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ThaiBev believes innovation is a key driver of our long-term success. Through product, process and organizational innovations across our value chain, we are working to improve our business performance, create new possibilities, and contribute to sustainable development.
Management approach
ThaiBev recognizes that knowledge creation and sharing, collaboration and creativity are at the heart of innovation. Through internal research and development as well as external partnerships and public platforms involving third parties, we maintain a culture of innovation to facilitate new ideas in support of our ESG principles and to create social impact.
Towards 2025 and Beyond
  • Through innovations in packaging, by 2040, 100% of all beverage packaging will be reusable, recyclable or made from compostable material
  • Through product innovations, by 2030, 80% of all non-alcoholic beverage sales will come from the healthy beverage sector
  • Constant collaboration with stakeholders and partners will be undertaken to support innovation at all levels of society to enhance the well-being of the environment, economy, and society
2022 Highlight

SPACE-F Exhibition booth at Sustainability Expo 2022.

Thapana Sirivadhanabhakdi made a speech at the SPACE-F Batch 3 Incubator Demo Day event on September 29, 2022.

SPACE-F: Business Incubation and Acceleration Program
The Global Food Technology Business Incubation and Acceleration Program in Thailand and Southeast Asia or SPACE-F was held for the fourth consecutive year in a row. Bringing together startups from around the world, with a total of no less than 500 teams, the SPACE-F project features 2 programs: Incubator, for startups that are in their early stages, and Accelerator, for startups that are in the accelerator stage of growth.

The main sponsors of the project are ThaiBev, Thai Union Public Company Limited, NIA, Mahidol University, and Deloitte.

The focus is to create innovations that meet the needs of the food industry, covering nine categories:
  • Health & Wellness
  • Food Safety & Quality
  • Packaging Solutions
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Restaurant Tech
  • Biomaterial & Chemicals
  • Alternative Proteins
  • Smart Food Services
  • Novel Food & Ingredients
Key Projects
In Development: Future-Proofing Our World
  • OISHI’s Packaging Research and Development Department (R&D) conducted an experiment to study the feasibility of mono-layer materials replacing multiple plastic materials used in the packaging of food products in the ready-to-eat, chilled and OISHI Eato product lines. It is expected that this innovation, in 2023, will help reduce more than 27 tonnes of plastic.
  • Oishi Packaging R&D is also attempting to reduce the thickness of plastic packaging bags in the multi-layer flexible film group. A prototype for this new multilayer flexible packaging material is being tested on the 12-piece frozen pork gyoza product of the OISHI Eato brand. This will help reduce more than 450 kilograms per year of plastic.
Open Innovation Approaches

In 2021, ThaiBev and CU jointly organized the TSX Sustainability Innovation Competition & Hackathon to facilitate innovations created by Thai Youth.
Collaborations with the CU Innovation HUB
ThaiBev recognizes the importance of collaborating with research institutes and third parties, it has partnered with Thailand’s Chulalongkorn University (CU) to create innovation drives through the Siam Innovation District project. To support knowledge-sharing in our organization and to enhance and develop the potential of our employees, ThaiBev supported the WOW Awards project with CU on behalf of the CU Innovation HUB.
Rainmaker: A Gamification Program
for Employee Communication and Development Rainmaker is an innovative digital program to create an employee-centric communication platform and personalized developmental experience that our employees will voluntarily use.
The key objectives are:
  • Communication & Engagement with our employees through various engagement channels
  • Knowledge Management & Learning on the digital platforms
  • Employee Development
As a result of the Rainmaker trial during March and April 2022, demonstrate that 89% of our pilots installed Rainmaker, and 76% use Rainmaker at least weekly. This reports a satisfaction level of 71%.
Beer Thip Company participated in the Thailand Kaizen Awards 2022 contest and received the Golden Kaizen award in the Genba Kaizen category for its submission. The innovation improved employee safety and has reduced the danger caused during the external cleaning process of a fermenter with a height of 25 meters, through the application of a motorized cleaning technology for the high areas on the tank. The technology reduced the cleaning time by 6 minutes per tank, reduced the amount of water and chemicals used, while maintaining the same 100% hygiene standard for the tanks.