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Athletic Development
ThaiBev is actively involved in national sports, especially by facilitating the development of young athletes. Support has been provided for more than 15 different kinds of sports, and through strong cooperation ThaiBev’s athletic development program has been operated for more than 20 years.

This program aims to create opportunities for youth in the country, to create a proper foundation in athletics, and to develop their abilities to become professional athletes.

The slogan for ThaiBev’s young athletics programs is “Give Opportunities through Sports, Create Values with Sportsmanship.”
ThaiBev Football Academy

ThaiBev’s football skills training and development program, for youth from six to 18 years old, is the largest free football training center in Bangkok. It operates according to international standards for more than ten years since its opening. The center promotes physical and mental health, in addition to creating a chance for passionate young footballers to become future professionals.

In total, more than 500,000 youth have been trained at this center. In 2018, more than 70,000 youth participated.

Len Mai Lerk Campaign

Supporting the sustainability of Thai football industry is ThaiBev’s greatest mission and commitment.

In 2019, Chang Beverage, in collaboration with the Football Association of Thailand under Patronage of His Majesty the King, launched the campaign #Len Mai Lerk in support of the Thai football industry. This partnership is a great collaboration between a business organization and Thailand’s national football organization. In the campaign, football players, trainers and legendary Thai football personalities are invited to share their stories and dedications before becoming professional and national team football players.

All participants, Thailand national football team, or the Chang Suek team vowed to “play without giving up” and ThaiBev committed to join forces to wholeheartedly cheer for their team. The campaign’s slogan was “Chang Suek Never Stop, and we, Chang Suek No. 12, will never stop supporting the team.”

Chang Mobile Football Clinic

The first mobile football training program in Thailand is entering its seventh year. The project has collaborated with 140 communities, in more than 66 provinces, providing free football training to young people. The objective is to offer opportunities to youth throughout the country.

Each year more than 10,000 young athletes are selected to participate in intensive football skills training at the ThaiBev Football Academy Training Center. This one-week intensive course inspires aspiring footballers and shows them the path to become professional football players in the future.

Chang Football Community

This regional football skill training center’s collaboration with five different communities in remote areas of five separate provinces is another important project. ThaiBev has supported this program for more than five years.

Currently there are more than 400 youth enrolled, with more than 50 trainers and staff joining the project. ThaiBev sponsors the football training, equipment, and sports beverages. It has continuously supported the education of youth, trainers and staff, in topics such as nutrition. Training is conducted by well-known, licensed coaches.

Assumption College Thonburi’s White Elephant Project

ThaiBev has collaborated with Assumption College Thonburi for more than ten years now. The school provides free scholarships that include food and accommodation. ThaiBev provides a budget that allows for the football training to be conducted by well-known coaches, and sponsors competitions throughout the year to help promising athletes achieve their dreams of becoming professional footballers.

At least 250 footballers have gone on from this program to compete at various levels of professional Thai football, making the Chang White Elephant project of the Assumption College Thonburi a famous football academy at the youth level. Through the scholarship training program, Assumption has developed a reputation for consistently producing talented professional footballers.

Youth Long Boat Commentator

Since its inception in 2014, ThaiBev’s Youth Long Boat Commentator Project has worked to preserve this tradition, and the skill of long boat commentating in Thai society. More than 1,000 young people from across Thailand, between the ages of 8-15, have participated in the project. Youth are given the opportunity to learn about long boat commentating from professional commentators.

More than 15 young people so far have gone on to become professional commentators, carrying on this charming feature of traditional long boat competitions.

ThaiBev invited Mr. Shane Gillespie, a famous American golf pro who organizes golf traing courses around the world, to be the primary trainer. Together with four to five Thai coaches, he helped train Thai youth golfers in the Chang Thailand Junior Golf Circuit for a period of up to three weeks.

Golf is one of the most popular international sports. It requires concentration, calmness, and expertise. Recognizing golf as a sport that can help develop desirable traits that can also benefit society, ThaiBev sponsors projects for aspiring youth to become professional golfers; through three main projects from beginner level to professional.

Chang Thailand Junior Golf Circuit

is a golf competition that operates with professional standards. It is designed to build the foundation for youth to become professional golfers. The competition is divided into three age groups: 8-12 years old, 13-18 years old, and 19-21 years old.

Chang Thailand Junior Golf Clinic

is a golf training clinic under the supervision of world-class trainers for more than 10 years. Talented youngsters from the Chang Thailand Junior Golf Circuit between 13-18 years are selected to join. The clinic’s training system is divided into three levels and opens seven times a year.

ThaiTalent Golfers

is a project to identify young golfers with outstanding skills, through competitions and the clinic. It strengthens the potential of these young golfers to develop into world-class professionals in the future.

