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As a leading beverage company in ASEAN, we remain determined to reach all of our ESG goals. This dedication is reflected in our overall mission of “Creating and Sharing the Value of Growth,” which embraces good governance as well as environmental and social responsibilities, and has propelled ThaiBev to numerous achievements, awards and honors over the past eight years (2015-2022).

Accepted as a DJSI World member by S&P Global for six consecutive years, and for seven consecutive years as an Emerging Market member (as of December 2022), ThaiBev continues our commitment to be ASEAN’s “Stable and Sustainable Beverage Leader.” According to S&P Global’s ESG scores based on its Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) released in September 2022, ThaiBev achieved a full score (100/100) for 13 of 29 criteria within the Environmental (for 5 sub-categories), Social (for 4 sub-categories) and Governance (for 4 sub-categories) sections.

2022 is the first year for CDP program, ThaiBev has an interest on expanding on its ESG reporting to include the CDP Climate Change program, which is one of the most recognized global disclosure and rating frameworks for climate change. The CDP score report shows ThaiBev’s CDP score A- (A in 4 categories, and A- in 3 categories out the total of 11).