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With confidence in the organization’s potential and unlimited abilities that exist in all employees, Thai Beverage Public Company Limited organized the ‘WOW Awards 2018’ project to seek for outstanding work-related masterpieces and creative ideas initiated by employees. This activity aimed at seeking efficient and productive working styles as part of a campaign to promote ‘ThaiBev Way of Work’ concept.

The WOW Awards 2018 project aimed to promote new working structures based on three key concepts, including ‘Simplicity’ – where works can always be achieved by simple procedures, ‘Efficiency’ – where works must be completed with efficiency, and ‘Competitiveness’ – where works can add competitiveness to the Group. During the application period in September 2018, several business units had proposed their selected masterpieces, totaling 84 projects, including outstanding projects from Singapore, Malaysia, and the UK. As the first stage kicked off during 25-27 September 2018, 24 teams were qualified for the semi-final round. After that, only final 12 teams were selected to compete in the final round, where the ‘Octopus’ team was named the winner of WOW Project 2018, and the ‘ThaiBev E-App’ team was named the winner of WOW Idea 2018.
Team: Octopus
Project: Sorting Line for Returnable Bottles

The team, consisting of staff from SCM, TBR and Bev tech, develops an automatic sorting line to sort returnable bottles and increase efficiency. The machine enables employees who previously sort used bottles to step up and became machine operators. The automatic bottle sorting line will be patented as an intellectual property of ThaiBev.
Values: The sorting line improves the efficiency of the sorting process, enabling breweries to answer to the increasing need of the market. The cost of bottle sorts also went down, while employees have better working environment, and were given a chance to step up from manual laborers to machine operators.
Team: ThaiBev E-App
Project: ThaiBev E-App
Thaibev E-App is aimed at improving the approval process that usually takes 15 days to complete, with a new application, the process can be concluded with just five days. It is expected that the project will require a THB 1 million investment, but will generate a return of around THB 6 million within 1 year. Information generated by the application can be further used in in-depth analysis.
Values: The project analyzes data in three dimensions including sales, distribution and on-spot marketing activities.
Employee Engagement Survey 2019/20 Background and Objectives
Survey Objectives
  • To measure engagement and common top priorities (Pulse Check)
  • To compare the current year engagement with past results
  • To report the engagement scores to DJSI
Data Collection
  • Proposed the major with Online by Bev Connect & Web system (IT supported) and the minor with paper based (check the number with HC Shared Service team)
Reporting Criteria and Rating Scales
  • In the employee opinion survey, employees respond to a 6 point rating scale, so as to avoid central tendency responses.
  • Confidentiality and appropriate data interpretation is maintained as results are calculated for groups with 10 or more respondents.

Remarks: For this survey, ThaiBev collected the data and asked permission to use the methodology and template of report from
Aon Hewitt (Thailand) successfully.

ThaiBev Employee Engagement Score

Survey Coverage
Engagement by Job Level
Job Level
Officer 87%
Senior Officer 84%
Supervisor 84%
Middle Management 83%
Upper Management 85%
Executives Level 86%
Focus Areas to Drive Engagement

ThaiBev Group 84% 81% 84%
Engagement Behaviors:
STAY behavior scores are still lowest and SAY, STAY and STRIVE scores are lower than Best Employers Thailand.
Engagement Distribution:
Majority are moderately engaged (39%) and a large number of passive employees (20%) indicated a good opportunity to move them to be engaged.
Generation Y are least engaged (65%) but constitute a large majority.
Job Level:
Employee L1-3 are the most engaged (76%) and caused for the higher score.