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ThaiBev cares deeply about its employees’ safety and well-being, and constantly strives to promote the safety of all stakeholders as a basic right. ThaiBev has produced guidelines and safety management systems to ensure that the company remains in line with legal and international standards on safety, occupational health, and working environments for its employees, business partners, and other stakeholders.
OHS Prioritization and Action Plans:
Our action plans covering activities to promote, support, and implement processes to achieve OHS objectives of:
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Zero fatality, injury and illness
  • Creation of safety culture in the organization
Action Plans include:
  • Inspection plan for working environment
  • Safety Audit plan in compliance with legal requirements
  • OHS training plan
  • Emergency training plan
  • Project plans and activities to promote OHS in the workplace
  • Legal compliance plan
  • Compliance reporting plan
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) purchasing plan
ThaiBev is committed to implementing high-quality safety management systems and so far, 26 facilities have been certified to ISO 45001 standards. The corporate safety team continues to conduct periodic on-site safety inspections at all facilities including Thailand and overseas. For more information about ISO 45001 certificate please click here
Occupational Health
  • Care:
    provide on-site doctors and nurses, as well as, having agreements with nearby hospitals.
  • Prevention:
    help employees prevent illness, for instance by providing annual vaccinations.
  • Treatment:
    provide support for outpatient medical expenses for employees, in addition to social security contributions. The company also provides accident insurance and inpatient illness insurance for all employees.
  • Check-ups:
    arrange annual health checks for all employees
  • Education:
    provide educational materials and training on healthcare and common diseases for employees and their family member.
Employee Health and Well-Being Online Projects
“Up 1”
is an activity that promotes all types of exercises. The winners are the employees who reach the exercise goals and post their pictures on the Facebook: ThaiBev Wellness Group page.

“Passion Challenge with ThaiBev Clubs”
promotes good health for employees through collaboration with internal clubs such as the running club, cycling club, golf club, tennis club etc.

“Passion Challenge 10 Days”
promotes all types of activities. Employees are required to exercise for 10 days within a one-month period and post pictures of the activities on Facebook: ThaiBev Wellness Group page.

“Up 2”
is an activity to promote happiness and family values during the New Year holidays. To be eligible to win special prizes, employees have to post New Year holidays activities with their families, along with New Year’s greetings to other group members on the Facebook: ThaiBev Wellness Group.

“Wellness Online”
is an online activity on how to take care of physical and mental wellbeing. The external speakers are invited to educate and share experiences on these topics.

“Friday Live”
is a communication program on the social media platforms to strengthen the relationship with employees. The contents are about promoting physical and mental health, updated corporate news, and CSR activities.

“Partners Join Together for Safe Transport”
Project (Safe Transport Safe Life) Certificate of Excellence: Surat Thani Distribution Center, Lampang Distribution Center, Nakhon Ratchasima Transport Center, Kamphaeng Phet Transport Center.
DE&I Activities

This topic is actually already embedded into our every day’s life. We work, interact, and collaborate with a diverse group of people at work. A DE&I activity was organized by the collaboration between Human Capital’s two teams of Relationship & Contribution Management (RCM) and Talent Acquisition & Onboarding (TAOB). The event reflected diversity among different groups of people in ThaiBev. Concepts of DE&I: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion were emphasized and educated at the event to participants.

There was an activity for participants to write comments regarding DE&I in a post-it paper, and pasted it on the “Heart of Equity” (หัวใจแห่งความเท่าเทียม). There was also a photo shooting activity where participants were required shoot a photo at the provided rainbow space, and post their photos with a specific DE&I hashtag to win many special gifts. The events received great attentions from employees and executives who were eager to learn about the topic.
Work-from-home Arrangements
ThaiBev values a flexible workplace and believes this option increases productivity, morale, agility, and cross-business collaboration. ThaiBev has also arranged effective work-from-home support for disabled employees who face difficulties travelling to work.
Family Policies
  • Provide space or playgrounds at factories for children while waiting for their parents, and also private breastfeeding rooms are available at all offices and production plants.
  • Female employees can take up to 100 days of paid maternity leave, which is 10 days more than the legal requirement in Thailand. In some cases, additional 30 days may also be given if needed.
  • Male employees are also allowed to take paid paternity leave of up to six days.
  • ThaiBev allows employees to take leaves beyond parental leave, as stated in employee rule book, for the purpose of taking care of a child, spouse, or parent in case health conditions or death.
Part-Time working options
ThaiBev also has a Part-Time working option for employees. Within this employment option, employees are subjected to work with their supervisors and management regarding their working schedules and conditions. In everyday, all employees can access the Time Management System via Beverest application in their mobile devices, to apply for the approval from their supervisors. This option can be seen in employees who work in retail businesses, such as QSA (i.e., KFC), and Oishi restaurants. Additionally, employees may request to adopt a part-time working option, such as 75% and 50%, through mutual agreement.
Beverest Life
In 2020, ThaiBev implemented a no-contact procedure for all employees to check in to their work through an internal mobile application, which will be used going forward as part of standard safety measures to increase efficiency, decrease contact, and reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.
Towards 2025 and Beyond

Promote safety culture and extend activities related to occupational health and safe working environments to
ThaiBev’s subsidiaries in ASEAN.

ThaiBev is committed to a zero-fatality target.

Employee LTIFR is 1.36

Non-employee LTIFR is 1.0

This trend is in line with our goal of achieving a LTIFR of lower than 1.0 by 2025.
  • Outstanding Model Establishment in Safety, Occupational Health, and Working Environment
  • Standard for the Prevention and Solution of Drug Problems in the Workplace
  • Excellence in COVID-19 Response Award: A gold level award was presented to ThaiBev for taking excellent care of its employees during COVID-19
  • In 2022, ThaiBev granted 1,218 scholarships, valued at 7.98 million Baht, to employees’ children to reduce their financial burdens. Over 13 consecutive years, 13,808 scholarships totalling 85.9 million Baht have been granted.