Creating and Sharing the Value of Growth for a Sustainable Future
Nantika Ninvoraskul
Senior Vice President
Thai Beverage Public Company Limited

ThaiBev considers information security as one of the most critical parts of the organization and includes it on executive management agendas, including at the Board of Directors meetings and the Sustainability and Risk Management Committee meetings ...
Surapol Utintu
Vice President
Office of External Affairs

Thai Beverage PLC

ThaiBev tries to reach out and assist on social issues in various forms. This project focuses on business operators and providers since they were considered to be in direct interaction with drinkers ...
Jiralak Na Chiengtung
Marketing Excellence Director
Food Thailand

Last year, online food delivery has expanded more than 100% through our own brands like or BevFood application, which serve customers conveniently, with one application. Online food delivery plays a major role in people’s daily lives now ...
Suvit Sirichu
Vice President - Operations
Shabushi and Nikuya Restaurant

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Shabushi and Nikuya restaurants embraced new safety measures and adjusted their business operations to promote safety and consumer confidence ...
Key Economic Performance
ThaiBev received the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management System Certification dated 28 September 2020 and plans to expand the scope to cover the entire system ...
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Customer Relationship Management
ThaiBev values the satisfaction of its customers and sales agents. Since they are ThaiBev’s main stakeholders, they are key factors in the business’ success...
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Consumer Health and Safety
ThaiBev recognizes the importance of producing quality, safe and healthy food and beverage products from ethically sourced, high-quality ingredients ...
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Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
ThaiBev adheres to the Code of Business Conduct with business management systems that are efficient, transparent, and auditable ...
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ThaiBev has an efficient management system that focuses on integrity and transparency, with a framework of fairness and accountability. ThaiBev coordinates with and supports various organizations in both public and private sectors ...
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ThaiBev recognizes the importance of compliance with rules and regulations to reduce the risk of being fined or having its licenses revoked, which would impact its business ...
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