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Community and Social Development
ThaiBev places great emphasis on building cooperative relationships with communities. Committed to the sustainable development of society, the company initiates multiple projects for community well-being, with the aim of creating self-reliant local economies.
Distribute soil conditioner to local sugar cane farmers
in Khonkhan province
  ThaiBev distribute effluent from the bio-gas production process of a distillery as a soil conditioner to local sugar cane farmers in Khonkhan province because it contains essential nutrients for plant growth, particularly for sugarcane. According to research, distillery slop has been found to increase sugarcane yields without causing negative environmental impacts when used in the farm areas. This utilization of distillery slop can reduce farmers' expenses on chemical fertilizers and result in an increased yield of approximately 10,000-15,000 baht per rai (0.39 acre).

In 2022, ThaiBev supported the distribution of soil conditioner to farmers in the Khon Kaen province for use in over 1,800 rai (around 712 acre) of sugar cane fields, which amounts to more than 145,000 cubic meters.  
ThaiBev Unites to Fight the Cold
  • 200,000 blankets were distributed in 15 provinces to*:
    • 2,929 unaccompanied children
    • 12,119 people with disabilities
    • 58,459 low-income people
    • 46,648 sick people
    • 79,845 seniors
  • 822 villagers in the north and northeast of Thailand received health check-ups
  • 140,000 Baht worth of scholarships was granted to 14 schools and 5,000 Baht was donated to one temple
  • 60 computers and other supplies were provided to schools
  • 7,600,000 PET water bottles were recycled into blankets
  • 333 volunteers participated in the program
(*Source: Summary by the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Ministry of Interior)

Community Econometrics
  • 27 provinces
  • 14,131,923 Baht of income generated for communities
  • 1,978 beneficiaries

Community support, online marketing @Chumchondee Meeroiyim project shop
  • 603,687 Baht of income generated for communities
  • 17 participating communities
  • 735 beneficiaries

Economic development projects in various areas where ThaiBev has collaborated with communities over the past 4 years
  • Generated income for more than 4,200 communities
  • Generated more than 41 million Baht cumulative income for the communities
  • Generated more than 14.1 million Baht income from the collaboration between ThaiBev and network partners to drive the projects concretely

Clean Drinking Water for Children by OISHI
This year the project expanded to include a school for children with physical disabilities in Chonburi province, improving water quality for more than 450 students, as well as staffs.

GRGI Fish Farming Project Using Treated Wastewater
A project to farm 4,800 fish of four different species, using treated water from a distillery wastewater treatment plant in Myanmar. Local villagers were invited to come on an observation visit, to learn how to farm fish using treated wastewater.