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Limitless Opportunities
ThaiBev believes that successful organizations work together with their employees to create growth and learning experiences that ultimately strengthen both individual and company performance. Providing employees with training and advancement opportunities, and helping them address various skills gaps, are important aspects that can strengthen ThaiBev as a company.
ThaiBev prioritizes limitless opportunities as one of our top priorities because we see that this is the most important thing for employees.. We have committed to incorporating a diversity, equality and inclusiveness statement into our business operations, documents, practices, policies and management guidelines. Our goal is to ensure that our diverse workforce is able to work with their own uniqueness and identity, and have equal opportunities to gain access to all development tools necessary to grow in their own career path.
Strategy 1:
Clear Structure and Roles
  • Arrange the organizational structure, roles, and responsibilities to support the company’s business strategy and PASSION 2025.
  • Expand and develop competencies and options for career paths corresponding to ThaiBev’s organizational structure, roles and responsibilities.

Strategy 2:
Market-oriented Compensation and Benefits
  • Continuously monitor job market dynamics and ThaiBev’s demand for personnel to set appropriate compensation and benefits standards for ThaiBev Group companies

Strategy 3:
Recognition-Based Performance Management
  • Develop a comprehensive employee performance management system and expand channels for system accessibility that meets the needs of employees in all age groups.
  • Ensure fair performance evaluation, set talent development plans to unlock employee potential, enabling them to work towards their goals, and strive to achieve excellence.

Strategy 4:
Holistic People Development
  • Promote a learning culture for employees to develop their capabilities. ThaiBev develops employees’ potential according to the 70:20:10 model for learning and development. It also emphasizes digital literacy and the implementation of individual development plans (IDP), as well as employee progress-tracking.

Strategy 5:
Proactive Succession and Workforce Planning
  • Proactive Succession and Workforce Planning, Prepare employees and executives identified as potential successors to ensure seamless transitions and business continuity, enhancing the sustainability of the organization.

Strategy 6:
Strategic Talent Acquisition and Onboarding
  • Recruit and select personnel who have appropriate knowledge, abilities and skills to perform their jobs as required by the organization and aim to reach and attract potential candidates to join the organization, especially those from the new generation, which is agile and highly capable of adapting in the digital age.

Strategy 7:
Engaging Corporate Culture
  • Build knowledge, understanding, and engagement by fostering a sense of oneness through the global values of the ThaiBev Group, promoting employees’ continuous engagement to encourage appropriate behaviour in line with corporate values.

People Analytics
ThaiBev uses People Analytics to measure employee performance, assist in strategic workforce planning, identify current workforce skills gaps, aid in recruiting and hiring, identify flight risks to improve retention, boost competitive intelligence, and enable organizational network analyses. Various tools have been implemented in order to support proactive workforce planning and decision making and to ensure business growth. To be ready for a new set of goals in 2025, amid rapid business changes due to digital technology and automation processes, ThaiBev must develop and equip employees with the capacity to respond and adapt to changes through the development of their skills, including both reskilling and upskilling.
Holistic People Development
To sustainably support the business directions and ensure employees’ career growth, Holistic People Development has been put in place with essential infrastructure for people development, namely a competency model, career path, and career-based training programs. To measure learning effectiveness, ThaiBev has adopted and applied the Kirkpatrick model as well as adding one more level of objective beyond business results, namely career growth.

To ensure the effectiveness of people development, ThaiBev promotes a culture where employees are encouraged to develop through their individual development plans (IDP) and engage in continuous development. The key enabler to success is collaboration between employees, line managers and the human capital team who engage in training and development actions such as coaching and follow up. ThaiBev believes that sustainably developing our people is key to the success of the organization while fulfilling the aspirations of our people
Employee Development Infrastructure

Type and Frequency of Performance appraisal
Management by Objective
Under the Company’s human capital management strategies, each employee shares responsibilities of contributions to ThaiBev’s objectives and desired results depending on business unit and nature of their works. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are utilized with relation to OKRs through the SMART principle (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound).

Multidimensional performance appraisal

ThaiBev uses multi-dimensional performance appraisal to identify ‘contribution value’ of employees in which the contribution value will be translated into short-term incentive known as ‘contribution bonus.’ To meet strategic goals, PASSION 2025, ThaiBev promotes the concept of ‘contribution value’ in order to celebrate employees who perform and contribute exceptionally beyond the basic requirement of their job functions. The systematic approach of this evaluation is based on ThaiBev’s Global Value (‘3C’) namely; Collaboration, Caring for Stakeholders, and Creating Value. All employees are appraised through the following parameters:

1) Performance Level – ThaiBev believes that in order to contribute, employee must first fulfill their basic job requirements and responsibilities.

