Sharing the Value with the World
Nitikorn Kraivixien
Director of Art and Culture
Thai Beverage Public Company Limited

ThaiBev greatly understands the importance of art- and culture-related work, with the realization that arts and culture constitute a strong foundation that clearly showcases the Thai identity that has been passed on from ancient times up until the present day ...
Kamolnai Chaixanien
Senior Vice President, Chief Corporate Affairs, in Beta Young Entrepreneur Start-up and Simulated Company Management Course Certificate Awarding Ceremony

The goal of this program is to train a new generation of students in to have knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship so that they will become proficient and good social entrepreneurs in the future. We believe those who finish the program will be essential parts of the Thai economy and experience much success ....
Suraphon Svetasreni
Advisor to President and CEO
Managing Director for Pracharath Rak Samakkee Buriram (Social Enterprise), Ltd.

Students from the Faculty of Architecture, KMITL, have visited Bansawaisor for the third time. Buriram was the first province for them to visit. Though it was far from the university, they worked systemically and worked hard. First visit was for understanding the community ...
Wisit Prasitsirikul, M.D.,
Deputy Director of Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to ThaiBev for providing to Bamrasnaradura Infectious Disease Institute alcohol cleaning supplies that can be used to sanitize hands, disinfect medical equipment, and clean surfaces in the hospital ...
Wittaya Laohakul (Coach Heng)
Former National Team Player / Former Development President of FA Thailand / Current – Development President of Chonburi FC

I am always satisfied and happy to work with ThaiBev to develop youth football because I see their sincerity and devotion ...
Wilavan Apinyapong (Gift)
Captain, Female Thai National Volleyball Team

For me, being a volleyball player has helped me learn about losing and winning, being part of a team, helping and supporting each other, and most important, having friendships with my colleagues ...
ThaiBev supports a wide range of social projects spanning education, health, sport, arts and culture, community development and Pracharath Rak Samakkee project. ThaiBev’s commitment to these projects has remained steadfast even during challenging times ...
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ThaiBev has uninterruptedly supported education for young people, so they grow up as valuable members of society. Hence, ThaiBev promotes various projects and activities that encourage the development of leadership skills, vocational skills, life skills, experience, and scholarships for youth and the community ...
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Public health is a means of preventing and treating diseases to ensure the physical and mental health of the population. The wellbeing of citizens is a major contributor to individual, social, and national development ...
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Sport is important to quality of life’s development by boosting their overall physical and mental health. It invites active participation, creates a sense of community, and strengthens bonds in a family, while also promoting positive values, discipline, responsibility, and respect for fellow players and others – qualities at the foundation of a well-functioning society ...
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ThaiBev prioritizes their development and promotion. The aim is to “bring Thainess to the international arena” and to “strongly and sustainably create virtue for society.” ...
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Community Development
From drought in late-2019 to the outbreak of COVID-19, the prices of agricultural products have fallen due to decreasing demand in global markets. Amidst this unprecedented crisis, ThaiBev stepped in to provide aid and support ...
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Pracharath Rak Samakkee Project
The government initiative “San Palang Pracharath” assigned Mr. Thapana Sirivadhanabhakdi, the President and CEO of Thai Beverage Public Company Limited, as the head of the private sector working group for the Local Economic Development Pracharath Committee ...
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C asean Center
C asean is a cooperation in business, arts, and culture among members of ASEAN’s private sector with an aim to empower the next generation to enhance learning experiences and cultural exchanges ...
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