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To assure its employees an opportunity for limitless growth within the organization, ThaiBev assists employees to fully develop their capabilities through the following two development platforms:
  • Career Development System
  • Talent Development Program

In 2018,
the average training hours for employees was

hours per person per year.

ThaiBev has spent over
million baht
in developing the capabilities of its employees.
1. Career Development System
  • ThaiBev has developed Career Path and Functional Competency to enable employees to plan their future in the organization as well as develop their potential and track progress by using the Individual Development Plan (IDP). This increases opportunities for limitless growth within the organization.
  • Within the Individual Development Plan (IDP), ThaiBev uses the principle of developing employees’ potential, according to the 70:20:10 formula.
    • 70 percent is learning by doing, by taking on new responsibilities, special projects and learning through real practice.
    • 20 percent is learning from others, through coaching, being taught by experts, participating in clubs, receiving advice and suggestions, and learning from the executives.
    • 10 percent is learning through formal training, by attending courses, including e-learning or short-term seminars.
  • Preparation of an Individual Development Plan (IDP) for any particular job group includes the following steps:
    • 1. Start out with the Career Path and its corresponding Functional Competencies.
    • 2. Then assess the Functional Competency to identify any competency gap.
    • 3. Develop an Individual Development Plan (IDP) based on the results of the assessment, including the career goals identified by employees through Beverest, ThaiBev’s human capital digital platform.
  • Individual Development Plan (IDP) were expanded for all jobs levels in other work groups where supervisors develop the plan through Beverest for effective tracking and monitoring processes.

“Craft Your Career Journey”

1. Career Path
  • Job Family
  • Career Movement
  • Competency

2. Competency Model
  • ThaiBev Global Values (GV)
  • Leadership Competency (LC)
  • Functional Competency

3. Individual Development Plan (IDP)
  • 70:20:10 Learning Intervention
  • Learning and Development Programs
  • Scholarship

2. Talent Development Program
  • Employees have access to a variety of development programs to increase business knowledge and promote leadership through 70:20:10 principles and action-learning projects in which ThaiBev employees are given a platform to present their ideas to help the businesses achieve the corporate vision; in this way, senior executives also have the opportunity to see the potential of their employees. It also demonstrates that learning by doing can be more effective than only classroom learning.
  • The Talent Development Programs are designed with the purpose of promoting and enhancing employees’ ability to advance in their career under the core principle of learner-centric principle.
  • ThaiBev has developed a Leadership Competency Development Guidebook to help employees select a learning activity based on the 70:20:10 principle of capability development. At the same time, the guidebook supports the objective of IDPs.
Examples: Supervisory Development Program (SDP), Management Development Program (MDP), ASEAN Management Development (AMD), and the Senior Executive Development Program (SEDP), where senior executives are involved in overseeing and providing feedback to enhance the application of case studies into real practice.
Talent Development Program Framework

Implementation of Initiatives from Talent Development Program
The ThaiBev Catering Program is a direct result of a project presentation by participants in the Management Development Program (MDP) in 2017 and has impressed since then. It is a way for ThaiBev to further grow its businesses by offering food, beverage, and event-organizing as a full-service to meet the needs of customers. As part of the program, a catering business was launched at HoReCa Asia 2017. The catering business has exceeded its sales target, earning profits within the first year of operations. The business has used the principle of “customization, budget control and convenience”, meaning that the services provided must meet customer needs and maximize comfort with the budget available. In addition, as it is a home service for the customers, the business helps promote a Drink No Drive policy and has upgraded its services to business partners by offering a full bar service at various events.
ThaiBev - NUS Global Executive Leaders Program: “Realizing Vision 2020: Strategies for Sustainable ASEAN Leadership”
ThaiBev has collaborated with the National University of Singapore, one of Asia’s top academic institutions, to develop the capabilities of ThaiBev’s executives in the name of the realization of ThaiBev’s Vision 2020 goal to become ASEAN’s stable and sustainable leader in the beverage business. In total, 25 executives throughout ThaiBev participated in this program. One of the action projects from this program that has been adapted and implemented is the Synergy Project, which is based on the concept of shared warehousing between companies within ThaiBev, enabling focus on increasing sales targets and improving service to stores, as well as reducing shipping costs of non-alcoholic products.

The Synergy Project working team selected a warehouse in Maha Sarakham province as a pilot for the sharing project, with the aim to increase sales and distribution in Maha Sarakham province to over 1000 stores, a number which ThaiBev is determined to meet. The program was initiated in August 2018, and the results from August to October show that distribution has increased by 23 percent, stores’ purchase orders have grown by 16.5 percent, and Sermsuk’s sales have risen by 44.5 percent.