2) Characters – ThaiBev assess on various attributes such as leadership and demonstration of value.

3) Contribution – through the ‘Thank You System’ employees are able to give ‘Thank you points’ to peers, supervisors, and subordinate as a symbol of gratitude and recognition of their contributions.

Through the ‘contribution value,’ employees are assessed by various parties including peers, direct supervisor, executives and subordinates, and in this regard provide fair assessment for his/her contribution.

Formal comparative ranking

All employees will receive performance evaluation annually with performance evaluation metrics suitable to their level; Management by objective, multidimensional, and comparative ranking. ThaiBev recognizes talents on the merits of contributions and results, and places great importance in the development and career path for talents with high contribution through international performance evaluation standards.

As part of the performance evaluation process of ThaiBev, the evaluation score of individuals is subjected to the process of calibration and generating distribution curve in order to ensure fair treatment to employee, by aligning understanding and expectations of all supervisors. The distribution curve also serves as tools to identify high performer by benchmarking and ranking individuals of the same or similar job functions/requirement.

Agile Conversations

ThaiBev values ongoing two-way discussions with employees as part of performance appraisal. Throughout FY2022 we encouraged all business units to carry out this type of performance appraisal. Examples of this can be seen in Thai Beverage Logistics (TBL) and Cash Van Management (CVM) companies, where agile conversation was daily conducted in the morning throughout the year, The topics involved:

Following up daily performance
  • Sales target management
  • Sales & Marketing promotion activities
  • Planning of customer visits
  • Topics regarding Occupational Health & Safety
  • Work related issues and solutions
  • Update on important news and activities from headquarter
Highlight Employee Development Programs
Sales Action-based Learning Program

Strengthening and uplifting sales team capabilities is an essential foundation for embracing employees’ career development, increasing sales volume, and generating higher profits.

ThaiBev has set up a dedicated “Professional Sales Academy”, consisting of our Senior Management (C-Level), Sales Executives across Product Groups, and the HR team.

Objective to improve functional skills;
  • Analytical Skill
  • Business Acumen
  • Finance & Budgeting
  • Operation Excellence
  • Collaboration Skill
The development program was “Sales Action-based Learning”. It was a great success.

The design of this development program was based on an “Action-Based Learning Framework”, focusing on applying knowledge and experience into business actions. It was a technique that combined (1) in class learning, (2) on-site & hands-on project, (3) technology applications.

The program content and learning activities were exclusively customized based on ThaiBev’s sales team context and it was delivered by our internal executive trainers. The learning topic of the program can be elaborated as follows.

Learning Topics
  • ThaiBev’s Sales Team Way of Work
  • Identifying Pain Points of each Sales Area and Solution
  • Identifying Sales Areas and Generating Sales Volumes
  • Data Collection and Analytics for Sales Team

Hands-on Project-based Learning Activities
  • Creating action plans for identifying sales areas
  • Collecting data to analyze pain points in the identified areas
  • Creating a sales plan for increasing sales volume.
  • Forming sales strategic plans for each product group
Program Objectives
  • Uplift the sales team’s effectiveness and sales tools
  • Strengthen the sales team’s career development
  • Enhance area-based sales development
  • Drive a data-driven way of working in the sales team.
Apart from the direct impacts on the program participants, the business benefits from having a stronger sales workforce, which could strategically generate higher sales revenue. Additionally, the business will gradually have a higher standard of sales team performance in the long run.

Business Benefits
Having been successfully organized, the development program directly impacts both participants and business.

For the participants:
100% of the participants have developed higher sales capabilities through knowledge application to their real-work lives, especially data-driven for Sales effectiveness. Developed skills included:
  • Area-based Analytical Skill
  • Business Acumen
  • Finance & Budgeting
  • Operation Excellence
  • Collaboration Skill
As for the business results that are directly impacted by the training:
  • Spirits product (Niyom Thai Special Aromatic Rice) sales revenue increased more than 100%, compare 2021 to 2022.
  • The number of outlets for Non-Alcoholic Beverage (NAB) products increased at the province more than 1000+ outlets as a result of effective area-based analysis, operation excellence and collaboration excellence. The increase in outlets generated revenue increased of the product category more than 200%.
Persuasive Selling Development for Sales Operation for Cash Van Management (CVM)

Persuasive Selling Development for Sales Operation (RTM – CVM) Blended learning interventions help boosting learning effectiveness among the participants. They will gain knowledge, harness skills & expertise, and turn them into practice. To excel in Sales function, one relies heavily on applying knowledge and experience into a real practice.

