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Board Statement
The ThaiBev Board of Directors (the “Board”) is committed to driving the ThaiBev Group (the “Group”) sustainability agenda. Sustainability considerations, including material environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) matters, such as natural resource management, human capital development, human rights, as well as corporate governance and business ethics are integral and essential factors that the Board takes into account when formulating the Group’s overall strategy.

We fully support the ThaiBev management team’s efforts to further integrate sustainability practices into the Group’s businesses.
Furthermore, as the Group’s long-term sustainability is a key priority for the Board and as efforts in this respect depend on the management team’s implementation and operational abilities, the Board has made it clear that our evaluation of their performance takes into account their effectiveness in delivering on the commitments made to sustainability initiatives and targets in this report.

The Board has assigned responsibility for formulating the Group’s sustainability and risk management policy as well as governing sustainability development and risk management to ensure alignment with the policies and strategies to the Sustainability and Risk Management Committee (SRMC). The President and CEO has appointed the Corporate Sustainability Development Committee (CSDC) the responsibility to develop and oversee ThaiBev’s sustainability initiatives and the preparation of this sustainability report. The Board receives regular reports and presentations from both committees and the ThaiBev management team on their sustainability objectives, targets, initiatives, challenges, progress and achievements in addressing materiality topics from consumer health and safety, to water stewardship and packaging management.

The Board is committed to being transparent, as well as to communicating openly and clearly about the Group’s businesses to ThaiBev’s shareholders and stakeholders. The disclosures made in this report and in the annual report are in line with this commitment. In this report, we discuss the Group’s continued efforts to exercise good corporate governance, to strengthen its collaboration with various stakeholders, and to drive positive environmental, social, and economic impacts in Thailand and overseas.

We look forward to sharing our progress with you.

Board of Directors
Thai Beverage Public Company Limited