ThaiBev have put in place group-wide commitment and associated programs to address environmental impacts arising from packaging used by the company.

*Coverage = ThaiBev operations in Thailand
Proportion of Recycled Packaging in FY2020
(In metric ton)

Proportion of Recyclable Plastic Packaging
(In metric ton)



of main packaging materials are
compared to total sale volume
Main packaging materials are returnable glass bottles used in spirits, beer, and Sermsuk


of returnable glass bottles used by Spirits, Beer and Non-alcoholic beverage groups sold in Thailand are retrieved.


of glass and paper packaging sold in Thailand are retrieved for reuse or recycling


of primary packaging is recyclable, reusable or compostable


of PET bottles and aluminum cans sold in Thailand are retrieved


Metric Tons
The reduction of total material used in aluminum packaging
Remark: base year 2020
Achievements in 2020
692,793 TONS
of key packaging waste avoided
411,364 TONS CO2e
of GHG emissions avoided
Glass Bottles
235,577 tons
CO2e GHG avoided
54,820 tons
CO2e GHG avoided
15,189 tons
CO2e GHG avoided
104,044 tons
CO2e GHG avoided
1,734 tons
CO2e GHG avoided
ThaiBev is determined to maintain a high ratio of such packaging and have initiated numerous programs to support the goal.

*Reusable & Recyclable Packaging
contributes to 99.8% of packaging in FY2020 (by weight)

Reusable and recyclable packaging includes glass bottles, paper packaging, aluminum, and recyclable plastics (PET, HDPE and LDPE films).

ThaiBev established BevTech Co., Ltd. (BevTech) as a Research and Development center with one of the branches being Packaging Business in order to develop sustainable packaging innovations and alternatives.
The Packaging Business is responsible for end-to-end packaging management, from conceptual design, materials selection to packaging production process development to minimize both environmental and social impacts.
The following factors are considered in BevTech’s packaging development:
  • Specification
  • Law and Regulation
  • Material Availability
  • Cost and Benefit
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Energy Consumption
  • Safety
One of BevTech's major achievement is the implementation of an artificial intelligence bottle sorting technology in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon, a world-class university in computer science, technology and robotics. The solution optimized ThaiBev's bottle sorting processes by reducing human error, reusable packaging losses, and overall operating costs.

ThaiBev is determined to establish closed-loop post-consumption packaging management and has been working closely with TIPMSE (Thailand Institute of Packaging and Recycling Management for Sustainable Environment) of The Federation of Thai Industries.
TIPMSE is a non-profit organization founded by the industrial clubs under the Federation of Thai Industries, associations and member from packaging and consumer products manufacturers. It was established with an aim to promote at-source segregation of used packaging from garbage in order to reduce amount of used packaging in the waste countrywide.

ThaiBev has assigned representatives in the TIPMSE Executive Board as follow
1. Mr.Pichit Burapawong    |    President
2. Mr.Chalerm Pornratchakit    |    Vice President
3. Ms.Orathai Poonsup*    |    Committee Member and Secretariat
*Managing Director, Thai Beverage Recycle Co., Ltd. (TBR)
OK Recycle
An application called "OK Recycle” is developed by Thai Beverage Recycle Co., Ltd. (TBR) in collaboration with ThaiBev’s Office of Information Technology and Digital Experience. OK Recycle is intended for tracking data related to recycling activities, and provide knowledge and information relevant to post-consumption recycling. Through this application, registered sellers and buyers are able to carry out transactions on post-consumption packaging while data is systematically recorded. The application is currently serving more than 500 users and is widely used by both public and private entities to keep track of their recycling activities.

Matching buyer and seller/recyclers within the same proximity.

Knowledge Sharing
Knowledge on waste segregation and latest events related to post-consumption recycling.

Traceable environmental impacts including GHG emission reduction and amount of recycled post-consumption packaging.
Crystal Care

Crystal Care is a campaign by Crystal, one of the drinking water brands under ThaiBev’s portfolio, that aims to promote post-consumption recycling of drinking water bottles. Reverse vending machine has been installed to retrieve post-consumption PET bottles for recycling.

In addition, more than 135 Upcycling Stations have been distributed to schools throughout the country to promote waste sorting and recycling among youths.
Sufficient Community for Sustainable World

In order to promote post-consumption packaging management, Thai Beverage Recycle (TBR), has come up with up with ‘Bring Back-Recycle’ campaign and organized engagement activities to encourage end users to participate in waste sorting so that post-consumption packaging can be properly managed. In collaboration with Water Festival, TBR recently launched the “Sufficient Community for Sustainable World” activity to give emphasis on community participation to create sustainable recycling loop through waste separation for recycling in the community. The community development activities were scheduled in 4 pilot regions starting late March. Three activities have been held so far in Bangkok, Lamphun and Phuket and the others were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first engagement activity was held at Prayurawongsawas Waraviharn Temple in Bangkok with over 64 participants from surrounding communities and youths who are selected to become the Hosts for their communities. Participants were asked to brainstorm ideas about waste problems in the community, factors likely to raise the community awareness of waste separation, including obstacles arisen.

Gam, Netirak Sarachan, 13, from Prakhanong Pittayalai School, expressed her feeling about joining this activity that, “Today’s activity was very fun. I gained a lot of knowledge about waste sorting. It let me know that just separating water bottles and bottle caps, for example, can help stop global warming already. I will bring the knowledge I got today to share with family and friends. Thank you ThaiBev very much for organizing such a great activity. I also would like this project to be organized in schools.”

Mr. Sombat Thongsawat, secretary of Prok Arun Community, added that “Today’s activity was a good one as the youth and the communities in the neighborhood got a chance to join us. It cultivated the new generations awareness of recycling waste. It was the activity that allowed everyone to participate and showed us that every piece of trash has its own value and could be recycled. We are thankful for this project and we will keep it moving forward.”
It is yet another activity that cultivates the youth and people in the community to separate waste from the start so that it can be recycled correctly, and reduced the amount of waste and managed systematically by the community.