Cash Van Management (CVM), one of ThaiBev’s sales functions that take care of selling products to customers in a community via mini truck, had identified “Persuasive Selling” as one of its key capabilities.

In the past, there were no official development interventions for such skills. The sales team had to practice it based on real-world experience or from their senior sales persons. Accordingly, a learning program called “Persuasive Selling for Development for Sales Operation”, was initiated, aiming at elevating the sales team’s soft skills in building relationships with customers and persuading them for business results.

To ensure the program’s quality, we adopted blended development approaches, encapsulating learning key principles, theories, and updated knowledge, along with practices in real work situations while constantly being coached and mentored by expert salespersons.

Learning topics for the program are as follows.
  • Successful Negotiation Practice
  • Types of Negotiation
  • Persuasive Selling for Business Success
  • Win-win Negotiation
  • Negotiating and Persuading Techniques
  • Sales Planning
  • Customer Relationship Management
Program Objectives:
  • The participants will be developed based on sales functional competencies, especially persuasive selling.
  • The participant will be equipped with concepts & practices in building relationships with customers, leading to a strategic partnership for business results.
  • The participants learn tools and techniques for persuading and negotiating with key stakeholders for achieve business objectives.
Business Benefits:
After the CVM learning program had been organized, direct benefits to our participants are as follows.
  • The participants are more confident with their selling capability.
  • They can generate more sales through persuading both existing and new customers to buy more products.
  • The participants earn more sales incentives from the higher achieved sales targets.
Additionally, the learning program has a direct financial impact on the business, which can be summarized as follows.
  • 4% increase in sales volume (970Million THB)
  • 9% increase in number of active customers (24,374 Customers)
  • 2% increase in products volume sold (4,276,669 Liters)
Workforce Breakdown

Women in
The total workforce
By 2030

Women in
All Management Positions
(as% of all management workforce)
By 2030

Women in
Junior Management Positions
(as% of all junior management workforce)
By 2030

Women in
Top Management Positions
(as% of all senior management workforce)
By 2030

All management positions Women in
Revenue-Generating Positions
(as% of all management in Revenue-Generating Positions)
By 2030

Women in
Stem-Related Positions
(as% of all management in Stem-Related Positions)
By 2030
Indicator Difference between men and women employees (%)
Mean gender pay gap 5.71
Median gender pay gap -4.95
Mean bonus gap 12.27
Median bonus gap -35.84
Training and Development

Training hours
Total training hours

Average training hours totalled

Average amount spent per FTE
Average Training Hours by Gender


Executive Level Middle Management Department Head / Supervisor Senior Officer Officer
Human Capital Return on Investment (HCROI)
FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
a) Total Revenue 269,265,134,000 256,136,087,000 242,782,400,000 274,899,368,000
b) Total Operating Expenses 242,798,763,000 225,969,511,000 213,586,348,000 240,002,879,000
c) Total Employee-related expenses (salaries + benefits) 21,880,000,000 20,008,404,869 19,447,700,000 20,260,000,000
HC ROI (a - (b - c)) / c 2.20961 2.5077 2.50126 2.72243
Currency : Thai Baht (THB)

Under 30 1,444 905
30-50 1,461 562
over 50 71 48

Executive Level 7 1
Management Level 24 21
Non-Management Level 2,945 1,493
Total New Hires = 4,491
Employee Turnover Rate


