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Safety, Occupational Health, Work Environment, and Employee Wellbeing
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ThaiBev is committed to raising standards related to safety, occupational health, and the work environment for its employees throughout ThaiBev Group. It aims to ensure that all departments operate in accordance with strict safety, occupational health, and work environment standards, both domestically and internationally.

ThaiBev also promotes improvement of the work conditions and creates an atmosphere in which employees can work happily.

To maintain a high quality of life and health for employees, ThaiBev has established guidelines for safety, occupational health, work environment, and employees wellbeing as follows:

  • Establish guidelines and standards for safety, occupational health, and work environment
  • Record, inspect and collect data on safety and accidents in the workplace, and prepare safety reports for executives in accordance with ThaiBev standards
  • Establish and review safety metrics and goals related to occupational health and the work environment of the ThaiBev Group to assess the effectiveness of operations, as well as to prepare for annual verification by third-party assurance
  • Provide basic safety and occupational health training for ThaiBev employees and contractors and advanced training for executives
  • Communicate and strengthen the culture of safety and the importance of occupational health and a positive work environment; organize activities to proactively educate employees and contractors about health and safety
  • Administer the welfare and benefits for employees and their families to encourage retention, create feelings of attachment to the organization, and cultivate a happy workplace
  • Support employees’ good health by providing annual health checkup for all employees, which are designed to deal with the risk at employee’s type of work Financial support and accident insurance is also provided to help employees with their medical expenses

In 2019, ThaiBev focused on the communication and implementation of safety, occupational health, and work environment guidelines to create employee’s happiness and wellbeing in the workplace. Key activities in 2019 were as follows:


  • The safety team from the corporate office conducted on-site inspections to audit the safety standards of companies of the ThaiBev Group in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar
  • A new data collection and reporting system was developed in the ThaiBev Group to collect safety and occupational health data in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. The data was analyzed for safety performance indicators to ensure that operations are properly monitored and that corrective actions are taken in a timely manner. ThaiBev regularly reports the safety performance of each subsidiary to the product group’s top executives.
  • In 2019, Safety training was provided for employees and safety officers, such as ThaiBev Group Standard Safety Workshop, ISO 45001 Standard Training, and Safety Officer Training in various business groups. Safe-driving training was also expanded to office workers who drive their own vehicles.
  • An internal safety data audit team for each product group was set up. Knowledge and workshops were provided to ensure that safety information was reported accurately and in accordance with international standards. Safety information was verified by third-party assurance.

Occupational Health

  • Care
    ThaiBev cares for its employees’ health and hygiene by providing doctors and nurses for medical treatment and health consultations. In addition, the company has agreements with nearby hospitals to treat injured or sick employees, so they can quickly and conveniently receive medical treatment day or night.
  • Prevention
    The company pays attention to the prevention of diseases and illness for its employees such as providing an annual flu vaccination to employees.
  • Treatment
    ThaiBev provides support for outpatient medical expenses for employees, in addition to the social security contributions that the company pays under the law. The company also provides accident insurance and inpatient illness insurance for all employees.
  • Checkups
    ThaiBev arranges different health checks for all employees according to gender, age, and risk factors. These include, prostate and breast cancer screening for employees in certain age groups and an additional check-up for factory employees to deal with their health risk. ThaiBev also arranges health checks and electrocardiograms for employees’ parents in family-related events.
  • Education:
    ThaiBev provides educational materials about healthcare and common diseases for employees and their family members; such as knowledge about office syndrome and stress reduction. In addition, the company also provides basic life saving skills training for employees, and first aid CPR AED training course.

Working Environment

  • Opening a new office at ThaiBev Quarter
    ThaiBev has opened a new office in the ThaiBev Quarter at the heart of Bangkok. The new facility supports business growth at the international level, with a total usable area of 48,273 square meters. The new office features modern decoration. There are small and large meeting rooms, virtual offices, and an exhibition space for employees and guests.

    The new office provides a great lifestyle for ThaiBev employees with the following facilities: restaurants, access to a hospital and bank, fitness facilities, recreation room, sports area, basketball court, futsal court, tennis court, and karaoke room.
  • Ergonomic workplace
    ThaiBev ensures that jobs assigned to employees are appropriate for them by providing tools and work equipment, office furniture, and work processes that are suitable and ergonomic. In addition, ThaiBev analyzes working processes to make sure they are suitable for the capability of each employee group.

Employee Wellbeing

ThaiBev aims to create a happy workplace for its employees. In addition to being fairly compensated, having opportunities for promotion, and receiving employee benefits, ThaiBev offers activities and projects to continuously create happiness among its employees and make them feel engaged with the company.

  • Establish working groups to promote the health and wellbeing of employees.
    In 2019, ThaiBev formed a working team to promote the health and wellbeing of its employees. The working team consists of representatives from various departments. The objective is to promote a happy workplace.
  • Increase employee benefits
    ThaiBev revised the work regulations of the company and its subsidiaries in 2019 by adding benefits for employees more than those required by law.

    For example, increased maternity leave days for female employees and paternity leave days for male employees to take care of newborn babies, increased business leave days for daily workers, and increased compensation for employees.