ThaiBev Sports Development Project 2018: Creating Opportunities / Promoting Health / The Road to Success
ThaiBev Sports Development Project 2018: Creating Opportunities / Promoting Health / The Road to Success Creating opportunities / Promoting health Number of people-age
ThaiBev Football Academy
International standard football training center - Promoting health and creating opportunities for youth
70,000 people age 6-17 years old
Chang Mobile Football Clinic
Thailand’s first mobile football clinic - Giving opportunities to youth all over the country
11,000 people age 6-17 years old
Chang Football Community
Building a network of five football training centers in five regions - Continuous and strong development
1,000 people age 10-16 years old
Chang Junior Football Team
Youth football team - Opportunity to develop towards success
50 people age 12-14 years old
Chang Junior Football Project
Systematic Youth Football Development Project - Sustainable football system development
1. Chang Junior Cup
Youth football competition for 13-year-olds
5,000 people age 12-13 years old
2. Chang Advanced Football Clinic
Football clinic in collaboration with famous coaches and footballers
800 people age 8-16 years old
3. Chang AFC Coaching Certificate Course
Licensed football coach training, certified by the Asian Football Confederation
24 people age 25-45 years old
4. Chang Junior Cup Road to England
Building experience and inspiration for youth footballers project
18 people age 12-13 years old
Chang Soccer School
Selection of youth for “White Elephant Football” - The starting point towards success
5,000 people age 9-10 years old
Assumption College Thonburi’s “White Elephant Project”
Systematic cooperation in youth development towards professional footballer
100 people age 10-18 years old
Building success / Building a career Number of people: % of success
of the youth participating in the program are healthy and strong,
with a good mind and attitude. They are also being given the opportunity to practice football skills until being able to receive scholarships and become a footballer in various levels of the industry.

Enabled to develop into a professional footballers in various clubs, with an average of
30 people per year.

ThaiBev Sports Development Project 2018: Creating Opportunities / Promoting Health / The Road to Success Creating opportunities / Promoting health Number of people-age
Chang-Air Force Youth Tournament
Summer Youth Golf Clinic - Cooperation to promote health and golf skills
200 people age 8-18 years old
Chang Thailand Junior Golf Circuit
Junior Golf Tournament for three age levels - Building the foundation for professional golfers
1,200 people age 8-21 years old
Chang Thailand Junior Golf Clinic
Golf Techniques Training Clinic for three age Levels - Systematically strengthening the foundation
300 people age 13-18 years old
ThaiTalent Golfers
Promoting and Developing Golfers’ Professional Skill Level - Developing professional golfers for international levels
25 people age 15-35 years old
Building success / Building a career Number of people: % of success

ThaiBev’s Golf Development Project
has been able to create opportunities towards success as a professional golfer averaging
20 people
per year and developing skills for the international level for
3 people

ThaiBev Sports Development Project 2018: Creating Opportunities / Promoting Health / The Road to Success Creating opportunities / Promoting health Number of people-age
Youth Long Boat Commentator
Youth Long Boat racing commentator competition - Preserving culture and creating careers for young people
1,000 people age 8-15 years old
Building success / Building a career Number of people: % of success

Developed 3 professional
boat commentators

ThaiBev Sports Development Project 2018: Creating Opportunities / Promoting Health / The Road to Success Creating opportunities / Promoting health Number of people-age
Volleyball Clinic : Your Way
Volleyball Clinic - Promoting health and distributing opportunities for youth in the region
1,000 people age 14-16 years old
est Cola U-16 Championship
Men-Women Volleyball Competitions in six Regions - Building and developing continuously
46,000 people age 16 years old
Building success / Building a career Number of people: % of success

of participants became professional volleyball player

ThaiBev Sports Development Project 2018: Creating Opportunities / Promoting Health / The Road to Success Creating opportunities / Promoting health Number of people-age
100 Plus Junior Championship
Youth Tennis Tournament at three Age Levels - Promoting health and developing skills
200 people age 8-18 years old
100 Plus U-Team League Championship
Higher Education Tennis Competition - Developing skills and experience to become a professional tennis player
1,200 people age 8-18 years old
Building success / Building a career Number of people: % of success

of participants became profession tennis player

ThaiBev Sports Development Project 2018: Creating Opportunities / Promoting Health / The Road to Success Creating opportunities / Promoting health Number of people-age
Castle 12
Procuring spaces and promoting knowledge of safe motorcycle riding
2,000 people age 15-18 years old
Building success / Building a career Number of people: % of success

