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Prasit Kovilaikool
Independent Director, Chairman of the Audit Committee and Chairman of the Sustainability and Risk Management Committee
ThaiBev is committed to sustainable development as a guiding principle for conducting business based on environmental, social and economic responsibility. ThaiBev’s sustainability strategy therefore covers good corporate governance and risk management, especially the risks that could affect the company’s sustainability.
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Pol Narongdej, PhD
Executive Business Process Development Office
Effective and efficient sustainable development and risk management will occur within an organization that instills sustainability and risk culture as part of the organization. To raise awareness among all employees about the importance of sustainability and jointly develop sustainability, including preventing, monitoring and managing risks that may affect the sustainability of the organization, ThaiBev has determined that risk management is a part of business decisions, from strategic planning, action planning according to the organization’s strategy, budgeting and daily operations. The Company considers the balance between risks, opportunities for business growth, and benefits for stakeholders. .
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Sumet Tantivejkul, PhD
Secretary General The Chaipattana Foundation
The world’s natural resources are depleting rapidly, and these natural resources must cater to a continuously growing global population. Some scholars have estimated that it would take three Earths to sustain both the consumption of and waste generated by the current global population. Therefore, responsible consumption is everyone’s duty before a world war for natural resources arises.
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