  • More freedom for employees with flexible work rules
    ThaiBev recognizes the importance of family to its employees. In 2019, ThaiBev gave employees the freedom to choose their daily work schedule by announcing flexible working hours for employees of ThaiBev and its subsidiaries working at ThaiBev Quarter facility. This project officially launched on June 15, 2019 with 250 employees participating initially. ThaiBev encourages its employees to have a healthy work-life balance. Employees can choose to avoid traffic congestion during rush hours in the morning and evening to reduce stress. In addition, ThaiBev provides co-working spaces for employees to communicate and meeting with their teams. It also provides non-fixed desks or ‘hot seats’ so that employees can choose their seats to work more conveniently; they can change their seats each day as needed.
  • Reduce cases of office syndrome
    Physical and mental comfort can result in positive thinking and increased work efficiency. ThaiBev hires professional massage therapists to treat employees at the corporate office and various factories to reduce tension and fatigue in the neck, shoulders and upper arms. Massage services are provided every Monday and Thursday, throughout the year. In 2019, more than 1,000 employees used the service.
  • Provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities
    ThaiBev offers employment opportunities for people with disabilities. In 2019, 36 subsidiaries under the ThaiBev Group recruited a total of 496 people with four types of disabilities (disabilities of movement, vision, hearing, and intellect) as a way to help the disabled to be self-reliant with dignity the same as others.
  • Caring for senior employees
    ThaiBev believes in the potential of the elderly. The company is committed to providing opportunities for senior employees who want to continue working after retirement under employment terms and conditions set by the company. ThaiBev provides flexible and suitable working hours for elderly employees. They can choose their working days according to the schedule specified each week as needed. Currently, there are 245 senior employees over 60 years old with in-depth experience, who chose to continue working for the company. Providing such opportunities helps the elderly to be proud of themselves and helps alleviate their financial burdens, allowing them to continue to support themselves and their families.

In addition, ThaiBev has organized a program to prepare employees for retirement. This program enhances their knowledge in various fields for their benefit and wellbeing in the future. This year, ThaiBev held a lecture on benefits and privileges that employees are eligible to receive from the company and the government – both prior to, and after retirement. Other lectures were given on physical and mental health, money management, and various career channels and hobbies for senior employees to consider in order to better manage their lives after retirement. These lectures have been broadcast live to employees in 23 factories and other agencies, with more than 500 viewers.

ThaiBev has organized a Monday flea market to give retired employees the opportunity to earn extra income by selling food and other products. The market gives retired employees additional career opportunities, hobbies, and extra income every Monday throughout the year.

Caring for employees’ families
In addition to caring for its employees, ThaiBev is proud to be involved in looking after employees’ families, including both children and parents.

Day Care for ThaiBev Kids Project is an activity that allows employees to bring their young school-age children to work during the school break. Children spend their free time doing artistic activities and learning life skills in various areas. This project helps to ease the burden of childcare for employees and their families, and allows employees to spend more time with their children.

Furthermore, the “Love Mother Project... Nurture the Heart” was organized by ThaiBev for employees to bring their parents for a health check-up and electrocardiogram exam. The events feature lectures from doctors and healthcare experts about physical and mental health, booths with various learning activities for participants, such as basic life-saving training. More than 230 employees and their parents attended this event.

Arunya Wudhikanakorn

A Group Key Account Manager Modern Trade Management Co., Ltd.
“I have been working at ThaiBev for eleven years. I am proud to be working at this organization because since I began here, I have seen the company changing continuously into a good direction. The executives have a wide vision to develop the organization to grow rapidly, become strong and sustainable, and give back to society too.

Working at ThaiBev, I have been impressed by many things. For example, the company has supervisors who provide advice and support our work. We have good colleagues here, and the company gives importance to employees at all levels. It also provides training for the employees to develop themselves, gain knowledge and grow together with the organization. The company has many activities for its employees.

In addition, the company also cares about the safety of the employees. It creates a pleasant working environment for employees to be happy.”
Moving Forward
  • ThaiBev is building awareness among employees and contractors to promote a culture of safety, and expanding programs for occupational health and a safe working environment to ThaiBev subsidiaries in ASEAN.
  • Reduce the Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) of employees and contractors. The goal is to achieve a LTIFR of 1.0 by 2022.
  • Continue to instill road-safety discipline among employees working in transportation-related jobs, and also among general employees who drive cars and motorcycles to reduce the high trafficaccident death rate among employees from the 2017 and 2018 levels. Most of the deaths were caused by accidents due to traffic violations and lack of discipline. ThaiBev will organize training and activities to foster road safety among its employees. The project will be extended in scope to employees in other regions as well as agents.
  • Build a safety network of safety officers in the ThaiBev Group throughout ASEAN as an important mechanism to increase the effectiveness of safety activities and allow more extensive communication and exchange of safety knowledge and information among members. Provide advanced safety training to safety officers on a regular basis.
  • Create a health profile for each employee for statistical analysis with a focus to proactively administer physical and mental health care prior to being sick. Raise awareness, encourage employees to exercise and maintain good hygiene for themselves and their families, reduce work-related stress, and provide vaccinations against diseases that occur frequently among employees to promote a healthier, quality life, and happy workplace.