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ThaiBev’s Pandemic Preparedness
ThaiBev’s Ongoing Plans and Action Afterward
ThaiBev’s Ongoing Plans and Action Afterwards
Even though the whole world is affected by COVID-19 pandemic, with its financial strength ThaiBev has managed to remain the same in term of no salary deduction and laid off policy. ThaiBev also continuously operates and be part in assisting all stakeholders.
Collaboration with the government and key business partners to revive economy, society, and environment as a whole

In alignment with governmental policies, ThaiBev has adopted social distancing policy, temporarily halted the sales of alcoholic beverages, assisted in providing medical equipment to respond to the crisis, operated business continuously to respond to consumer’s’ needs and prepared for economic revival, especially at grassroot and community level in order for sustainability. ThaiBev has initiated various formats of community assistance programs such as supporting affected farmers by buying their papayas to help feed the elephants in Surat Thani, donating 500 ice-cream making machines (valued 1 million baht) for the community to convert their oversupplied fruits into new product, turning oversupplied mangoe into 140,000 popsicles which value more than 2.8 million baht, establishing social enterprise called Saraphad Sabphasilp (SOS) to help communities to sell their products online with company’s sales staff as distributors, and creating new occupation of vegetables farmers with food safety standard like GMP etc. ThaiBev is determined to create and share values from the growth of communities around Thailand. The company also conducted survey based on 3,600 community members to learn about their living condition during and post COVID-19 in order to employ the data in decision making process to assist the community and business operation.
ThaiBev and rapid crisis respond system in the future

  • #StrongerThanEver Concept is the source of determination and power that will lead the organization to overcome challenges that arise in the same time with this limitless opportunity, which bring success to both organization and personnel. ThaiBev adapted work practices and released policies that will create more efficiency, with thorough plan and corporate immune system to handle existing and future conditions, to be ready for changes and to handle crisis efficiently. #StrongerThanEver stimulates employees to have open mind to deal with challenges by adjusting their perspectives towards works, to be result and goal oriented (Head up), to dedicate and open for new ideas (Heart up), to start changing to meet with future challenges (Hands up), and to pay great attention to their health physically and mentally (Health up). Additionally, there also are focuses on re-skill and up-skill, communication, and collaboration.
  • ThaiBev Transformation Program emphasizes on three aspects, which are
    1) Build new business
    2) Strengthen
    3) Unlock capacity in order to add values to contribute fully for organization’s benefits.

    ThaiBev adopted this Transformation approach in order to respond to situations with rapid changes in order to fulfill 2025 Vision sustainably and securely.
  • Cash-Hunt Strategy - is a strategy to manage resources to the highest efficiency, invest efficiently, and create positive impact throughout the whole organization and every stakeholder. This strategy helps screen details, increase communication and brainstorming, and integrate works from various sectors such as marketing, accounting, and operating units in order to create highest productivity.
  • Implementation of innovations, digitization, and technology to lessen the impacts from crisis and be communication tools for ThaiBev personnel to keep social distance. Almost 100% of ThaiBev staff were trained to have digital literacy ready to utilize technology in communication to allow them to work anywhere.
ThaiBev’s New Business Model to Respond to the New Normal Lifestyle

Safety and hygiene in 269 branches of Oishi restaurants which provide quality and delicious Japanese food. The restaurants focus on maximum hygiene level and strictly adhere to Ministry of Public Health’s safety protocols which include
  • screening staff’ health consistently and provide storefront staff with COVID-19 testing at medical laboratory. Additionally, there also is temperature check and hand sanitizing for all staff before commencing work. They all have to wear gloves, masks, and face shields and clean their hands with 70% alcohol before and after each service.
  • Alternate restaurant’s format from buffet line to order-made menu which are waited to the tables by the waiters.
  • Reduce numbers of restaurant customers by 50-60% in order to respond to government’s decision to ease lockdown in order to prevent infection.
  • Maintain restaurant’s hygiene by strictly clean all containers and utensils and hand them directly to the customers, without leaving them at communal spaces. Clean tables, chairs, counters, floors, and other contacted surfaces regularly with disinfected agents. There are thorough cleaning everyday before restaurants open and proper waste management system.
  • Reduce human contact through food delivery service by developing contactless order system through the use of QR Code, customers can use their phone to scan QR Code for food menu.
  • Delivery staff are required to wear masks while working, keep one-meter distance between customers, wash their hands before delivery, and disinfect their hands with 70% alcohol regularly. The precaution also include sanitization of food containers, motorcycle handlebars, helmets, and keys after every delivery.
  • Changes of product and service models to adapt to the “New Normal” way of life such as how Shabushi launched delivery set and bottled shabu sauce.
Implementation of various applications to enhance customers’ experience for more convenience like BevFood, an application for all Oishi Group restaurants to collect points, reserve tables, give out discount vouchers, and inform of other promotions, or HoReca Connect, an application that helps consumers to order non-alcoholic beverages and other items under ThaiBev for direct home delivery.
Organizational Transformation to Adapt to the New Normal to Manage Higher Risks

ThaiBev has prepared to be ready in all aspects and upgraded digital check-in system through Beverest Life, an application that assure employees of their safety and strictly reduce risks. Employees who resume work at office have to strictly oblige to the “New Normal” protocols. The company highly stressed on the importance of this guideline to their employees. Therefore, they can be part in safe community with low risks of COVID-19 that will allow them to follow ThaiBev’s vision of 2020 and the pursue the 2025 Vision.

ThaiBev welcomed employees back with strict guidelines and regulations, together with care pack which consists of 3 fabric face masks and thermometer as necessary items to be used on daily basis and expression of care towards their co-workers.

The “New Normal” way for ThaiBev staff focuses on taking care of personal hygiene and be responsible for the public in order to reduce risk and maintain the same level of precaution. Every ThaiBev’s office operates under the same measures in order to ensure safety of personnel and visitors such as participation in COVID-19 weekly risk assessment and submit to relevant officers, face mask wearing and temperature check, use sticker to identify those with normal temperature, check-in process (in the morning and afternoon) with QR Code scanning and check-out after finishing work, campaign for employees to scan QR Code through Beverest Life (instead of using smartphone’s camera) at places with government’s Thaichana QR Code in order to ensure safety at individual level, together with appling social distance at office work stations, elevators, restaurants, meeting rooms, and etc.

All ThaiBev employees firmly follow each specific areas’ measures and regulations and contribute to safe society. The “New Normal” practice is regularly updated to seek cooperation from everyone. Besides strengthening safety measures, ThaiBev also motivates employees to take care of their health with project, “One Step for One Point”, with application that tracks their walking exercise and convert their steps into points to redeem various rewards.
The “New Normal” at Office
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ThaiBev and COVID-19
ThaiBev steadfastly followed Health and Nutrition policy all along, including Occupational health and safety of employees, business partners, and consumers
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