Employee Turnover: Data Breakdown
**98% data coverage
To track employee metrics, our employees engagement survey addresses the following aspects:
1. Job satisfaction  
(external motivation, e.g. I am satisfied with my job)
Career Opportunities
  • I can clearly explain what makes working here different from other organizations
  • I know what career opportunities are available to me.
  • I have been supported by the organization to develop myself for career development.
  • I have opportunities for  career progress in this organization
  • There is effective cooperation between different groups/departments in the organization
  • My co-workers work together to achieve our goals
  • Employees are kept informed on matters that directly affect them
Enabling Infrastructure
  • This organization supports me to initiate ideas to drive organization success 
  • I have the necessary information, tools & resources to perform my job effectively
  • The company responds quickly when office equipment or supplies need to be repair
Learning & Development
  • There are sufficient opportunities for me to develop skills necessary for a different role.
  • This organization strongly supports the learning and development of its employees
Rewards & Recognition
  • My performance has a significant impact on my pay
Senior Leadership
  • Senior leadership treats employees as this organization's most valued asset 
  • High-level executives convey the vision, mission, policy, and value via different channels to individuals in every level.
  • The coaching and mentoring from my supervisor contribute to my learning and potential development.
  • My supervisor sets clear expectations and goals with me
Work Environment
  • The physical work environment (such as desks, office lighting, temperature, etc.) is suitable with the type of work I do.
2. Purpose 
(internal motivation, e.g., my work has a clear sense of purpose) 
Diversity & Inclusion
  • I feel this organization values diversity (e.g., age, gender, ethnicity, language, education qualifications, ideas, and perspectives)
  • At work, my opinions and ideas seem to count 
Engagement : Strive
  • This organization inspires me to do my best work every day
  • This organization motivates me to contribute more than is normally required to complete my work
Performance Management
  • I know exactly what I need to do to help this organization meet its goals and objectives
  • My supervisor provides valuable feedback throughout the year that allows me to improve my performance
Work Tasks
  • My work challenges me to use my knowledge and skills fully 
3. Happiness
(e.g., I feel happy at work most of the time)
Engagement : Say
  • Given the opportunity, I tell others great things about working here
Work/Life Balance
  • The balance between my work and personal commitments is right for me 
Safety (Well-being)
  • The organization actively looks after the wellbeing of its employees
4. Stress
(e.g., I feel stressed at work most of the time)
Engagement : Stay
  • It would take a lot to get me to leave this organization
  • I rarely think about leaving this organization to work somewhere else
Nationality Total Workforce % of Total Workforce Management Workforce % of Total Management Workforce

10 0.03% 10 0.32%

1 0.00% 1 0.03%

332 0.85% 127 4.02%

1 0.00% 0 0.00%

13 0.03% 0 0.00%

42 0.11% 26 0.82%

1 0.00% 1 0.03%

1 0.00% 1 0.03%

1 0.00% 1 0.03%

Hong Kong
3 0.02% 3 0.10%

1 0.00% 1 0.03%

1 0.00% 0 0.00%

10 0.03% 8 0.25%

1 0.00% 1 0.03%

1,673 4.28% 624 19.77%

New Zealander
1 0.00% 1 0.03%

5 0.01% 3 0.01%

6 0.02% 5 0.16%

1 0.00% 0 0.00%

23 0.06% 16 0.51%

2 0.01% 1 0.03%

36,964 94.48% 2,318 72.45%

29 0.07% 9 0.29%
*Breakdown Data consist of ThaiBev Group (Thailand), Oishi PLC, Sermsuk PLC, and Grand Royal Group (Myanmar), International Beverage Holding Limited
ThaiBev is determined to develop the potential of our employees and build strong teams. Our continuous efforts have been formally recognized with awards at an international level.
  • HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2022
    These awards are given to the best companies to work for, based on survey scores on organizational culture, employee engagement, and effective HR practices.
  • WorkVenture’s Top 50 Employers in Thailand 2022
    ThaiBev increased new generation awareness as a top employer brand by being placed 7th in these awards. This was the second consecutive year that the company had been placed in the top ten by the young generation. The result demonstrated its commitment to giving limitless opportunities to young employees.
  • HR Excellence by Human Resources Online, Singapore
    • Excellence in COVID-19 Response Award
    • A Gold Level Award was presented to ThaiBev for taking excellent care of its employees during COVID-19.
    • Excellence in Learning and Development
    • A Gold Level Award was presented to ThaiBev for providing excellent learning and development to improve employees’ capabilities.
    • Excellence in HR Innovation A Silver Level Award was given to ThaiBev for developing innovative human resources management through the “Holistic and Integrated Career Development Tools” project.
  • Thailand HR Innovation Award
    These awards are organized by the Institute of HR Professional Development (IHPD), the Personnel Management Association of Thailand (PMAT), the Thailand Productivity Institute (FTPI), and the Graduate School of Human Resource Development at the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA). A Silver Level Award was presented to ThaiBev in the field of Career Development, for its “Holistic Career Development Ecosystem” project.
  • Thailand Corporate Excellence Awards 2022
    ThaiBev won the prestigious Distinguished Award for Human Resource Management Excellence for 2022. The award was organized by the Thailand Management Association (TMA) in collaboration with the Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University.