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Well-being in workplace
Stress-management information & training
As a way to help employee manage stress in workplace, Thaibev constantly offer tips on stress-management and healthy lifestyle for employees through our radio channel, ThaiBev radio, broadcasting three-times a day during working hours.

Voice clip from Thaibev radio talking about how to relieve stress during working hours.

We also offer Thaibev healthy magazine with contents focusing on techniques that help office workers to handle stress during work. For example, ‘pomodoro technique’ for efficient time management in order to optimize employee’s capacity and at the same time minimize stress level.
Environmental Monitoring in Workplace

Light Intensity
Once a year using LUX meter following
CIE 1931 standard.

Noise Level
Once a year using noise dosimeter and sound EN61252 and IEC 60651 standard.

Relative Humidity & Temperature
Once a year using area heat stress monitor following
ISO 7243 standard.

Compliant with: “Ministerial Regulation on The Prescribing of Standard for Administration and Management of Occupational Safety, Health and Environment in Relation to Heat, Light and Noise B.E. 2549 (2006)”
Air Quality Monitoring in Workplace

Total Dustand Respirable dust
are measured in the workplace
once a year by using air sampling pump to comply with the following measurement standard: IEC801-2

Carbon Dioxide
is measured in workplace
twice a year by using air sampling pump to comply with the following measurement standard: Dry analysis method

Carbon Monoxide
is measured in workplace
twice a year by using air sampling pump to comply with the following measurement standard: Dry analysis method

Sodium Hydroxide
is measured in workplace
twice a year by using titration method (NIOSH 7401) Measurement standard:
Dust, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, and Sodium Hydroxide limits are compliant with: “Notification of the Ministry of Interior on working safety in respect to environmental condition (chemicals), 1977”

is measured in the workplace
twice a year by using air sampling pump to comply with the following measurement standard: Dry analysis method

Compliant with: “OSHA 1910.1000 table Z-1”

Ergonomic Function

“ThaiBev ensures all office furniture is of highest quality and ergonomic function, such as specialist chairs, desks, lighting, etc. reducing the likelihood of back and posture related injuries for our employees. For example, the chairs have been tested and comply with ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2011.”
ThaiBev’s Club
There are 10 Activity Clubs with more than 3,700 employee members group-wide. Those clubs arranged approximately 87 activities.
No. Club Members Total Activities Stress-management Fitness Total Amount(THB)
Activities Amount(THB) Activities Amount(THB)
1 Off Road Club 348 7 7 349,550 349,550
2 Healthy Club 850 11 5 1,039,200 6 109,000 1,148,200
3 Photography Club 232 13 13 251,000 - - 251,000
4 Golf Club 108 6 - - 6 316,000 316,000
5 Football Club 1,499 18 - 18 281,500 281,500
6 Bowling Club 226 13 - 13 349,600 349,600
7 Tennis Club 80 6 - 6 349,860 349,860
8 Badminton Club 273 20 - 20 348,037 348,037
9 Bicycle Club 365 33 - - 33 304,040 304,040
10 Table Tennis Club 228 8 - 8 196,860 196,860
4,209 135 25 1,639,750 110 2,254,897 3,894,647

Stress-management for Employees
ThaiBev has been actively sharing knowledge and techniques manage stress to all of our employees. Buddhist philosophy is prioritized because of its key principles on the effectiveness of a conscious, mindful individual, and of recognizing their own state of mind. These principles help employees cope when they become stressful, as they can recognize symptoms of stress earlier on, and know how to address them.
Health Seminars

Health seminars and workshops are a highly effective way of raising awareness and educating employees on critical health issues. In addition, Employees will be educated, motivated and ready to make positive wellness changes.
Employee Medical Check-up
Annual Employee medical check-up is provided for every employee plus influenza vaccine, breast cancer detection (mammogram) for female employee and prostate cancer detection for male. Medical check-up report will compare current results with the previous year record so employee can monitor the development of their health.
Farewell for Retired Employees
ThaiBev cares for its staff from their very first day of work until the very last and has prepared a retiree community for all its employees close to retirement to partake in happily, and to create a foundation for relationships between current employees and retirees. Once an employee reaches retiring age, ThaiBev sees the importance of their accumulated knowledge, skills and abilities, and may consider some who are still fit and desire to work, on a year-by-year basis. The remaining retirees are given pensions that amount to no less than that outlined by the government.
Fitness Rooms and Activities
ThaiBev invests in its sport clubs and activities, providing regular opportunities for employees to participate in a fitness program.
Employee Facilities
Football Field
Health Care
Petanque Field

Table Tennis

Fitness Center
Outdoor facilities
Mother and Child Care

Badminton Court

Basketball field
Volleyball field
Tennis Court
Well-being maternity leave
Paid paternity leave in excess of legally required minimum

Our female employees may take maternity leave up to 90 days, which is in accordance with the law. In case of necessity, they may request leave for an additional 30 days.

We also provide gift baskets to our employees to express our care and congratulate them on their motherhood.

We allow our male employees to take business leave for the sake of paternity up to 6 days.
Flexible working hours

Virtual working stations have been setup for certain department and hence, allowing ThaiBev employees to finish their work without having to be present in the office. Flexible working hours are optional for on-field employees such as sales representatives, whose performance is result-oriented, in order to facilitate effective time-management. For the remaining staffs, flexible working hours are supported through the time management system as long as they obtained the endorsement from their supervisors.
Working from Home Arrangement

Flexible working places are available to management staffs for whom ThaiBev care for quality results. Additionally, convenient virtual locations have been set up in multiple locations and hence allowing ThaiBev employees to finish their work without having to be presented in the office. For majority of employees, ThaiBev allows working from home arrangement on a case by case basis. Such flexibility is supported through our time and attendance management system as long as they have obtained the endorsement from their supervisors. ThaiBev have also arranged suitable working from home arrangement with disabled employees who faces difficulties in traveling to work on a daily basis to promotes convenience and effectiveness. To promote health and safety of employees, ThaiBev have, on several occasions, allow employee to work from home during severe weather conditions such as flooding and high PM2.5 concentrations.