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Customer Relationship Management
ThaiBev continuously seeks new opportunities to build better relationships with our customers, especially sales agents. The company has initiated numerous projects including digital platforms to develop their operational capabilities to jointly grow sales and profit, and to increase their satisfaction.
Management Approach
  • Supporting agents’ businesses to grow sustainably
  • Developing agents’ professional capabilities
  • Collaborating with agents and business partners to increase product knowledge and skills in digital promotion and services
  • Improving applications to engage customers and consumers
  • Increasing awareness of health and safety through campaigns and training.
Toward 2025 and Beyond
  • Maintain customer satisfaction scores at 90% at least
  • Continue to help agents, to grow with sustainability
  • Build greater sales and marketing engagement with customers
  • Continue to expand our Serve Responsibly training, and to share knowledge about social responsibility with our customers.
  • Increase the share of online sales in the food business
95 % customer satisfaction 2022 is outstanding from distribution and sales service
ThaiBev has always recognized the importance of customers satisfaction of our products and services. We have surveyed 100% coverage of 2,654 observations from all sales channels in 2022 . This sample group was statistically significant and representative of the customer base. We’ve started to survey both of distribution and sales service since 2020 and the result in 2022 is highly 95% that has presented to our customers are confident in the company and commit to growing their business sustainably with the company
2022 highlight
Serve Responsibly
The Serve Responsibly program consists of workshops to raise awareness about safe consumption among alcohol service providers. In 2022, two training sessions were organized. The satisfaction rating given to the training this year increased to 96%. In 2022, there were a total of 100 participants, each of whom serves alcoholic drinks to an average of 6,000 customers per year. It means that over the course of a year, around 600,000 customers will have been well taken care of by these trained staff.

Key project
  • Business Partner Development Plan (Offline) such as Vehicle agent development course, Warehouse and transportation management course, and Internal Operations Management course.
  • Business Partner Development Plan (Online) Various digital tools to support agents to improve their sales ordering, operations and analyze sales data.
  • Ethical Marketing Transparent disclosure of product information.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    in 2022 is still over 95% as expected.
  • Customer Engagement
    has been strengthened through digital platforms at every possible touch point.
  • Sermsuk Family
    is a Line Official Account to connect with business partners. The number of customers who follow this account has increased to 64,370 in 2022.
  • Chang Family
    is a Line Official Account that connects with agents. The number of customers who follow this account has increased to over 9,000 accounts.
  • ChokChai Shops:
    “Good Sales, Good Profit, Good Relationships” The aim of this project is to enhance sustainable growth among traditional retailers, who are the key local economic drivers. In 2022, ThaiBev has collaborated with 3,679 community stores owners to develop their knowledge about store management.