potential candidates and to further enhance Chang Junior Program quality by improving selection criteria.
  • Increase and improve communication channels on social media to raise general public awareness of ThaiBev as an outstanding employer.

Strategy 7 :
Engaging Corporate Culture
  • Promoting sense of oneness through ThaiBev Global Values for sustainable growth.
  • Instill a Transformation Mindset for everyone to be ready for changes and to develop regional capabilities of all employee; sustainably moving forwards together with ThaiBev.

2018 Sustainability