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  • Develop the capabilities of suppliers through partnerships in order to achieve goals and sustainable growth as well as manage risks by defining business practices and performing audits to ensure that suppliers meet appropriate standards and management processes.
  • Uphold sourcing and procurement standards incorporating environmental and social responsibilities.
  • Consider the environmental and other impacts that might be created by post-consumption processes of the materials and suppliers.

  • Control product quality per legal requirements and production standards.
  • Ensure production safety, i.e. implement proper hygiene management, using high quality and safe raw materials.
  • Ensure that all resources used by the company are managed responsibly, efficiently and through best practices.
  • Systematically perform data collection and periodically monitor the integrity of input and output data of all resources used in production process in order to manage our environmental impact.

  • Maintain and deliver the highest quality products to all customers with professional services.
  • Use existing technology and explore innovations such as EV trucks to improve logistics, distribution and transportation systems.
  • Expand controlled-temperature logistics services.
  • Implement outstanding hygiene controls and other health and safety measurements to properly manage pandemic situations.

Marketing and Sales
  • Cultivate strong customer relations by building and supporting the effectiveness of sales agents through ADEPT and through increased focus on online marketing activities within our distribution channels.
  • Communicate and publicize our corporate social responsibility to consumers and society to create strong consumer relationships through the “Serve Responsibly” project and other sales promotion activities.

Post-consumption Packaging Management
  • Responsibly collect packaging materials and continue finding ways to integrate these materials in the value chain.
  • Further innovate packaging from materials that can be reused or recycled.