of participants has better understanding of motorcycle riding

146,117 people
Youth of all levels participated in ThaiBev’s sports development project in 2018
ThaiBev ThaiTalent
To create a database of ThaiBev’s athletic development programs and communicate activities in a timely manner, ThaiBev has created the following different online media formats:
  • The website provides information about ThaiBev’s athletic development programs and comprehensive reports on ThaiBev’s athletic activities.
  • The Facebook page “ThaiBev ThaiTalent” is a social media platform for the entire youth athletic development project. It helps to expand participation amongst target groups and raise awareness of the programs. Currently it has 150,000 followers.
  • Live events on ThaiBev ThaiTalent’s Facebook page, called ThaiTalent Talk and Girl On Ground, creates enthusiasm and joy for and increased knowledge about sports.
Commitments and Achievements
Pipop On-mo and family As a professional footballer and former national team member, Pipob On-mo honored by the Football Association of Thailand and Chonburi FC Football Club to be named a “Role Model” and received a cash prize of four million baht, lifetime employment, and education fund for his two children up to Bachelor’s degrees. It created a lot of joy and pride for him and his family to be awarded this prize.
In addition to creating opportunities for young athletes to become professionals, ThaiBev has been successful in establishing networks and creating positive role models for society.
  • Building Role Models:
    In addition to training youth for professional athletes, ThaiBev also creates role models in the sports industry who can inspire the future generation. The training programs promote the qualities of determination, discipline, sportsmanship, and living an exemplary life. More than 20 athletes from ThaiBev training programs have gone on to professional success, such as Pipob On-Mo, former footballer of Chonburi FC and the Thai national team, who is now a professional coach. Pipob received various accolades from the club and professional football circles. “To get where I am today, I had to work hard, and harder than others,” he said.
  • Networking:
    With its athletic development programs, ThaiBev has built a strong network with the cooperation of more than 200 agencies, both public and private, and more than 8,000 related personnel. This network makes the projects run efficiently, cultivates friendship, and leads to achievements in various fields within the organization, as well as creating overall benefits for Thai society.
Annop Singtothong

Vice President Chonburi Football Club and a Chang Beverage Partner, a football club executive regarded as a role model for human resource development. Annop has overseen the development of nearly 2,000 footballers at various levels, leading the Thai media to call him “The Saint of Football.”
“My friends and I worked together with love to build a football club in our hometown of Chonburi. From the beginning until today, it has been over 20 years. Everything, I believe, has to start with action and happiness. The result we get is that we are able to give opportunities to children who have different abilities. I use football to create opportunities for them to have a good future and career. Even if they cannot all reach the superstar level, I hope that they will be good people in society and carry on giving opportunities to society. They have received kindness, a chance from us, just like me and my friends in Chonburi who received generosity from ThaiBev. Building a football field in Ban Bueng District has helped us pursue the dream of what we wanted to do. It was a spark for the development of Chonburi’s football. Without this starting point, there might not be a Chonburi FC today. I consider the beginning to be the most important. ThaiBev gives Chonburi FC a chance to deliver that opportunity to youngsters. And we hope that the footballing community will be pleasant and provide good things to Thai society.”

Kan Charoenkul
Professional golfer on the ThaiTalent project; a professional golfer for ten years, Kan has been successful on the world stage, competing in one of the biggest four major golf tournaments.
“I turned pro at the age of 18. When Chang opened a golfer selection, I was selected to join the ThaiBev ThaiTalent project. I was very happy to be sponsored by Chang. I got a chance to be trained by Shane P. Gillespie from the PGA Tour Academy and received advice on my career path. It helped develop my skills to become a more perfect golfer. Being a professional golfer comes with a lot of pressure. We have to admit that although no matter how well we have played or how hard we trained, if there are people who play better than us, we must accept and be proud that we have tried our best. We must accept the skill of the opponent and go back to practice more. It is important to realize that golf is about competing with yourself. Although there are many competitors, we have to be the ones who guide ourselves to success. Thanks to Chang for supporting me for the past ten years. I am very excited and happy to be able to take the brand to compete in one of the oldest major golf tournaments in the world.”
Moving Forward
2019-2020 2025
  • Offer football skills training opportunities in 66 provinces
  • Increase participation by 5%
  • Increase awareness and project quality by 80%
Offer football skills training opportunities in 77 provinces

youth development for professional athletes
Type of Sports Career level (person/year)
Football 73
Golf 26
Long Boat Youth Commentator 4
Total 103
Youth development for professional athletes
5% increase
2020 2025

Role Model
Youth development for professional athletes
2019 2020-2025

Received support to improve their skills
20 people

In support for athletic development programs annually
5% increase

Expanding Networks
2019 Target for 2020-2025
  • Collaborated with more than 200 public and private agencies
  • Collaborated with more than 8,000 key personnel in the sports industry

Increase network strength
by 10%

  • Collaborate with more than 250 public and private agencies
  • Collaborate with more than 9,000 key personnel in the sports industry
Note: Data about professional athletes is based on ThaiBev’s project for youth development only.