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In 2020, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the opportunity of online sales generation faster, continuously increasing, and generating more revenue, at ThaiBev, we are ready. It was the right time to focus more on customer rationalization and quick adopting online platforms to capture sales opportunities more quickly and improve sales operation efficiency for business movement.
In terms of performance result, the online revenue generation has increased by 4%-points compared to 2019 and the % share of online revenue generation trend has significantly uplifted to 51% compare to 26% in 2018. While the number of online customers from all sales channels still cover almost 100 percent.

ThaiBev collaboratively work with and encourage our business partners to operate businesses on online platforms as we believe that it will sustainably benefit in minimizing cost and time, improving work efficiency, and reducing the risk of contracting and spreading the COVID-19 virus.

Moving forward, ThaiBev will continue extending our online customers partnership program to various business online platforms, not only for sales operation and also for trade activities and other customer engagement programs. For consumers, we have been working on more online integration, this includes more engagement with our consumer in the food business group by offering online delivery, promotion, and activities via applications and other platforms.
% online sales generation trend has been increasing continuously

% ThaiBev customer satisfaction increased significantly in 2020

ThaiBev has always recognized the importance of customers satisfaction of our products and services. We have surveyed 100% coverage of 660 key respondents who represent all sales channels. The results show the good trends of customer satisfaction at 94.07% in 2020, which has improved by 3.86%-points compared to last year and exceeded the target at 91%. The satisfaction percentage has also highly improved by +7.5%-points from 2017. The high percentage of customer satisfaction shows that our customers are confident in the company reputation and commit to growing their business sustainably with us.

ThaiBev still emphasizes and sustain the good feedback on this measurement and is also further exploring the more commercial viewpoints in the way forward to ensure benefits to both the company and customers. For us, customer satisfaction is highly important in enabling us and our business partners to grow together sustainably.